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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

17 Weeks

Don't you just love the trash on the floor?

How far along? 17 Weeks, 23 to go!
 The baby is as big as: A sweet potato 
 Maternity clothes? I wish I wasn't so short so I could actually wear the maternity pants I bought. Instead they are being held hostage at my Dad's house getting hemmed. 
Stretch marks? Nope. But I think it is time to invest in some bio oil or high quality lotion. I don't know if it is because it is winter or because my skin is stretching but good lord my skin is ITCHY!
How I am feeling: I can actually say great! Baby is going through a big growth spurt and I have had a lot of cramping but that is about it. 
Best moment this week?:Making my 3D ultrasound appointment to see what bits this baby has! We find out Thursday. 
Movement?When dot was pregnant I remember feeling the puppies move around in her belly and yesterday, although not from the outside, I swore I felt an arm sweep or something. It was definitely movement but more serious than flutters. 
Food cravings?: Fettuccine Alfredo and orange juice  
Gender?: Still feeling girl, but I had a dream last night that we found out it was a boy and I cried. I chalk this up to husband and I's banter last night right before bed. It is our constant back and forth over boy or girl. 
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button in or out?:innie
What I miss: I am still going to say sleep. 
What I am looking forward to: Maternity clothes shopping with SIL this weekend. She called yesterday and said that she needs a little break from little man. He isn't adjusting well to my brother being gone and the schedule that entails. 
Weekly Wisdom:If you are having a craving like... for instance fettuccine Alfredo, do yourself a favor and don't try to make the sauce yourself. Get the jarred stuff because if you mess it up and you're making the sauce you are kinda screwed.... OF COURSE I am  not talking from personal experience or anything....
Milestones: We named the Fetus!!!! And I will announce said name with the gender next week. GET EXCITED!!!  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pregnant or fat?

I took this awesome iphone/bathroom pic today. Yes, I am kind of pushing out my stomach, or rather, not sucking it in.

You be the judge, do I look pregnant or just winter hibernation pudgy?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Taco or Hot dog?

I made the appointment with my regular OB for my gender scan all the way back in December, the appointment is for February 26th. DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY THAT WILL MAKE YOU?!?!?! Especially when these are the bleak winter months people! There is nothing to do to keep me occupied!!!

When my friend, also pregnant, just a week behind me, announced that she was going to be finding out this past weekend I called shenanigans on the whole thing. Then she asked if I was planning on having a 3D ultrasound done and we were, just later on in the pregnancy. When I looked in to it a little more I told husband that we could do it on a special pricing deal they are having and he jumped at the opportunity (please read this as he is tired of my belly aching to know what this is).

So I called and made the appointment, we decided to keep the OB appointment so we can use it as a confirmation of sorts.

What will it be a taco or hot dog? 

Here are some wives tales compared to my symptoms:

Sleep Position: Right side = Girl If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you’ll have a boy. Right side? You're pregnant with a girl. 

Soft or Dry Hands: Dry = BoyIf your hands are dry during pregnancy, you are having a boy; soft—expect a girl. 

Sugar and Spice Food Cravings: Sugar = Girl 
Craving salt during pregnancy? Potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn means a boy is on the way. Need a little something sweet? Ice cream, chocolate, and candy means you’re having a girl.
Model Your Hands: Up = Girl “Show me your hands.” If you would hold your hands palms up, it’s a girl. Down? You’re having a boy. 

Key to Pregnancy: Round end = Boy If you pick up a key by the round end, you’re having a boy. If you pick it up by the long end? A girl. 

Baby’s Heartbeat: 157 and 167 = Girl If the baby’s heart beats more than 150 times per minute, you’re pregnant with a girl. Less than 150, it’s a boy. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 Weeks, 24 to go!
 The baby is as big as: An Onion I think it said. 
 Maternity clothes? Almost, I have noticed regular clothes fitting differently, like just riding up a bit. Not to mention I actually had an internal struggle this morning over whether or not I should try to pass yoga pants off as leggings because regular jeans are just that uncomfortable. 
Stretch marks? nope.
How I am feeling: pretty ok this week. I will say the gag reflex thing is still an issue. I gagged on my prenatal and just shook my fist and cursed the heavens because I knew in a few moments I would face to face with a toilet bowl. 
Best moment this week?: Still the flutters. 
Movement?: Yep, at little less than last week because the baby is going through a huge growth spurt. Between weeks 15-18 the baby will double in size. 
Food cravings?: Frosted mini wheats and chocolate milk. 
Gender?: Totally feeling girl, actually I am convinced this is a girl. 
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button in or out?:innie
What I miss: a honest to goodness good nights sleep. I am back to being in bed by 8 (once this week it was 7:30, I am ashamed to say), because I need more of a cushion of sleep time when I wake up for no good reason in the middle of the night. 
What I am looking forward to: taking belly shot pics to go with these posts. I held off because I lost so much weight in the beginning that I still haven't caught up yet, nor do I look pregnant. I decided to start once I was in maternity jeans or 20 weeks which ever came first. So expect one starting next week. 
Weekly Wisdom: When you are pregnant your sinuses are messed up! I have never sneezed this much in my life and I am blowing things out of my nose the size of quarters... you're welcome. 
Milestones: getting closer and closer to a naming this fetus. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Full Panel

I bought some maternity clothes, the process for making sure everything fit led to a not yet showing pregnant lady shoving a pillow in to her pants that are without a zipper and button but are equipped with a full panel of spandex.


But first I wanted to talk about body.

I have body image issues, surprised? you shouldn't be.

I think I am the fattest fat person on the planet and I think that everyone else thinks that and judges the crap out of me. In a nut shell.

There was a fear before I got pregnant that being pregnant and the hugeness that comes with it would send me on a downward spiral in to the depths on my own self loathing... wow, that was a very melodramatic sentence.

Anyway, but when I did get pregnant and dealing with everything, my body problems was the last thing on my mind. In fact when I did start to feel better I often found myself with my hands on my belly and grabbing my husbands hands to put them on there too. What was my deal? This was the same person that if my husband grabbed my stomach before October I would push him, sometimes with too much vigor,  away and sulk about being fat.

Then at Christmas with his parents I noticed the air was lighter, I wasn't as up tight, and honestly wasn't spending a bunch of time creating the perfect outfit, making sure every hair was in place, make up on. I really could of cared less, and not to mention I was still throwing up.

It wasn't until Kitty asked me at our last session how I was doing with my body issues and usually I had a mouthful to say about it, this time I just sat there. Until that point I hadn't even thought about being fat, or how disgusting I usually found myself.

She asked about my trip and I told her how easy it was and she asked me why I thought that was, I sat back and reflected and then it came to me.

"The focus wasn't on me it was on the baby and I didn't feel like I was under the microscope"

Not that I was before, but something you have to understand about southern women vs. me in general. Southern women are always ON, meaning hair blown out, impeccable outfit, flawless make up, these goddess' even shave their legs in the winter time. Let's not even get in to the sweetness they exude and their general niceness to everyone.

This is what husband grew up with, this was his norm and I am pretty sure this is the type of person his mother dreamed of him marrying....

Then there is the mess that is me. Pores big enough to serve guac out of, not a spec of make up in sight, day old hair pulled back in a funky pony tail, legs that haven't seen a razor since I was forced to shave for my massage over Christmas. I am not sweet nor do I have a general niceness about me. I am a curmudgeon with the mouth of sailor and a sense of humor only a small percentage of society would deem appropriate and those people you probably wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Please don't think I am  putting myself down here ladies because I am more than comfortable with who I am, it is just a far cry from the southern belles of Husbands old stomping grounds and sometimes husband will introduce me to a child hood friend and she is standing there all southern and I look at him like "Really?"

I promise you this has a point.

Since getting pregnant, my body issues have disappeared.

The clothes I bought, the tops at least, all form fitting. I have spent years and countless dollars on clothes that hid my stomach, torture devices that made it hard to breathe but damn it if I didn't have love handles.

Now, I can't wait to show off my big belly, have people touch it (I say that now, but the first stranger that does, may get krav maga-ed , I am sorry future person).

I don't think twice about people looking at me and I for sure could care less if they judge me (which I know they aren't, I just think they are) the only people I am focused on is husband and baby. And it took getting pregnant to really realize that it should have been that way since day one.

I feel lighter than I ever have in my life and I have full panel elastic waist pants to thank for that.

Friday, January 11, 2013

15 weeks

How far along? 15 Weeks, 25 to go!
 The baby is as big as: an avocado  which is funny because I was hit with a craving for a turkey, avocado,  bacon and tomato sandwich last night like woah. 
 Maternity clothes? I bit the bullet and ordered some tops and a pair of maternity jeans. They were having a major sale and I got almost $300 dollars worth of clothes for $24.98 out of pocket. 
Stretch marks? nope.
How I am feeling: This week vomiting was sparse but bloating has stuck again and actually caused me to break out the rubber band trick on my jeans. 
Best moment this week?: Starting to feel flutters!!!!
Movement?: Yes sir, I am not going to lie, because I was so bloated I thought it was gas but when the feelings persisted for a few days I knew it was bean. Bean doesn't like how I sit at my desk, scrunched up and just flutters away in there. 
Food cravings?: HIBACHI!!! I have wanted House of Japan for about 3 weeks now, in pregnancy craving time that is a 32,416,436,102,456 years. 
Gender?: Feeling more boy this week, but I can't shake this feeling that this is a girl.  I am not sure it is mothers intuition or the fact that I always wanted a girl first. 
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button in or out?:innie
What I miss: Being able to stay up past 10 pm, hopefully soon I can break through the exhaustion wall. 
What I am looking forward to: Being able to wear my maternity clothes. I know  I am crazy for wishing to get bigger so quickly. 
Weekly Wisdom: Sex can be amazing when you are pregnant. 
Milestones: Feeling bean!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Name Game

 I love this show and had to use the clip because of the title. 

You wanna hear some truth?

Naming a kid is really hard.

I wrote this blog post years ago with my top two baby girl and baby boy names, here is what they were in 2010:

Emma Kate - Yes Emma is popular but it is so classic. It is cute when they are babies, but sophisticated when they are older. Kate is an nickname for my first name. Funny thing is my whole family calls me Kate no one ever calls me Katy.
Ok my next one I am soooooooooo torn.
Neva Elizabeth or Harper Elizabeth- Neva is my great grandmothers name, it is so beautiful and unique it means Radiance; brightness. But Harper is also unique and strong. Elizabeth is on both sides of our family.
Honorable mentions: Leah, Sarah, Abigail and Emily
On to the Boys:
I think Boys are a lot harder than Girls for some reason. Anywhoozer.
Wesley Thomas - I am usually opposed to nick names for boys for some reason. But I really like Wes, the Thomas is Hubs' middle name. The First born son, no matter what, will have Thomas as a middle name.
Hunter Wyatt - Hunter is my maiden name and it is one of those names that sounds really cool as a first names too. Not to mention it goes well with my new last name which is hard to do. Wyatt is my FIL middle name.

OK so can we talk about how Emma Kate isn't in the running anymore, Neva was poo pooed, Harper is too popular and boyish sounding (husbands words not mine), Wesley wasn't even part of the discussion and my comment about boys name being harder is a farce. 

We decided, shortly after we found out we were pregnant and at husbands request, that if we have a boy his name will be Hunter Wyatt. 

Done and Done. 

Am I worried that he will pop out and not look like a Hunter? Sometimes but for the most part I can see a little red head, freckled faced boy or a brown curly haired boy with that name. I think it is mostly because we decided so quickly that it makes me wonder, but even looking at other names I always come back to it. 

Because we set the boy name in stone so early and we are no closer to a girls name than we were in 2010. I have come to conclusion that means we are going to have a girl. 

These are the names that have come up: 
Skylar- I couldn't imagine a Dr. Skylar G, I mean if my doctor's name was Skylar I would ask "and what year did you graduate medical school?" I just can't see it growing with her. 
Nora- I still love this name and hope husband will come around. 
Clara- he thinks it is old lady
Ainsley- I love this name, but I don't have the balls or the will to name my child something that will have to be added to the dictoanry in Word. Damn you red squiggly line!
Charlotte- I am not going to lie, I love this name and it is a considerable contender still, even though it is so popular. I had a popular name and it wasn't too bad. At least with this name you have a plethora of nick names to choose from so although you may have 3 Charlottes in your class one could be a Charlie, a Lottie, and if her parents are big SATC fans Char. 
Caroline- Husband loves it, I am luke warm about it. 
Sarah- I love it and so does husband but is it too plain? Some people seem to think so.  I have a whole theory about this, if you get on the pregnancy forums and actually read what people are naming their children ( I have seen for girls, Onyx, Amethyst,  Lotus, Zelda), Sarah will be the odd one out because her name is simple and sweet. 
Harper- I vowed to name my daughter this, husband HATES IT. He doesn't like boyish sounding names. I mean think about it, he has even admitted to the fact that in the south the girls have very feminine first,  sometimes 2 first names. 
Bryce - same problem as Harper... to boyish 
Claudia- He thinks it is an old lady name....

Do you see the problem? 

I have decided that if this is a girl which ever name she kicks to first is what it is....

 not really, because if it is to one of the names I don't like and husband does I will never hear the end of it. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

the unexpected

I like when unexpected things happen, let me specify I don't like when the furnace unexpectedly goes out, but I do like when something unexpectedly good happens.

Take this weekend for example.

I had a good weekend for the most part and on Saturday I had energy, I wasn't nauseous and wanted to take on the world.

Husband continues to surprise me throughout this pregnancy, with his willingness to help, and is general interest in the baby and me. I had no idea that he would be so involved this early on, I have heard for some men it isn't real until it looks like their partner swallowed a basket ball. Sometimes husband will throw me a curve ball and ask me a question like earlier in the week he out of the blue asked me if I wanted labor recorded and if so how in depth. It's things like this that let me know he is just as excited as I am for bean.

OK back to this weekend. I was ready to take on the world when husband threw yet another curve ball.

He wanted to start the nursery....

I had just planned to do some laundry and clean the kitchen and mop the floors, I guess in my head that is taking on the world now?

We have 6 months and we don't even know what we are having yet.

But he wanted too and I couldn't contain my excitement enough to say no.

So we packed all our Christmas decorations, and the thought that the next time I pulled these out I would have a bouncing baby on my hip made the packing that much sweeter.

We started clearing out the now office, soon nursery, washed carpets and really got down to planning.

Then on Sunday, through a fog of nausea, I chalk it up to over doing it on Saturday, we stopped at a local furniture store to browse for a love seat for the playroom. I found a chair and a half that I liked that had a matching ottoman and I said " I wonder if this comes in a set"? We had already chosen another sofa at another store but we decided to keep perusing. Then there in the back of the store was the matching set for the lovely chair and half that I liked. It was reasonably priced, comfy to sit in and came in the color we wanted. It happened after about 30 min of sitting on the couch and discussion. We bought a whole new living room set and the piece for the play room.


We came home, beaming because the piece for the nursery is OUR first baby purchase and I couldn't be more excited for it to get here late March/early April.

We had no idea that was going to happen and even though it seems lame that we got that excited about furniture, it was unexpected and made the weekend that much better.

Friday, January 4, 2013

14 Weeks

 How far along? 14 Weeks, 26 to go!
 The baby is as big as: a navel orange
 Maternity clothes?I know I said coming soon last week but I am so on the fence about this. My pre maternity jeans still fit fine and so do all of my tops. My mom says I need to get stuff for"when the time comes" but I don't want to use my gift cards on clothes that are just going to sit there until March or April. 
Stretch marks? nope.
How I am feeling: It is really hit or miss. One day this week I tossed it 3 times before 630am. Other days I felt fine. New development, if I wait to long to eat I will throw up about half way through a meal and then come back to the table and finish.... 
Best moment this week?: Not getting sick. I really thought I was and all I needed was a heavy dose of sleep to knock it right out. 
Movement?: not yet
Food cravings?: Candy corn
Gender?: Everyone is saying a boy. I even believe it but a small part of me  thinks this is a chick that is just like her mother. Smart assy and independent as my mother stated last night. 
Labor Signs?: nope
Belly Button in or out?:innie
What I miss: being able to eat anything I want. I got hit hard yesterday with a craving for sushi... I can't have sushi... sad face. 
What I am looking forward to: I want to look pregnant. If I am going through all this I at least want a cute bump. 
Weekly Wisdom: I got nothing this week. It was a pretty lame-o week and low key for that matter. Oh wait! Don't let your significant other make you feel bad for bailing to go to bed at 8 or 9. You are growing a person and it takes a lot out of you. 
Milestones: starting to feel better more than feeling like crap. 

13 Weeks

How far along? 13 Weeks, 27 to go!
 The baby is as big as: a lemon
 Maternity clothes? Coming soon!!!!
Stretch marks? nope.
How I am feeling: Over the Christmas break I only threw up 3 times!!!! And on top of that I don't feel like death 24/7, fingers crossed I am done puking. 
Best moment this week?: celebrating Christmas with the G side of the family, making baby decisions, and getting our gender scan in the books!!! February 26th can't come fast enough. 
Movement?: not yet
Food cravings?:  food in general because I am feeling better. 
Gender?: I am flip flopping more and more but if I had to choose I am leaning more towards a girl. 
Labor Signs?: nada
Belly Button in or out?:innie, and my incision is healing and doesn't hurt as much. 
What I miss: not being able to smell EVERYTHING! I sat across the aisle from a 400lb man during Les Mes and I would catch wafts of B.O.... not ideal. 
What I am looking forward to: actually looking pregnant. 
Weekly Wisdom: you can't make everyone happy with your decisions so don't even try. Just make sure you, your partner and baby are happy, that is all that really matters. 
Milestones: in to my second trimester and as of midnight tonight I will be having a baby this year... WEIRD!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby bucket list

I wanted to make a baby bucket list, one that much differs from my to do list because this is all fun stuff!

 Spoil husband with some new clothes:
I feel bad that someone that doesn't need more clothes (me) will have to get clothes that I only wear when I am pregnant and postpartum. Husband is in some desperate need of some new duds and he deserves them, he has been there for every thing this pregnancy has thrown at me and he doesn't even bat an eyelash when I am throwing up for the 3rd time in one morning. 

 Have Husband and Wife time every day, no phones, no tv no computer just us:
I want to get in this habit now, because lord knows we are going to need some time to be a couple and not parents to survive.

Get a mani pedi:
The last time I pampered myself with both is right before my wedding and in my opinion that is too long. I may not be able to see the feet and my hands maybe swollen but dang it they will look fab! 

Organize every possible space:
We will be loosing our office which means less storage space. I don't want to just throw everything somewhere I actually want to go thrown every drawer, folder, dark cubby hole that has crap in it and deal with it as needed. Also our closets are in dire need of some organization. I don't want anything out of place. 

Make a quick reference recipe collection:
When I  have a screaming child and need to still need to make dinner, looking through my bazillion recipe books or Pinterest for the one pin I pinned months ago is for the birds. 

Make dog beds in the hope they stop sleeping in our bed:
I can dream can't I? Cooper won't be a problem, I think we can break him of the habit early on, Dot on the other hand.... I will be content if we can get her to not sleep in between us at the head of the bed. If we can get her to sleep at the foot we deserve a medal. 

Make our bedroom a better place to be:
I hate our bedroom, there I said it. Nothing matches, the blinds broke so it is just a curtain between us and the neighbors, there is nothing on the walls, the carpet needs replaced. It is just a whole lotta gross. I want to make this space relaxing and warm and just someplace you want to be. Considering I may be spending a considerable amount of time in this room I want to LOVE it. 

Down size and donate:
This goes hand and hand with organize everything, if it can be donated, donated it shall be. 

Have a Memorial Day cook out:
We have this big house and have only had one party.... shameful. I am not saying I want a party but to start off the summer and the last few weeks of a family of 2 I want to host a cook out for my family. 

Do a belly cast:
Pretty self explanatory. I am not sure where I will display it but I think it is a great way to capture a memory. 

Get a sewing lesson:
I have all these really cute clothes and sewing projects pinned and can't do anything with them. I would like to change that. 

Go to a concert/show/musical:
I just want to be enchanted for the evening! and not to mention husband and I never do anything like this and I think it would be good for him to get out too. 

Find homes for last two pups:
If we could keep them we would, but we just can't. 

Train dogs: no jump, sit, stay and quiet: 
The older dogs know sit and stay and cooper knows quiet, the pups that are staying with us need to be taught in time for baby. 

Get a couples massage:
Husband will need to relax as much as possible too before this little mix of our DNA starts running our lives. 

Go on a baby- moon:
Even if it is just in the nicest hotel in town, I think this baby-moon will be just the ticket for us to breathe and have one last shot of rejuvenation before the birth.

Get on a cleaning schedule:
With 3 adults, dogs and a baby I am pretty sure things can get messy. Pretty sure? I know they can, but if I/We can get in the groove of a schedule it won't seem like such a big deal anymore. 

Have 3 month supply of non perishables: 
This is something I prefer to have on hand anyway and just haven't gotten to it yet. But it will make the transition easier when I don't have to worry about going to the store or remembering to ask someone to pick something up. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: the year of change

pic via Google images

2013 is going to be a big year for me, and not only because I will become someone's mother... ok it is entirely because I am going to be someone's mother.

Can I freak out a little?

We started trying in 2010... I was 24, WHAT THE EFF WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?! Now that I am preggo I think 26 (or 27 depending on when bean makes their grand entrance) is much to young to be someone's mother.

I was sitting on the couch last night and realized that I was going to have a baby this year. THIS YEAR! In 6 months, then I realized craaaaaaap I still have six months.

freak out over... for now.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. 2013 year of change.

Here are my list of goals for 2013:

Goal #1: As soon as I am not throwing up/are nauseous all the time start eating healthier. I have talked to a bunch of moms and they say your first trimester is about survival, if you can stomach french fries and not salad, eat the french fries. You are better off eating junk and keeping it down than eating something healthy and throwing it up moments later.

Goal #2: Make Husband/our marriage a priority. In 2012 husband and I both saw the repercussions of our actions of not making each other a priority. Instead it was all about MY needs over their needs and it really hurt or marriage, almost beyond repair. This year, especially with the LO on the the way, we need to really take time for each other, weather that be a date night out or quiet night in, we need to be better at taking time for each other.

Goal #3: Take more pride in my home. My house is always messy, and I hate it, but I feel so overwhelmed that I don't do anything about it. This year I want to get in to the groove of cleaning and maintaining so I am not so overwhelmed.

Goal #4: This is a repeat from last year at 8 pm unplug from the social media/digital world. I really don't need to know what famous people are doing on twitter or that you are having amazing sushi and you posted a pic on instagram.

Goal #5: Write down one positive thing per day in a journal. Writing in a journal can sometimes be daunting for me and the fact that I tend to err on the side of negative and I desperately want to change that. I feel like this will be a happy medium for me.

Goal #6: SAVE MONEY! this is a common goal for husband and I. We FINALLY got our finances in order and will be able to save some major dollars this year. We are going to try really hard not go to let our past, quick to spend everything behavior,  get the better of us.

Goal #7: Following the saving money route, be able to put a nice down payment on a car. I need a car and husband and I both know that we are going to have to have a cosigner for it, so to keep good grace we want to be able to put a significant amount down.

Goal #8: Stop taking peoples opinions about husband and I's decisions so personally. Maybe its the hormones, maybe it is my need to always please people, probably both.  EVERYONE has an opinion and they are allowed that, but what I am struggling with is when people openly share their opinion in a rude way or with no regard to my husband and I's decision about our baby. It is really turning me off to talking to people about certain things, even extremely close friends. for example, I was talking baby names with a dear friend and I told her one of the names we are seriously considering and her response was " I hope you have a boy". I know she didn't say it with any malice or in a mean way, that is how she is and I swear if she would have been sitting next to me I would have slapped her. When I calmed down I realized "why do you care it's your kid" there are only 2 peoples opinions that matter... mine and husbands.

Goal # 9: Work on my relationship with SIL. She has been in the same boat I am in and is in it with me now. She is due August 7th and I really want to develop a closer relationship with her and I want our children to be close.

Goal #10: Be a better follow- througher. We all know I can write the shit out of a list but then following that list is about 30-70. I need to be better about following my meal plan, following my cleaning schedule, my to do lists etc.

I think that is all I am going to do for this year. Hopefully I can have the moderate success that I did in 2012!

2012 in review.

Pic via Google images
Hello All!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic time bringing in the new year, I was asleep, so yes I was happy.

I  thought I had decided that this year I wasn't going to make any resolutions or goals seeing as I am just going to try to survive all the changes that are coming my way this year. But then I found myself making a before baby comes to do list and said to myself "isn't this kind of the same thing?"

But before I share with you my 2013 list, here is a quick recap of this years goals:

Goal #1 -is to break the cycle and put a stop to my envious ways!

I think I was actually pretty good about this one, other than the "man I wish I had her shoes" or something along those lines there was no " I wish I had their lives" outta me this year. Goal #1 OWNED!!!

Goal #2 – Find a home church. I want to find one that fits me and what I am searching for, rather than go there because friends do or because the choir is good. Which, don’t get me wrong are both bonuses but I tend to want to be a chatty Kathy and make church a social event and lose focus as to why I am there in the first place. 

Didn't happen, and I can't guarantee you it will this year either. Maybe I will surprise myself. 

Goal #3- find a healthy hobby. wither it be walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, zumba-ing, dancing, yoga, Pilates whatever it will be I need to find something that can relieve stress in a healthy way instead of eating myself in to a coma. 

Nope... sorta, I did go on more walks this year than ever before and I did enjoy it. Husband has vowed as soon as the ground thaws we will be walking fiends. We shall see. 

Goal #4- find healthier substitutions in meals- I have been making a month’s worth of meals and freezing them in advance and it has helped so much with my stress level because now I have more time to relax in the evening. But the issue is these recipes call for a TON of butter, heavy cream, and other not so savory calorie packed items.

 I actually did this! Some were awesome... others not (gravy with turkey sausage, whole wheat flour and fake butter is gross, don't do it!) but I did find myself pulling away from the recipes that called for vats of butter.... I am looking at you Paula.... 

Goal #5- Stop box dying my hair, it is looking weird y’all. I have a reverse hombre going and it is driving me nuts, my hair is so long that I need to get 2 boxes of dye now and I might as well save that money and treat myself to a professional color. 

Money was T I G H T this year, so no pro dye jobs for me. But I will say I only dyed my hair only a hand full of times instead of every 6 weeks AND I didn't use the cheapest dye available. So  could this be a sorta win? 

Goal #6 Drink more water!!! Every time I take a sip from a cold glass of water I wonder why I don’t do it more often. 

Check!!!! Until the baby made me hate water and now it makes me gag.... 

Goal #7 Limit my TV watching during the week. I have a DVR for a reason, I might as well put it to good use. 

This was a hard core win while I was in school, but not now. I hope that I can get back on track with this so I am not shell shocked and going through withdraws when the babes come. 

Goal # 8 refocus my life. This kind of ties in with #7, starting today I am going to be working and going to school, along with still being a wife and homeowner. This is going to take some serious focus on my part, it is so easy to say “Oh I will study tomorrow” and sit down and watch hours of programs that are recording anyway or I have seen before. It’s a waste of my time and schools time if I don’t give it attention every day.

Again was a win while I was in school and I left with the highest GPA of my college career. 

Goal #9 after 8pm disconnect from the world. I am not saying turn my phone off in case someone NEEDS to talk to me but no more reading blogs, twitter, Facebook, aimlessly roaming the web, or watching TV. I need some quiet, reflective time to read, take a bath or just meditate. I think this will help with my insomnia, this will clear my head before bed. I think this is going to be the most challenging because husband HAS to watch TV before bed, honestly it annoys the crap out of me but if he needs it to fall asleep who am I to say no? So this should put a stop to that seeing as I will hopefully be in bed before he is. 

Total fail, but this is a goal for 2013 so maybe second time is a charm. 

Goal # 10 GET MORE SLEEP!!!! - pretty self-explanatory but I beat myself up during the week running on sometimes less than 6 hours a night. I know this is what causes my body to crave crabs and sugars to keep running, which in turn goes to my ass. 

Check! Some nights I was getting 9-10 hours and that was before I was pregnant! Now, its more like 10-11 but... THE BABY NEEDS IT!!!  

Goal # 11 work on my friendships. I feel my friendships suffered last year due to my bad attitude, so hopefully this cycle breaking will help me reconnect with them. I miss you guys! 

Yes and no. I think now it is more because we are in different places, either around the buckeye state or in our lives that is the issue and those are things I don't have control of. 

Goal # 12 plant a garden, this one I think will be challenging for me because I am all about planting a garden but the up keep gets me every time. I think this will also help with my mood, this will be a time for me to clear my head and S L O W D O W N. Also, who doesn’t want to be outside more when its warm. 

Having the pups put a lid on this goal, the destroyed my back yard and I didn't want to put the money in to something that didn't have a chance.

Goal # 13 Can my own food. I want to start off small but would love to delve in to this world of canning! I can’t wait to grow this food and then can it so I can eat it all year long. Talking about reaping the benefits. 

I was wallowing because I didn't get my garden and didn't can on principle... Ok, I got lazy. 

Goal # 14 Start recycling, we toss way so many recyclables, and I am ashamed of that. I think this is an easy first step to having a greener home. 

Check! We do now and as cheesy as it sounds every time a can hits the bin I smile, what can I say? I am a cheap date. 

Goal #15 try my best in school. I really want to earn every grade a get, even if it is a D I want to be proud knowing I gave it my all. 

I did! Can we say I got a B in my math class... never in my life has that happened. 

The last goal I have is probably the hardest to write.

Goal #16 stop trying for a baby for a whole calendar year. No more temping, no more charting, no more peeing on sticks. I am not giving up entirely but I think that is what contributed to my bad mood last year. I had some very rough moments this year with baby making, moments that I want to leave in 2011. Husband and I talked about starting infertility testing and I don’t think I can emotionally take it right now. Baby making is emotionally draining, stressful and heart wrenching at times and I just need a break to regroup and prepare myself for the unknown. Maybe myself or my husband have fertility problems or what if both of us do, all I know that this experience has made us stronger as a couple and cemented in us that we want children and can’t wait for the day that I get a little plus sign. Until then Husband and I want to enjoy each other again, instead of seeing each other as the needed piece to the baby puzzle.

 We all see how this turned out... or will when I shove a baby out of my V in 6 months....