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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so much to do so little time

there is a lot going on right now. School started and I can say after getting through all my classes, as of right now I like my teachers and the material. I guess I am on speaking terms with my dad again, he called me last night and he invited me and Hubs to Easter dinner.

That is all I have right now. Once I get in to the swing of my new busy schedule I will update more.

Today is going to be beautiful, I actually can't wait to walk outside on campus.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I should be charged with Blogging neglect.

My Bloggies, I am so sorry.

I have been neglecting you.

I mean I always blog, even when there isn' t really much to say.

So I am just going to start somewhere and hope this post finds its way.

My lack of blogging can also coincide with my lack of energy. I have never been this devoid of energy in my life. It is getting kind of serious, I can't even really put a sentence together because by the time I get to the end of said sentence I am can barely keep my eyes open.

I don't know why sleep broke up with me, but whatever I did I am sorry and I hope you come back soon, I miss you.

I start school on Monday and I am hella excited. You know what I am most excited about? School supplies. Binders, notebooks, highlighters, you name it and I geek out over them. Tomorrow will be the day I fill up my book bag with school goodies and I a wait the noon o'clock hour so I can be on my way to higher education.

Tonight I am introducing my Mom to good Sushi. She has only had sushi once and it was from the grocery store. I will be taking her to Haiku so I can mature her pallet.

I have started a huge project, one that will be a huge undertaking and one that is long over due. What project you might ask? The project of cleaning out my closet. I don't think I have ever cleaned out my closet. Ok I did once but that was back in August, and it really wasn't cleaning it out I just got rid of the clothes that were either old, stained, holey, riped, torn you get the point. But I have never done the whole if you haven't worn it in a year then you should probably get rid of it. So I decided now is probably the best time. Our watching of my brothers cat is going to be ending soon and when that happens, our second walk in closet is going to be used for storage and Hubs and I are going to share a closet.

I am scared.

He is scared.

I have mass amounts of clothing people, to the point that is is ridiculous. I will be documenting my journey from the black abyss to clean and organized.

An up side to this is my wardrobe will get a major face lift after everything is said and done. Hubs told me I was allowed to shop. I say it like that because we are on a strict budget, one that hubs keeps us on very tyrannically sometimes, but I have been saving my pennies waiting for this day.

I will definitely give you before and after pics because this is going to be interesting. Remember when I said that I watched the brave little toaster when I was kid and it messed me up? It did for most inanimate objects, clothing included. I look at a shirt that really doesn't have real sentimental value for a non crazy person but for me I am all like "but I was wearing that shirt on the day I heard my new summer anthem for the summer of 2007, that was a good day."

And that is all I need to convince me to keep said summer anthem shirt.

So I need to grit my teeth and be mean to my clothes and put them in a plastic bag and take them to Volunteer's of America.

Something else I realized. I love stripes. Just about as mush as I love polka dots.

Not slimming vertical stripes, you know the only ones chubs are supposed to wear. Nu-huh I love big, little, solid, multi-color, horizontal stripes.

I know fashion fail.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wedding Recap: the Ceremony

My wedding ceremony, like everyone said, was a blur. I was actually getting a little stage fright when the time came. I mean 9 months of planning came down to this very second. Kind of nerve racking. I had been tucked away so I hadn't seen the people come filing in. My dad had come back to the room to get lined up and it hit me when Lisa, the wedding coordinator made us line up that this was it. I still get butterflies thinking about it. I kept repeating to myself DON'T FALL, DON'T FALL, DON'T FALL. I am very clumsy, as my mom would say, there was a reason they didn't name me grace. Anyway. The day was perfect, we got married at 6 o'clock, so the sun was low in the sky, but we couldn't tell because there was a tad bit of cloud cover. The ceremony was held outside in the garden. It was beautiful on its own, it really didn't have to be decorated to much and I really liked that. I really wanted something beautiful but simple and I was so glad that I found this place. I do say I and not we because I had our name in the book before we even got engaged. Yes, I was that girl.

I remember I couldn't look at Mr. G, it was either going to make me cry or have this big silly grin on my face, so I decided I should concentrate on not killing myself. I remember getting up to him and my mom and dad giving me away. My dad almost took my veil off. I remember warning him about it and then shot my MOH a look. Then it is totally all a blur. I remember getting choked up during my vows, and then at the end, forgetting the Lord's prayer and trying to cover my tracks and act like I was crying. Then that was it, we were man and wife, in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Here are some of our Ceremony pictures. There are a lot, this turned out to more of a play by play but oh well.


Come back next week for more wedding recap.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Review

This weekend was filled with a lot of unexpected, a lot of spontaneity which is very unlike me.

I am very mush a homebody, which is my nice way of calling myself a hermit. I really don't like to leave my house on the weekend because most places deem too big sweatpants, bra less me, white trash, and no one needs that.

I always say "Oh I am going to clean." which sometimes happens, not with the vigor I say I am going to, but I got in to a pretty nice groove on Saturday but I got distracted. It always happens.

As I was laying on my comfy sofa, waiting to not be distracted by re-runs of America's Next Top Model ( don't hate). My bestie Crystal called inviting me to dinner. And Not just any dinner... Sushi Dinner. When she mentioned sushi I did the whole drool moany thing Homer Simpson does. I agreed and got all gussied up slammed so good sushi. It. was. awesome!!!!

Well her hubs Brad didn't feel up to calling it a night so I called my Hubs and told him to get ready we were going out! That's right. This Hermit went to a bar, an average pub, with a shitty band, and a guy selling gyros right out front.

Well, Mrs.E and I go to the restroom and while on our way back, the hoards of people have all decided WE NEED MORE BEER, at the same efing time. So we start the awkward sideways walk through the crowd. We are almost through the ocean of drunkards, when we come to douche bag who won't move.

Crystal, politely puts her hand on the gentleman's shoulder to get him to move. Now, any other human being would have said to themselves "Hey, I feel a new added pressure to my shoulder I wonder what it could be?"

Not this guy, he just stood there... which made it awkward. Because Crystal was standing there with her hand on a strangers shoulder. Luckily some kinds ladies saw our perdiciment and moved. Crystal made her way through and as I was doing so, another jerk face gentleman plows through the crowd narrowing my exit. Now, I am not narrow by any means, so this causes a problem for Mrs. G. I can see what is about to happen. I can see my boobs heading for jerk face who didn't move, why didn't he move? This wouldn't be happening if he just would have moved. I see in his hand a very very full glass of beer, why was it that full still? I couldn't think about it, I had to react. So I went concave. As Concave as I could go.

It sorta worked. I didn't bash in to him spraying beer across the pub and down my new shirt. I nudged him, no beer spilt. I got through, and once I realized how awesome my reflexes were I congratulated myself. As I was walking more like strutting away. The Jerk face called after me...



I mean did he know how much I went through, right then, to save his life?

I don't think so.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The healthy life... It's coming back

The Healthy Life is making a come back.

Stay tunned...

Telling stories

Happy Friday!!!!!

Can I just tell you how happy I am that it is Friday, and that it is a beautiful Friday!!

I am feeling a little devious today so I am going to tell a little story on hubs.

While Hubs and I were dating he told about how he and one of his friends, as a joke bought the spice girls movie at a yard sale for like 50 cents, and then proceeded to watch it. He did tell me this early on in our relationship and although I laughed, deep down I thought it was weird.

Fast forward to after our nuptials and we are sitting in our den, he is playing something on PlayStation and I am surfing the Internet listening to music. I put it out there to Hubs that if he wants to listen to something let me know. There was a moment of Silence and then he said

Hubs: How about the Spice Girls?
Me: Beg your pardon?
Hubs: The Spice girls, I would like to listen to them.
Me: Okaaaaaaaaaaaay

I bring up their songs on you tube and start to play some songs. Now I am singing along with it because just like every other girl in the 90's I effing adored the Spice Girls. So I am jammin to some throwback classics but I am a little parched so I stop, take a sip of beverage and realize that my husband is mouthing the words. I quickly turn around and what do I see?

I see him using the remote as a microphone and his face contorted in an epic rockstar way as he mouths the words ziga zig ah. With so much enthusiasm you would have thought he was singing living on a prayer.

He realizes that I am not singing anymore and opens his eyes,Yes they were shut, and asks in a very butch, I wasn't singing about girl power way.

Hubs: What? ( said a few octaves lower than his real voice.)
Me: Really?
Hubs: So what I know the words.
ME: thats not what is scary.Do you want me to leave you alone so you can sing in to a hairbrush while you but on make up?
Hubs: Shut up.
Me: Whatever Ginger spice.

I continued to play some Spice Girl songs, knowing that he was behind me rocking it out with his now va jay jay out.

Anyway, I thought that was it, But for Christmas my Brother in law got us itunes gift cards. I used mine up pretty quick but hubs was hanging on to his until one day he finally found some songs that he wanted to have grace his ears on his ipod.

Hubs: I used my gift card today
Me: Oh, what did you get?
Hubs: just a little bit of this and that, stuff you wouldn't like.
Me: Try me.
Hubs: I can't remember
Me: (starting to get suspicious, giving him the stank eye) Husband.... what songs did you get for your ipod?
Hubs: Like I said I can't remember
Me: You know all I have to do is walk up the stairs and get on itunes to see what you purchased.
Hubs: Ok, I will tell you, but you have to promise me that you won't make fun of me.
Me: Ok.
Hubs: Ok, well I wasn't seeing anything I wanted, and I remembered when we listened to the Spice girls....
Me: Really? You spent your gift card on a spice girls song.
Hubs: it wasn't just one song.
Hubs: You promised you wouldn't make fun of me.
Me: I am not, but I can see your Vagina from here.

That's right everyone. I am in love to my very own Ginger Spice.

Girl Power.

Have a good Friday everyone.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Pictures... better late than never.

I have been married 192 days. I know I should have done this along time ago, and looking at Erin's wedding pictures over at Dishes and Wishes, made me want to share my wedding pictures with all of you.

Little back story:

The photography was very important to me, right up there with my dress and venue. Hubs and I knew right off the bat that we wouldn't be hiring a videographer for the wedding so the pictures had to be A-MAZING. I searched the Internet and wedding websites looking for someone that was reasonably priced (yeah remember how hub didn't have a job so we were broke, planning a wedding), and did more photo-journalistic photos rather than posy pictures. Kama was listed on the knot and I thought her name was cute so I took a gander at her website. I fell in love. Her pictures were amazing so with out hesitation I contacted her and got the planning under way.

She was a trooper though, she stuck with us through think and thin. And she and her husband captured our wedding day perfectly.

So to start this series off I am going to give you some shots of the pre-ceremony. You get to see the details that took my team months to do, the girls getting ready, and the excitement of the day.

Stay tuned next week for the Ceremony

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

chitty chitty bangs bangs!

I did it.

I cut my hair.

Ok, well I didn't cut my hair Anna cut my hair, and Crystal held my hand. And yes I have to state that I didn't cut my own hair because I do and often.

I am terrified with getting my hair cut. Like it is right up there with snakes and things with a bazillion legs.

But I did it.

And yes Jen, I am wearing your sweater. I am a sweater thief, I like to think borrower. I mean you're not here so I didn't think you would mind. So I say borrower, and you may say thief. You say potato I say french fry.

*thoughts of moment*

*I really need to put my laundry away because all I had access to (meaning all that was 3-5 feet away from me) was my sessy (yes I say it like that) underpants and not my everyday. all the women out there know what I am talking about, they are more for show than functionality and comfort.
* does calling them underpants and not panties automatically make them un-sessy?
* In all my 23 years of living I just bought my first bottle of OPI fingernail polish and I am kind of crushing on it right now. Granted I got "passion" which is a really light, almost the same color as my nail beds, pink. But I still love it non the less.
*I love goober. It is the peanut butter and jelly in the same jar stuff. I love it and had a goober sandwich for lunch. I only mention this because it is sitting on my desk. Staring at me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

weekend recap

Hello Bloggies!!!! I hope you had a splendorous weekend!!!!

Friday was a good day because the weather was amazing. I felt like I had an itch even preparation h couldn't soothe to be outside frolicking in meadow wearing leaderhosein (I hope I painted a swell picture of just how pain full it was for me to be inside all day). Good weather always brings on the need for grill out food. So I called hubs on the cellular and declared he was grilling hot dogs, brats and burgers.... needless to say he obliged.

I got to spend the evening with my Bestie. It was good to chat even if it couldn't be full on girl talk because hubs was there. I will say though we didn't spare him, talking about cervical mucus pretty much set him over the edge. It was a good night.

Saturday was the big day. We got our new sofa! I am sorry that this sofa is such a big deal but it our first piece of real furniture, and by real I mean not a hammy down. It is pretty exciting.

The morning started by getting our old stuff out of our house. All of Hubs' work buddies were working and so it was hubs, my mom and myself. Now, hubs is a manly man, my mom is an ox (seriously, never tell her she can't move something. ever. ) and then there was me. Wimpy little old me we no upper body strength. For reals. I fear for my children, I just hope I am on a soft surface when I inevitably drop them. Where was I? Oh yeah.

Here is our old girl. She really was an awesome couch. She had no idea what was coming to her. I mean she had been creaking with agony so she really did need to be put out of her misery (yes I am referring to our old couch like it has feelings. I watched the brave little toaster when I was little and it ruined me for life) and we did in a very gruesome way. We couldn't get her wide ass out of our back door so demolition took place... aka hubs with a hammer.


More carnage.... tear.
After we finally got our very dead sofa to the dumpster it was time to clean up and go get our new addition. I vacuumed up the evidence of the brutality that had taken place, did you know that a vacuum doesn't like wood shards? Well, I can tell you it doesn't and I can also tell you, with an extreme certainty that I broke our vacuum. I mean its main purpose is to suck up crud and it doesn't anymore.
We dropped of the chair and ottoman to my moms house and I got dropped off at the house so I could move the rest of out living room furniture to a central location so that it wasn't in the way. Did I mention that is was cold and rainy on Saturday? Did I also mention that it only took me 10 minutes to move the other furniture around and for the rest of the time my dog and I ran around the big empty room? I didn't mention that? well, if you happen to see my Hubs or my mom don't mention it to them either.
after 2 trips to the furniture store, a few curse words and some rearranging we got it in.

That's right. This mammoth is to big for one picture.
The pillows and the quilt totally happened on accident. We got them as wedding gifts (they are actually a bedding set for our future guest room, but when I got it I was so excited I put on our bed when we moved in together.) and they totally weren't hubs in taste. To quote him correctly he said "it looks like we live in a barn." I told him he was being way to dramatic but he won in the end and we got a different bedding set and this was stashed in the linen closet. We planned on getting red throw pillows when we went to the store but my genius of a mom reminded me of these not in use pillows. I mean seriously she she get a noble price or something. Hubs went out to his truck so I ran (falling up) the stairs and my mom and I had this down before he got back in.
He gave me a look of I really don't like this.
Then my eyes were all like but I do
Then his eyes said I can tell I am not going to win this
Then my eyes said in a non condescending way I am happy you came to that conclusion on your own.
I realized we had been silent for about 32 seconds and my mom was looking at us weird, so I asked him aloud if he liked it and he agreed. I have a witness.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

red faced

I know I work in a male dominated industry (lawn mower parts and engines). But! I have been through more training in the 4 years that I have been in this industry than most men have in the 25 year careers. That being said

When You call me with an attitude about the hood you ordered not being the right color and I say to you that the part description denotes that the color of the ordered hood is red and not orange and you begin to argue with me about what brands we carry and your order history. I begin to get angry.. like hulk angry.
(no I am not taking a poo, this is my mad face... my very exaggerated mad face.... that makes me look like I am pooing)

Then when you give me a model number that isn't valid and I tell you that and you scoff at me and precede to ask to speak to a technician, I loose all respect for you. I know what you are doing. 99% of our customer service department is of the XX chromosome variety, where our technical department is 100% male.

Just because my sex bits are on the inside doesn't mean that I can't comprehend anything other than pie baking or ironing.


I need some chocolate.

I am walking on sunshine

I could feel it in my bones last night before I went to sleep, that today was going to be a good day.

I slept so heavy and hard that at 5:30 I was up and ready to go, but I forbid myself to get up, so I just laid in bed and listened to the rain and snuggled with my pup. Hubs is on inventory this week so he has been out the door by 5am.

I have probably saved 10 minutes in my morning routine because I don't have to scrape my car anymore. I was watching the news to hear the weather come on. I don't think I have ever been happier to hear the weather. I know the forecast calls for rain, but I will take it, happily skipping through it, and the temp is supposed to be 60 degrees. The other happy thing I heard.....

Storms are in our forecast. I. love. storms. If I ever see a tornado, I am going to be the one that runs to get my video camera, not to find shelter.
When I got in to work my computer was bummin. It had no power so I got 15 min of me time with the IT guy worked on it.
Last good thing that happened....
I got the money for school!!!!!! Everything is squared away and I am so thrilled. I swear I am oozing happiness from my pores people!!!!!
I hope you all have an amazing day!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Didn't know what to blog about

So i am blogging about baby names. Today over at the Undomestic Momma she is asking for your top 2 baby names. I am going to give you my top 2 baby names for both boys and girls. Hubs and I have talked about this already, meaning I have talked to a man looking petrified at the thought of babies. We did decide however to use at least one family name wither it be a first name or middle name. Another must, the name can't end with an N. Let's just say my last name is 5 letters long and 3 of those 5 letters are N's...
Emma Kate - Yes Emma is popular but it is so classic. It is cute when they are babies, but sophisticated when they are older. Kate is an nickname for my first name. Funny thing is my whole family calls me Kate no one ever calls me Katy.
Ok my next one I am soooooooooo torn.
Neva Elizabeth or Harper Elizabeth- Neva is my great grandmothers name, it is so beautiful and unique it means Radiance; brightness. But Harper is also unique and strong. Elizabeth is on both sides of our family.
Honorable mentions: Leah, Sarah, Abigail and Emily
On to the Boys:
I think Boys are a lot harder than Girls for some reason. Anywhoozer.
Wesley Thomas - I am usually opposed to nick names for boys for some reason. But I really like Wes, the Thomas is Hubs' middle name. The First born son, no matter what, will have Thomas as a middle name.
Hunter Wyatt - Hunter is my maiden name and it is one of those names that sounds really cool as a first names too. Not to mention it goes well with my new last name which is hard to do. Wyatt is my FIL middle name.
So there you have it, My baby name wish list. What is yours?

Monday, March 8, 2010


My weekend was alright.

There was drama, and honestly I am getting tired of it. Family drama is the worst too, because lets face it they are family, they will always be there in your life so it is harder to get away from it. But, I know in my heart I did the right thing and I have my support team backing me up. As hard as it is for me to admit it, I don't need them in my life. I want them in my life but I don't see that happening anytime soon. So, they are out, Plain and simple. I actually feel good about this "Break up". Ha. Anyway.

Got to talk to my Brother a lot this weekend, which was nice. He is doing a lot better and is sounding like his old self again.

Hubs and I are spending a lot more time together. He has been on the morning shift lately which means hubs and I can actually eat dinner together, watch our stories and go to bed. It's the little things that make me happy. We aren't the most lovey dovey, romantic, want to punch in the face because we are sooooo stinkin cute couple. But in the words of Juno McGuff - he is the cheese to my macaroni.

We made breakfast together on Sunday, uh.. P.S. the weather was AMAZING!!!! So we jammed to some classic rock while he made waffles and I made eggs and bacon. It was my perfect Sunday. We ran a few errands, and I waited for the Oscars to start. I. Love. The. Oscars. I love everything about the glitz and glamour, I wish that I could get that gussied up for something. Too bad the only thing that I have fancy enough for that is my wedding dress.

I realized this weekend also, how much I love Chuck Norris jokes. I mean Mr. Norris if you are reading this, let me correct myself, Chuck Norris facts. I really don't want to be roundhouse kicked in the face.... that would make Mondays even worse.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fri to the DAY!!!!

My mood in pictures:

This Morning:

Back away from me, I will lash out at you.

someone said I looked "special" for wearing my hat... and I am 110% sure they meant short bus special not wow Mrs. G you are totally the cat's meow special.

For anyone who doesn't understand the awesomeness that is my hat... you are now lame. LAME!

Then I remembered it was Friday!!!! I am not sure how I forgot. But, I did.

As you can see it is been an emotional roller coaster this morning. I need a nap.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

turtle, turtle, turtle

My friend was reading my blog yesterday and thought it was pretty funny that I had worn a turtleneck all week, so she challenged me to keep it going. I don't back away from a challenge so naturally....
I am keeping it real... turtleneck style.
Well kids, today is my meeting with the academic advisers at CSCC to try to schedule my classes, make a plan for my educational career while I am there, and get my financial aid worked out.
Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't make this up...

so I took pictures to prove this story.

What story you ask? The story of the missing bowl

The story starts with our Heroine Mrs. G hear some commotion out in the kitchen. She knows it is her pup in distress so she does what any mother would do. She leaves her feast of frosted flakes and investigates what could be causing her fur baby stress. As Mrs. G rounds the corner of her sofa and is walking towards the scene she stops and sees this:

"That's strange." She says

"I wonder where Dot's bowl went?"

Mrs. G turns to see an oddity in her hallway

"Well, that's not how I left it... Maybe the bowl is under the carpet!!"


The mystery still remained

"well, I don't know where her bowl is, but I better put the runner back and pick up hubs' boot"

As Mrs. G is tiding up Dot's mess she hears something

rattle rattle rattle

"where is that sound coming from?"

She listens more closely and realizes it is coming from Mr.G's Boot

"Is that?"


Mrs.G exclaimed!

"It was in the boot. Well now I don't feel as stupid, I would have never of thought to look in the boot."

Mrs. G takes the boot and dumps it contents back in to her pups bowl

"Huzah!!!!!" Dot barked as I set her bowl of pedigree goodness down.