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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well, hello potential home owner

We made an offer on our first home today....

Prayers please.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Mr. G's Birthday!!!!

He turns 26 on the 26th... heh. I love stuff like that.

Too bad he has to work late tonight, but never fear there is a small birthday celebration coming his way.

His birthday gift from me?

A crap (no pun intended) load of new boxers. I will say that there was some motivation behind this gift. Husband loves novelty boxers, for instance for one Christmas as a gag gift I gave him silk leopard print boxers... to bad he loves them and wears them.

Not learning from my mistake, the next year found my self again in the mens section standing in front of a rack of comic covered undies. I picked one out that I thought was stellar. When King Kong came out Husband loved it, so much that I bought him a pair of boxers that have King Kong on the front and on the hiney it says AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH... he loved them and has worn them thin.

This isn't the worst pair, the worst ones would have to be the Simpsons boxers that say MAKE WAY FOR WILLIE!!! on them and have the hot headed Scotsman ripping his shirt off... oy vey.

I bought him some boring, tartan boxers (12 pairs to be exact) in hopes that I can sneak this hole ridden jokes to the trash.

I don't feel to bad about this gift considering husband insisted that I use the gift cards from my birthday to purchase new bras, I guess having missing under wire, and hair dye stains on a bra isn't sexy.... who knew?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Things have been crazy busy so I can't seem to wrap my head around writing an actual post so bullet point style thoughts will have to do.

Today is my Friday! Yay, for a three day weekend.

Hubs didn't get his promotion.... it was a rough night in the G house.

I am seeing paranormal activity 2 tonight, at midnight. SO PUMPED!!!

My house is again a disaster area, need to clean this weekend.

I miss our friendship and how close we were. There is a distance now and it just seems forced. and I don't know what to do....

I want sushi.

I get to watch Gabe on Friday....insert biggest, cheesiest smile eva!

Hubs birthday is Tuesday and I am still sans gift.

I ate a fun size snickers... breakfast of champs right here.

Kanye West is dumb. Diamonds for teeth? really?

Uh, did anybody else see the Glee cast pictures from GQ? Ew....

And Scene.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is the farthest I have made it. Please pray this works out.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I love lamp.

I know 2 posts in one day.

I need some advice.

When Hubs Grandma passed away we got a bunch of furniture. Including some lamps that kept getting more and more expensive every time we were told about them. Now because they kept getting more and more expensive we were expecting these huge elaborate lamps. When we got them they are heavy, but very plain brass lamps (that have no shades). I really want to paint them, we have absolutely nothing brass in our house and already have an oil rubbed bronze thing going on.These lamps have no sentimental value whatsoever, other than the fact that they were hers. I mean they aren't antiques, she had redone her living room a few months prior to entering the hospital. But we were told we can't get rid of them or anything like that because of how "expensive" they were (I am not saying they didn't cost money, they were a set but we were told they were $400.00).

Should I paint or should they forever stay in the closet?

My life in clothing: an inventory

I have a lot of crap.

So much so my closet is always a mess, walk in closet? Not even close. Hubs and I are subjected to leaning as far in as humanly possible and reaching for an article of clothing that is more than likely out of our reach so we have to settle for what is right inside the door. For the fear of falling and being impaled by some lost forgotten what not is to great my friends, to great.

I would say that it is Husbands fault too but it totally isn't, I just place the blame on him so I don't have to go through my stuff. I will say it isn't like I have a lot of nick nacks and such, oh no it is all clothing.

I love clothing so much it is almost unhealthy. There is nothing I love more than a (very) full closet, the choices, the possibilities. The problem is there was a time when I filled my closet with less than stellar items. Like items from a thrift store and no I don't mean vintage. When I was in high school it was the ting to wear thrift store sport Jerseys but of the little kid kind. There was nothing like finding a bright orange kids soccer Jersey with the with words TIMBITS written on the back. If you found that you stuck gold. Those days were priceless, on the last Wednesday of the month certain tags were different percentages off I could get stuff for pennies, PENNIES!!! All I needed for back to school was $20.00 and I was set. Then came the time when I got a job at Old Navy, Oh Old Navy how I loved you and your discount card. I filled my closet with the latest fashions, it was awesome working in logistics because we got to see everything before it was even out on the floor. From the day I was hired I have been hooked on ON, granted sometimes they have shotty fashion but I know their clothes like the back of my hand. I know what fits, what works, how much things will shrink. This is dangerous because I don't have to step foot in a dressing room, let alone a store. I can shop in the comfort of my computer chair wearing sweats. And let me not even get in to the specials and discounts galore that they have (omg I sound like a commercial)

I am a self diagnosed clothes hoarder, I never want to get rid of anything in case of the what if. I mean I could have not worn it in years but the moment I see I have to keep it. Why? You may ask? I have no idea. I am not a size 10, nor do I ever think I will be that size again. It is nothing against me but, I don't think that was a manageable weight for my body considering I was only a size 10 for one year because I was so hella active that eating was an afterthought. That was 2004, I still have clothes that are a size 10 in my closet as we speak.

I need to do an inventory and actually try things on, and ask Do I feel good in this? Meaning do I feel good about myself in this? and if the answer is no, then to the good will with you!

I think I will be surprised at how much I get rid of. I am tired of wishing away my body when I really want to embrace it, because this is here and now and why live in the past?

This is coming from a new opportunity that may be coming my way (prayers please I need this so badly to work out), which will cause me to leave some of my ho humness in the dust. If this works out I will be spending more time in grown up clothes (ha) and look more like an adult then a college kid. When this opportunity came up I actually had to say "uh, what the heck am I going to wear?" I have no real dress clothes, I mean not even business casual ones. I have the beginnings of it but I am no where close to having what I would need to not have to do laundry all. the. freaking. time. You can't even say the words Jeans, let alone wear them ( this is not a true statement except for the wearing them part, you still can't do that).

So it is time my dear readers to part with the past and embrace the here and now.

P.s. My boobs are super jiggly today. I am wearing a bra that I don't wear that often because it is black and I mostly wear lighter colors and I am not about to pull and Britney. I was walking out the warehouse to drop off some paperwork and looked down and was mesmerized by own boobs.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A mash up

1. I really don't care for Halloween. I stopped trick or treating when I was like 10 or so and never looked back. It is strange that as a thespian, I don't go all out on the one day a year it is socially acceptable to wear a costume in public. Instead I am that person, the one that sits with the blinds drawn and lights off acting like I am not home trying to avoid beggars of candy. I will say one bonus for this year is the plethora of scary movies that come out and are played on tv.

2. I am having some MAJOR PROBLEMS with Glee this season.I beginning to strongly dislike Lea Michele . I can't decide if it is her I don't like or her character, or both. I mean her acting isn't anything to write home about and I think she is taking the whole "you are the next Barbra Streisand" and little to far. At the end of last nights episode I laughed at her mannerisms, it was all "what would Barbra do right now, at this point in the song?" I don't know, it was just annoying. Oh and P.S. since when did her character become a bitch? I mean I thought her character last year was a bit over the top but she was sweet at least. I knew she had taken a turn for the worst when she sent Sunshine (was that her name) to that abandoned crack house... a crack house.. really Rachael? Also, Puck is in jail? Girls are making out? Last time I checked this was a show about a high school Glee Club, not the Real World Lima Ohio.

3. What is it with these summer like temps? I had to grab some summer tops out of storage this weekend because it was so hot. Ok, so maybe putting them away in the first place was a little early, but I want cooler temperatures dang it! I thought maybe wearing only sweaters would convince mother nature to take it down a notch or 2.

4.Amber on Teen Mom should loose custody of Leah. Look at your life, look at choices... considering your current bf shouldn't even be within 100 yards of your daughter. Yeah that's right he went to prison for child molestation.... way to pick em Amber, way to pick em.

5. This week I have been living on coffee which is unusual for me. I am a soda girl all the way, but for some reason this week I can't get enough of the hot caffinated goodness. Even though I am not sure you can call it coffee anymore after I douse it in hot chocolate. What? You have never tried it? You should, I use the land o lake mint chocolate chip hot chocolate mix and use it as a creamer and it is moi deliciouso.

6. I watched the little mermaid earlier in the week and couldn't stop analyzing it. I mean my problem wasn't that there is a mermaid princess that has an awesome voice, that hangs with a fish and a crab and falls in love with a human. Oh no, my problem was, why didn't she sit Eric down and write out what was going on? I mean she signed her name on the contract, so why didn't she say

Dear Prince Eric,
I have something to tell you, so you better sit down. First, I was totally the chick that was singing to you. Now, the reason I disappeared before you were really conscience is because I am a mermaid. I know, I know, pick your jaw up off the floor. Yeah, so I thought you were pretty smokin and in that brief musical interlude I fell in love with you. So I did what any girl in love would do, I went to the sea witch, which P.S. is a totally half octopus half old lady that dresses pretty scantly for her age... but who am I to judge I am wearing a couple shells. Ok, anyway, I went to see that sea witch and in exchange for my legs she took my voice, and said that if you kissed me by sunset on the third day I can have my voice back and keep my legs. So yeah, My friends a fish and a crab (which could you do me a solid and have your chef leave him alone?) have been helping me so lets just get to the good part and lay one on me already. Cause if you don't I get turned in to a creepy bottom dweller sea weed thing and lets face it, that isn't a good look on anyone. I know this is a lot to take in right now, so after you digest everything you can find me in my room, combing my hair with a fork.

P.S. did I mention I am princess?

7. I didn't eat my oatmeal this morning... fail.

8. Our house is leaking. We have a huge swampy mess in our living room right now, where we are guessing a pipe is leaking. yay.

9. During the house hunting last night hubs and I think we found our house.


11.ok, so lunch isn't agreeing with me... insert sad face.

12. Just got a call from Hubs and he called maitience and told them of our swamp lands and they came to check it out. Well the geniuses that were my next door neighbors didn't turn off the water to their washing machine all the way... so it was leaking. So much so it seeped through the wall and under our floor. They don't know what they are going to do yet, but there was talk of ripping and cutting holes in walls.

13. I am super tired today due to husband waking me up last night to tell me I was hogging all of the covers... which I was. But then, he stopped on an infomercial called Flower Power and it was one of those time life cd collections. I effing loves those infomercials.... even at 1:30 in the morning.

14. I keep thinking today is Thursday and can I tell you how disappointed I am that it isn't.

15. And finally, I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The hunt continues

This is a really long and boring post about houses.

I will probably post something about our house hunting (while it is in full swing) one a week so be warned.

So where where we, ah yes starting the hunt.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that we had actually looked at houses. It was a nice change from just creepily driving by like we are casing the place.

We looked at 5 houses that day:

Small, older home : this was the house that we had been looking at for some time. It had been completely renovated, and looked amazing in the pictures so we were really excited that this was the first house to see. After looking around, for about 30 min we had made up or minds that this house needed to be taken off of our list. While walking around we just felt that 1. it was way to small 2. there was absolutely no storage and 3. they did some shotty renovation. Lets just say a door fell off its hinges while I was trying to see the laundry room and I freaked out. I was stuck in the mind set "you break it you buy it."

Bigger, remodeled home: This house was it. We loved everything about it, the open floor plan, the nice size bedrooms, the big finished basement. Hubs and I both look at different things first when we walk in to a house, I go directly to the kitchen and he goes outside to see the back yard situation. We both didn't have to compromise what was important to us and that was awesome. Oh and the Neighborhood was Ah.Mazing, we just sighed and thought... "yeah, we could live here."

More traditional home : This house was a close second, although I didn't like the lay out. It was more traditional than say a split level or a bi level so all the rooms were closed off I felt. It had 5 bedrooms, one of which was a surprise because it was in the huge finished basement, hubs loved his potential man cave. The work they had done was ok, the kitchen was great but the bathrooms and such were ok. This was the first house where there was an actual Master Bathroom even it was tiny. The neighbor was good although the next door neighbor was a bit odd.

The newer build : This was almost a no as soon as we walked in. We want our house to have some character and this didn't have it. It looked and felt like a pre fab house and it kind of creeped us out that people were still living there. We went in to the basement and there were dirty clothes every where and it was just a little weird. We would have had to build a fence and replace the carpeting, not something we want to do right off the bat. Oh, and it smelled weird...

The bank owned property: This house has some serious potential for someone who has the money. The house was a big open ranch that had a really nice lay out. The issue was it was sold as is and that meant, holes in the wall, nasty carpet (in one room there looked to be a huge blood stain on the carpet, which in all actuality was probably paint but in my head was blood), broken fixtures. It was just sad because it was such a nice house, you could tell it once was. We just don't have the money to fix it up.

We left our first day of hunting feeling pretty good, we knew which house we wanted and decided to talk to the bank when we got back in town on Monday. Well, we did and it didn't go over as well as we had hoped. The original amount we were pre-approved for was actually higher than what the bank will loan us based on our salary and such. We weren't discouraged though because we knew this is just one of those things that happen when you are trying to buy a house. So we regrouped and talked with our realtor and now have sooooo much more options... who would have thought that less money meant more to choose from?

This weekend we start the hunt again.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mile high club

Scene: The ATL Airport it is around 9pm. We have just landed and Husband decides he needs a beer, so we start looking for a bar, we find a book store with a bar in it... we both win.

Husband sits down at the bar and I tell him I am going to look around at the bookstore, he orders his drink.

I know what I am on the look out for, I want a classic to read but where is the classics section? I walk around the store and don't see anything that resembles a classic so I begin another search to no avail. I reach the last book end and give a little hmpf, and decide to start and the beginning again because there has to be something there that sparks my interest. I walk over to the first book shelf and look over and see the classic section. Huzzah!!! I start to walk towards it and there is a road block, in the size of a 6ft older gentleman with a rolling suit case behind him. Not wanting to bother this weary traveler who is standing between me and Jane Austen, I put on the facade that I am browsing. I start looking at the end cap that is right next to the classics section waiting for this gentleman to walk by so I can make my move . I am not paying the lest bit attention to what I am doing or what I am looking at, it is all an act. he finally starts to make his move and I start delving in to my Oscar winning performance and pick up a book from the end cap and begin to flip through it. As the man begins to pass me he pauses, makes eye contact with me and looks stunned and ashamed. Me being confused think to myself " I am standing here minding my own business, how could I offend someone that I have never spoken to?" I begin to think that maybe its not me its him, maybe he is one of those curmudgeon types Oh well. I finally look at the book in my hands before placing it back on the shelf ...

"that's, odd there is a half naked woman on the cover."

I put the book back and look at the other books


it all starts to click when I see book titles like "A traveler's companion Karma Sutra" or "Joining the mile high club" taken aback I glance up to see the section I am standing in.....


All I wanted was a copy of little women.... funny, how I am sure I saw that title in the erotica section as well. Red faced I turned the corner, grabbed my copy of little women and joined my husband at the bar, where I too had a drink...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am here....

Sorry kiddos for my disappearing act.

Bet you didn't know I was an awesome magician.

This past week was a busy one filled with house hunting, doctors appointments and a trip down south for a wedding.

The house hunting was really fun and scary at the same time. We saw about 6 houses and of those 6 houses only 2 made our final list. It was good to get in there and really start to figure out what we want, our realtor is great and we are actually relieved that he is such a cool guy and is really there to help direct us in the ways of purchasing a home.

The wedding was great. I sometimes forget that hubs left a whole life down there to join mine, and although he loves my friends he really misses his old ones. He got to see people that he hadn't seen years and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I am back to the old grind stone and am soooooo thankful we are moving in to our slow season. For some reason this summer I thought I dealers were extra whinny, so it is good to get a break.

I am back to posting regularly and have a few upcoming post about my silly shenanigans, so stay tuned!!!