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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hurts so good

I don't know why I do this to myself.

ok I know why.

I am talking about going to the midnight showing of Eclipse. Yeah I was there, and in case you were wondering yes I wore my Edward shirt.

I have been to every midnight showing for the twilight series and plan to continue to go until the very end.

I do it because I have to be the "first person" to see it. I would be crushed is someone ruined something for me and I would feel totally out of the loop. I don't know what loop, but I would feel left out.

Right now, I am sitting at my desk trying desperately to not think about how tired I am. I am drinking coffee, which I never do and it is helping. I have a 6 hour energy shot thing I am going to take at lunch to see if it can get me out of this zombie like trance.

Would I take being well rested and out of loop? Hail Nah.

These heavy eye lids mean that I spent the night with my movie boyfriend and I am ok with that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

it's not dandruff ...

On vacation I got a little sunburned. I know most of you are sitting there reading this and saying "Mrs. G you should have worn sun screen." Well readers I did, I lathered up more than my fair skinned ginger haired husband. What got burned was my scalp. MY SCALP! Never in my life have I ever had to sunscreen my scalp. And now It is peeling, like really itchy peeling and it looks like I have a wicked case of dandruff. I have worn my hair pulled back all week as to keep the flakes contained, cause lord knows those flakes don't come out of your hair once they are in it, it is like they have some sort of jedi like grip.
I am a freckle face again! I love the summer time when I can go make up free and all freckly.
Anyway, I want everyone to have an awesome weekend, and get some sun... just do forget to wear your sunscreen.... even on your scalp.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a new addition

Hola peeps!

I wanted to capture my weightloss on this blog but then thought what the h, I will start a weight loss blog.

So here it is....

My ass is how big!?!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am back Y'all.... crap, it rubbed off on me.

Well hello blog world!

How the heck are you!?!

Me, I am pretty good. Even though it is 1:16 in the a.m. and I am still awake... meh.

So Savannah was awesome. We did a lot in the 4 days we were there and honestly didn't have time to take a lot of pics, but I did get some so those will be uploaded later. I really don't want to wake hubs up to do it now... he would probably sneeze on me or something gross like that.

Anyway, prepare for a re-cap.

Thursday was our travel day and I looked freakin cute.... see cute.

We got along with no problems and were met at curbside pick up by L, Hubs' cousin, and made it to Grandmother's house. Ladies, this woman is so sweet you will get a tooth ache. She is the epitome of southern lady, you know sweet but with fiery side. We just talked and talked and then we got settled in for the night.

I was going to make this a separate post but I decided to add it in.

Then the bad news hit. I get a call from my mom... on Hubs phone. I knew right then and there that this wasn't good, I answer.

Me: Hello?
Mom: Where are you?
Me: the living room...
Mom: voice starts to shake, can you go in to another room?

I immediately know someone or something is dead. My mom doesn't cry and she was fighting it hard.

Me: walking out of the room, Mom what is wrong?
Mom: now crying, Toby is dead.
Me: WHAT!?!?!?!

Yeah so after I got my mom to calm down I got the whole story from her and we think he had a stroke or something. He was eating and drinking normally, greeted her at the door, fussed with dot and then went to his room to get away from her... like normal and my mom even checked in on him and he was fine. But some where between 7-10:30pm he passed away. She was going to bed and had put the dog in our bedroom so she could sit with him and let him have run of the house, but she opened the door and nothing. She talked to him and even pet him, because from what she said he looked like he was sleeping, then see saw his eyes and knew he was gone. I had to call my dad and have him come get him because we have no where to bury him.

It is just so weird because honest to goodness hubs and I had decided to keep Toby and were going to tell my brother when we got back, I mean I had even told my Dad on Wednesday, the day before we left, that he could stop trying to find Toby a home. He had become comfortable here, this was his home now and we were his people.

Not a stellar start to the trip.

Things got back on track though and nothing else died... thank all that is holy.

On Friday we went to River walk and it was gorgeous, hot and sticky but gorgeous. It was funny because hubs was so in his element, I mean this is where he belongs and I really saw that while we were walking the cobblestone roads.

On Saturday Hubs got his wish and got to go deep sea fishing with his uncle and left me behind. Not to worry, I hit the beach, and it was sooooooooo relaxing. I mean it was hot, but there was a cool ocean breeze, so I sat, reading my book sipping on vodka lemonade.

Sunday was church and our day on the boat. Hubs' uncle Pat took us out to his boat and we cruised the rivers. We saw dolphins at the beach and thought oh that was cool. But these dolphins were so close to the boat you could touch them. They kind of put in a show for us, the would go under water and then bob back out... it was the aquatic version of peek a boo. They were also mating so we got front row seats to dolphin porn.... yeah it sounds gross but it was oddly interesting to watch. We have video that I will be posting later on tonight. Yes, that is Hubs' Aunt J shouting TALLEY WHACKER!!!!! And yes my Hubs moved so he could get a shot of it.... don't judge.

We were soooooooooooo wiped out from 2 back to back days of fun in the sun, we hit the hay pretty early and then flew home this morning.

All and all I will have to give Savannah, Georgia two thumbs up. You get southern charm and beach bum all rolled in to one. How can you miss with that?

Oh p.s. I now know where Paula Dean lives and I also know that she likes to go smoke cigarettes and play the slots at a down town restaurant.... Ha!

Made me laugh.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jet setting

Not far, but far enough for a mini vay-cay!

My dear lovelies, in the morning (bright and early mind you) I will be headed south to Savannah, Georgia. I am so excited! I have never been before a pics like this make me swoon. The southern charm, the history, the cultural Oh! I can't wait.

I will be back on Monday with lots of pictures and hopefully a tan, can we say beach day anyone?

until then...

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is my brian, and these are its ramblings

There is a lot of random crap bouncing around in my head so here you go.

-I am going to be in the summer musical, here in H-town, and in one of the songs it says "Consider yourself part of the furniture." We are singing about feeling at home but I really don't want to be part of your furniture and I think it is rude to call me something you would walk on, sit on and your cat would hack up a hairball on (true story, Toby vs. the futon... futon lost).

-Last night I was watching MTV hits because that is the only MTV station you can still hear music and a Jason DerĂ¼lo song came on. It's called Solo... and it made him even more ridiculous than I already thought he was.

List of why I think Jason Derulo's song "Ridin Solo" is ridiculous:
1. He feels the need to say his name at some point in time during his songs. As if we need a reminder, or maybe he is trying to remind himself.
2. In the song Solo, he doesn't just say the world "Solo" he says it... lets see if I can get this right... "sow low" .
3. I am not immune to hip hop music and what is in every video, a beautiful girl, sideways baseball cap, bling around the neck and a hot ride. Well in this little gem I noticed the camera does a quick shot of the hot rides car keys and I thought I recognized the emblem... I said to myself "There is no way he is driving a Honda." Oh but he was. They tricked out some model of a Honda and he was driving low rider..... at least it shows he is economical.

-I think I am a nocturnal. For reals people. During the day I am so lethargic and cloudy, I am this way until about 10pm, after that bewitching hour it seems I get this huge burst of energy and it is the most awake I have felt all day, yeah try to come down from that and go to sleep.

-I miss my long hair, like hella bad. I miss being able to pull it back, braid it, curl it, let it air dry. I always get this way after I chop off my hair, it is all good for a few days and then I remember why I don't like having short hair.

-I just got called ignorant by a dealer at work via email. To make a long story short he is a baboon ass hat. He said that it was my job to know what special he was talking about by him giving me the price. Yeah at one time we could have 5-10 mailings out on special pricing.... he said he was to busy to read the fine print. It makes me angry that he expects me to run his business for him... I will tell you one thing, my paycheck doesn't reflect that either.

-I was going to go out tonight with some of my peeps and to then get a distressing phone call from hubs that our pup ripped off one of her nails and was wouldn't stop bleeding... it is all over our couch. So instead of going out with my friends I get to try to get blood stains out of our new(er) couch. Isn't that always the way with kids, you make plans, you get dressed up and then one barfs down the front of you.... ah the joys of parent hood, wither it is actual human children or furry ones.

-I started this blog post mid morning and have kept it open on my desk and have kept adding to it, it really has been like a running commentary on my day.

-I really need to make a successful business plan for my Mary Kay. I really do love it and have seriously beed negelcting it these past 3 months. hmmm... business plan for MK is now on my to do list for this weekend.

-I got the herbal essence shampoo toussle me softly and 2 of the styling products for it and can actually say I like it, I mean it does what it says and smells good, Husband said so last night.

-Why is 5 o'clock 34 minutes away?

-Speaking of away, I watched the movie Away we go the other day and L.O.V.E.D. it. I suggest it.

-I am really tired of my family telling me I am to young to have a baby. I mean isn't that something between my husband and I. Every time I hold my nephew, some family member will say "hey, don't get any ideas." My brother actually told me it was a bad idea because I told him Matt and I were going to start in September to which I got a lecture from him about how BAD of an idea it was. I told him "yeah everyone thought it was a bad idea for you and SIL to get pregnant while you were away and that didn't stop you (* I want to say that I am over the moon in love with my nephew and now can't imagine them without him*)."I was like if I can interrupt your judgement on my husband and I's choices, I guess I should elaborate on what "start" means to us. It doesn't mean start humping like rabbits eau natural, no for us it is getting our finances in order, start living on a family budget (a budget set for 3 not for just 2), putting money back, getting healthy.... that shut him up and then he talked about how adult that was of me, of us as a couple. I told him I really wish people (meaning my Dad and now him) would see that hey... I am a grown up. I told him I also wish people would stop saying "hey you shouldn't do this." Because then my inner child does come out and then I want to do what you are telling me not too.

- Hubs just called me and said we can still go out tonight!!!! Holla!!! Now what to wear?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday I turned in my paper and ended up getting an A in the class. I left on a high note and ended the quarter with a 3.375 GPA. GO ME!!!!

Anyway, the rest of yesterday I decided was going to be dedicated to unwinding and celebrating my freedom from school. I went home and took a much needed nap, then I caught up with some laundry, made dinner and watched SYTYCD.

Ok so the fail was I broke our laundry room door. I broke it to the point where it won't shut anymore and it wasn't in a cool " I am a total bad ass for breaking this door" kind of way.

It is one of those 2 piece doors that you pull out (kind of like an accordion) and those types of doors and I really don't get along. I broke the last one at our place too. This one though there was hardly any force involved and I broke it in such a way that it wouldn't close because it was also off the track and up against the wall... yeah... classic!

Hubs had to fix that when he got home... he wasn't pleased.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home sweet home

I have been day dreaming a lot lately.

The subject of said day dreams is a house.

The prospect of buying a house is not in my immediate future but in the future, I keep looking at real estate websites and literally sit for hours looking at houses. They aren't even extravagant houses either, they are houses that are very obtainable for little ole Mrs. G.

I think of how I would decorate it, I have never really had a design sense, if I liked it I bought it and didn't care if it all went together but as I am getting older and now have my own home my ideas are evolving.
I look at these homes and picture where the Christmas tree would go, what color would I paint the walls, what would I change if anything.

I have even started purchasing homes decor catalogs in the checkout line.

It has really become all consuming.

I even found a house... well it is a shell of a house (it doesn't even have dry wall). When I laid eyes on this house I didn't run away in fear, oh no, I saw possibilities. I am so picky about everything that I saw this as a blank canvas.

When I see this house I see the faded green paint being chipped away and covered by a deep slate blue, I see the white trim popping against the new dark hue.
I see this bathroom

becoming this....

keeping the claw foot tub of course.

I see this quaint kitchen

Becoming a culinary masterpiece

Add Image
These amazing home photos (the masterpieces not the dilapidated ones) are from Lindsey over at the pleated poppy. I am in LOVE with her home, and deep down wish she could come and decorate my house for me. Go there and you will be smitten with her blog just like I am.
I have one exam down, which I got a 94% on WHOOT! and paper to write.
can we tell I am a little bit excited.
The summer dresses I got for Savannah will be here today, can we say fashion show... it's totally on.
Pics tomorrow.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life as I know it...

Hello Bloggies!

Sorry I have been a pretty lack luster blogger but life right now is pretty hectic. Next week is finals week, or as I like to think of it, the light at the end of the tunnel. This quarter was nothing like I expected and I can't wait for it to be over. I only have 2 finals, one of which is paper to be turned in, so I think I can handle it. After finals week I will be heading south to Savannah, Georgia. I am getting really excited because everyone I have spoken too has said it is awesome and it is hubs fav spot in the United States.

Ok, so I have a problem. I am not a shorts person, I never really was. Savannah isn't only hot it is friggin humid to boot. I think wiki called it a subtropical climate, so I am at a loss as what to do to not die of heat stroke while down there. I am a brat about being hot, I hate it I get super cranky and usually cry. I mean when I was in band it was a whole different story because I wasn't trying to be cute, I looked horrendous at band camp but you did what you had to do to stay cool. But how do you do that in a normal society? I mean how does one not sweat off their make up? Keep their hair from frizzing? Not get pit stains? Yeah I went there. Ladies, I need tips, if you have lived in a hot climate please share your knowledge. I think I got the clothing thing covered. I am not a shorts person so instead I opted for some cute sun dresses, can you believe hubs actually let me shop!?!?!?! I had to say "Beg your pardon" because I was in a state of shock. When I get said purchases I will give you lovely ladies a preview.

My house is in a state of disarray,I can't believe how fast hubs and I can messy it up. Hopefully once school is out of the way, and I am not a hot mess everyday of the week, we can get things back in order. I miss the feeling of walking in to a nice clean house... ahhhh day dreaming.

I hope to be back to my blogger self here after finals so while I have my nose to the grindstone I hope you all have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

waking up to smoke alarms

On Saturday my Husband rolled over and sweetly started to snuggle me and asked

Hubs " Do you want me to make waffles for breakfast?"

Me "I would love waffles for breakfast"

Hubs "do you want bacon to go with it?"

Me " I would love some bacon."

Husband proceeds to get up

Me " I am going to snooze for a little while longer, I will come down in a few."

Hubs "Ok"

Hubs gives me a peck, morning breath and all.

At this point I was in a euphoric state. I laid in bed thinking how awesome it was to have a hubs that would make me breakfast before he had to go to work. I snuggled back down in to the bed and right as I was drifting off, I was snapped back in to reality by the smoke alarms going off. I say to myself "that it was nice while it lasted" and head down stairs to see what is going on. I yell from the stairs "What did you do?" to which he gives me "Nothing...." I finally hit the bottom of the stairs and it is so smokey in my house that honestly it is kind of hard to see him. As I walk more towards the kitchen and I don't see the culprit. Inquiring minds want to know .

This is how the conversation went

Me:"did you burn the bacon?"


Me:"the waffles then?"


M:"then what set off the alarms?"

H:"The oil"

M:"the oil? What oil?"

H:"The oil for the bacon."

M:"wait, what?" I am utterly confused at this point

H:" I had oil in the skillet for the bacon?"

Hubs had but vegetable oil in the skillet to to fry the bacon in, continuing my inquiry

M: "Did you have it on 8?"

H: "No"

M" What the- you had it on high?!"

My husband starts to giggle and I proceed to smack him on the arm stating that that is how fires start. I clean the skillet, cause homie really wanted bacon at this point and he says he is "learning by watching" me cook the bacon.


the waffles are done! Yay! Sweet, fluffy, crunchy, soon to be smothered in butter and syrupy-goodness in my belly waffles. I should have lost hope when hubs struggled to get the lid up, but me I like to keep faith. When he finally got the lid open this is what I saw....

To say that my soul shattered wouldn't be to much of an exaggeration. I started on a tangent to the tune of Ralphie in a Christmas Story about the turkey. Ladies, this batter was concreted to the waffle maker. He forgot to do one key step in the waffle making process, spay the waffle maker with Pam. He left for the store to get more waffle mix and asked me to start cleaning the waffle maker off. Y'all I couldn't just peel it off that would be too easy, I had to take a metal spatula (I tried a plastic one first but it was couldn't cut through it) and had to scrape it off, like ice in the middle of winter. I finally gave up and let hubs finish the job. After we had the waffle maker cleaned we both looked at each other and decided the bacon was enough. That's right we had bacon for breakfast, well I had bacon and a bomb pop.

The breakfast of champions