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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Dance!

Who would have thought that a DJ would be the hardest thing for me to find, but alas I think I have done it. TEAM DJ will receive their check this week and the playlists can begin.

DIY project # 1 : FOILED!

It cost me $80.00 for one nice poms and one kind of crappy. So I emailed the florist to try to get a quote for her to make them... we are on day 2 of not hearing back from her.

Upcoming DIY project is going to be awesome considering the 50% off coupon I have for fabric!

I have started my tanning regime and have already burnt and peeled. SO hopefully no more of that.

I have a new Gadget. I have been counting down the days until I get a new phone. My old one was free and a piece so I marked my calendar for April 27th.

I did spend some time reading reviews and specs on a certain phone that had caught my eye. I was weary until I got to the store and they let me play with one, and needless to say I fell in love.

Here it is, my new gadget!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am the queen of making lists. I make a list for everything what to get at the store, what to take with me on vacation, baby names. So naturally, in the spirit of making lists and trying to stay on top of everything I made a list of what I need for my DIY extravaganza. Here we go...

6 more hurricanes
224 lemons and limes (112 lemons and 112 limes)

Table Runners:
Yellow and white gingham fabric (20 yards of fabric)
White Thread to surge the ends

Place cards:
Limes (depending on head count)
Solid yellow ribbon

Escort cards:
Wooden Frame

Sending off Stuff:
Dow rods (enough for 50 people to have an 8 inch rod)
All different kinds of ribbon, in yellow, green and white.

In room Goodies:
Bath and body works lotion
Boxes for the candy
Bags to put everything in
Folders for teh directions

Recipe Bags:
Brown paper bags (perferably with handles)
White and yellow gingham ribbon
Recipe cards

"This Way" sign:
Sandwich board (either pre-made or wood and hinges)
Brushes, cleaning up stuff etc.

Flower balls:
14 Styrofoam forms
Enough fake daises to cover it
Yellow satin ribbon

All I can hear is the Ka-ching of a cash register when I make this list. I mean i know in the end it will be alot mor ecost effictive than 1. buying it made or 2. paying someone to do it.

I think I may hit it one pay week at time. Next week I think I will do the Flower Ball Project.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My Grandma gave me this huge bag filled with bridal magazines from her ex-bridal alterations store owner friend. I am tremendously grateful for them but they shall be the reason for my demise. I think I am beginning to finally realize that in 5 months it will all be over and I can only browse the bridal magazine section but not buy. But, I am getting some really great ideas. I didn't realize how DIY my wedding was turning out to be until I sat down and wrote out everything out.

These are the DIY Projects that shall consume my life until 9/6/09 ( but for a good reason)

The Centerpieces:
We decided to go with a 14 inch hurricane vase filled with whole lemons and limes: will be assembled by me given to Lisa t Pinnacle already filled

The table Runner:
Decided my table needed a little punch of something (it was just going to be a white table cloth), so I decided that a yellow gingham table runner would do the trick. So I need to 1) find the fabric for a reasonable price 2) get Grandma to Surge 17 table runners.

Place cards:
The escort cards will be clothes pinned to ribbon ( see last post picture for a reference) and then the place cards will be Limes with a name card tied to it with yellow ribbon. So I need to print the cards and get the ribbons cut.

Sending off stuff:
I am only doing a few as we are going to have to do a mock sending off. Going to do the ribbon stick things (wow my crafty naming skills have failed me) in different kinds of yellow, green and white ribbon. Still need to get the stuff for this project... maybe will have a bridesmaid helper night.

In the room Bags:
Will have Bath and Body works goodies and homemade buckeye's waiting for our guests in room. Along with directions sites shopping and food in the area. Already having a friend make the buckeyes. so the hard part of that DIY is done but I still need to assemble the directions and such.

Recipe Bags:
I thought of this and I am pretty pumped about it. I am going to have over 200 Lemons and Limes at this shindig and I would feel absolutely horrible if I just threw them out SO... I am going to choose 4 recipes for each fruit, a breakfast, entree, dessert and a drink and give them too the guests with a paper bag and I am going to tell them to take the as many lemons and limes as they want. So I have to find a cute way to do that as well.

"This Way" Signs:
Something that isn't tacky and that is eye catching. I am thinking and old timey sandwich board with whimsical lettering in Yellow and Green of course.

Flower Balls:
I need 2 for the flower girls and then one for every other aisle. So that is aprox. 14 flower balls...

Whew that is a lot of stuff to do. I will say that I have a small army to help me, so I am confident we will conquer this never ending list of DIY. Take that MARTHA STEWART!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week

Matthew's Grandma has been sick for months. She did get better but last week she totally hit a wall and just couldn't fight anymore. He got the call Sunday night that she had passed, he immediately broke down and I stayed with him. We went to the funeral in South Carolina and got back on Friday. It was a long hard week but being there with my future family really took our relationship to another level. They all really appreciated me being there and I liked being there to support them and Matthew especially. I got to meet so much family, I think I am only down to his Grandma Gnann and 2 Cousins and I am done with the meeting of the family, I hated meeting them under those circumstances but at least I met them.

Wedding Updates:
Save the dates have gone out and people have started to receive them which makes it sooooo real.
Got the invites
Got the programs: I was a little disappointed but we got the kits for like $10.00 so I can live with them.
Got the veil, the headpiece, the shoes
and I ordered the favors today.

I saw a cute idea for the place cards so I got the ribbon for it today and I am totally pumped!!!

That's is all I got for the moment.