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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


With the new year right around the corner it is time to reflect to the year and make planes for the new one. Let's see what 2009 brought me...

1. Got married
2. Got the exciting news that I was going to be am Aunt
3. Reconnected with an old friend
4.Moved to a better place
5. Lost almost 30 lbs.
6. Gained it all back.... :(
7. Got a new car
8.Went on my first cruise
9.Did the Summer Show, Big River
10. Took out my nose ring <--- not huge but I had my nose ring for 4 years.

Needless to say it was a big year for me. I have already started my 2010 New year's Resolution list (there I go again with the list making) but I realized it was more a list of things I want to accomplish and goals but still fun none the less.This is what I have so far:
1. Be better with money.
2. Loose weight. I am giving myself one year to loose (gulp!) 90 lbs. That is 7.5 lbs a month..... makes me nervous but very excited at the prospect of being healthy again.
3. I want to take a picture every day. As you all may know I am a horrible picture taker, so I am challenging myself to 365 pictures. Also, I want to fill up all the frames we got from the wedding. Right now they are on the walls just with strangers in them.
4.Get better at doing laundry on a regular basis and putting it away when it is clean
5. go through every box, every drawer, anything that has junk in it and get rid of what we don't use or need.
6. Clean my car and keep it clean.
And Finally ...
7.pick my battles with Hubs .

So there you have it. My list of goals for 2010. What are yours?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goo Goo Ga Ga...

I have baby on the brain.

Sunday, I went with my Brother and SIL to pick out the baby's new bedding. My brother was so cute, like a kid in a candy store and my SIL was just a little over whelmed at everything you need for a baby, and the price tag. I am not saying she is naive but it is a shock that a breast pump can cost anywhere from $60.00 to almost $200.00. During this very fun family outing I felt that familiar tug at my uterus, only it was a lot harder than usual.

(TMI!!!! consider yourself warned)
A few weeks ago I had a pregnancy possibility (I am not going to call them scares because I am not scared to be pregnant). I was late, had only a day of light spotting, mild cramps (compared to this debilitating ones I am used to), fatigue and nausea. Now, if you were me what would you think? Prego! Right? I always over analyze everything and really took a step back and tried to listen what my body was telling me. I am not very in tune with my body but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was telling me something was up. I tried to really think “has my body ever done this before?” the spotting; no I have never had spotting with out the following 4-7 days of pure hell that is my period. The only thing that was normal for me was the fatigue I mean I am always tired, but nothing else was normal for me. I am on the shot but have not been regular with it (last one was in Aug). I know, I know, but we were still safe when I wasn't regular with my shot so you can stop judging me now. From what I read you can get pregnant while on Depo, it is extremely rare but it can happen. The only thing is, I am not regular in any sense of the word. I was one of the lucky girls that didn't get a visit from Aunt flo while on depo but once I stopped using it I would start back up again. I did have a visit in October but not November. Could I be? I started scouring the Internet (mistake I know) for info. I found out how far along I would be if I was and it was still too early to tell. So, I bought a pregnancy test and just waited. As the nausea wore on, I waited, I don't know what for. I was scared but I was so excited to think that I could be pregnant. My brain was calling me insane and telling me that it wasn't the right time but my heart had already started looking at baby names. This is something that I have always wanted and it is a legitimate fear of mine to find out I am infertile or barren. I prayed. I prayed for guidance, I wanted God to help ease my worry. Was this his plan for me? For my Husband? I know I am supposed to just let God's will be, but I sill asked my questions and then finished my prayers with what ever your will, will be.

I finally took the test one morning and it was negative. I was relieved and heart broken at the same time. I mean for a few days, as silly as it sounds, I played around with the idea that I could actually be pregnant. I was secretly elated, and to think you are and then find out you aren't is like having chocolate cake and dangling it front of a fat kid. I will say my reaction really put things in perspective for me. It concreted that I feel ready, mentally and emotionally for children.

I just never thought it would be this quickly, I thought with 5 years of cell phones, computer chats and airports I wouldn’t want to even say “baby” for a while after our wedding. But here I am almost 4 months after I said “I do” and I am ready to see 2 pink lines! But then I think we have been together for 6 years and I feel behind. Does that make sense? Hubs and I talked about it last night, what we wanted to accomplish before baby. In 2010 we are both going to make a much needed conscience effort to live more frugally. I know this is long over due but 1.we are going to sit down make a strict budget and stick to it like glue. We both really need to become better with money, I have always been horrible with it and now that he is making his own he is having trouble seeing the difference between a need and a want. The goal with this is to take a big chunk out of our debt. 2. We are both going to get in better shape. Hubs because in his words “is tired of having a belly,” and me because I want my body to be in tip top shape before, during and after pregnancy. I watched a documentary called Obese and Pregnant and granted I am no where close to those women weight wise (they were all morbidly obese where I am your just good ole run of the mill obese.) But the problems that can arise, gestational diabetes, hyper tension, it was like a scared straight video. I don’t want a high risk pregnancy and risk hurting my child due to my bad choices. 3. I want to finish school and Hubs wants to find a better job. This is a personal goal for me and an almost a necessity for Hubs. He is very happy to be employed but would like to get out of retail. So, our pre baby goals are to get out of debt, get healthy, and accomplish both our personal goals in 12 months. Let’s see if we can do this !!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

3 down and 1 to go.

I still have one more Christmas to go but lets recap on the three I had...
First, I would like to say that I am horrible at taking pictures. I always forget, or only take one or two and call it a day.

Christmas #1:
This was the Christmas with my brother, SIL and my Mom. They came up on the 23rd and my brother and I made country fried steak, my first attempt, and it was alright. I have to learn not to be afraid to season my food. I always got told in school that you can always add but you can't take it back and let me tell you how much I love salt, so I tend to season very little. We all took one bite and everyone in unison asked for the salt. Made us all laugh. We watched movies and played Wii, and I baked cookies for my craving SIL... even as a fetus that baby is spoiled. Then we woke up on Christmas eve and opened gifts and watched more movies, Hubs had to work which was poopey but at least he got off early. I made everyone french toast and then had to run a few more errands before I had to leave to go down to my Dad's house. So, over all it was a lot of fun being with Bro and SIL. I really love my SIL and we have become close with my Brother being away I couldn't ask for a better sister.

This is SIL and her best buddy that night. For some reason Dot would not leave her side and they both just cuddled up and fell right to sleep.
Christmas #2:
This was probably the most laid back Christmas we have ever had. Granted by the time Hubs and I got there they had already cracked open a bottle a wine and were feeling the holiday spirit. My Dad made his famous cheese dip, and I gorged myself on it for the hour or so before we ate. My dad and I are notorious for loving spicy food, flavorful spicy food. But being that we are the only ones his cheese dip is usually on the mild side. I made a comment about it and Dad decided to take some a doctor it up a bit aka make it as humanly hot as possible. It just isn't the same cheese dip if it doesn't make your nose run. Anyway, we had a great dinner and then it was time for presents. All the kids got one box with a bunch of stuff in it. I got Karaoke Revolution for wii, an awesome tye dye scarf, tons of candy, an ornament, slippers, socks, and a photo album. I like to think I made out pretty well.
Then it was back home for hubs and I's first Christmas together.

It was amazing to try to mix our family traditions and make our own. We we both exhausted when we got home but stayed up and played wii until about 1am. I bet our neighbors loved us singing karaoke at 1 am but hey it was Christmas. I watched A Christmas story and then hit the hay. We didn't wake up until about 9 am Christmas morning and we rushed downstairs like little kids to open our presents. I got a new watch, a twilight calendar.... July is a dumb picture but all of August I will be staring to Edward... le sigh, more socks, and finally my big present from my mom was a wii fit plus! I was so excited. This thing is awesome and also distracting. I was supposed to be cleaning and getting dinner ready but instead I was doing rhythmic kung fu. My Grandma and mom were with us for dinner which turned out really well. Then we just kicked back and watched Christmas programming.

our tree on Christmas morning

My mom in her new Christmas PJs chilling with her granddog

The hubs in the brand new robe I got him for Christmas.
We are going to Alabama tomorrow to bring in the new year with his Parents. I can't wait to see everyone again.
Well there you have it folks. Christmas with the Gs.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

List Maker

Hello, My name is Mrs. G and I am a List Maker....

From things to do, grocery shopping, pros and cons and what to take on vay-cay I make a list. Color coded, categorized and simply perfect, no typos or squiggly lines thank you. I made one today of everything that has to get done in the next 24 hours with a cold:

Christmas gifts still to purchase:
Hubs: Mario Cart
Bro: Something, Something, Something Dark side
Dad: Seasonal beer
Grandma: Wine and Chocolate
Vicky and Jay: Wine
Mom: jacket from Grandma
Dinner Menu
Country Fried Steak
Mashed potatoes
Green Beans
Honey Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Corn Pie
Grocery list:
Cube steaks
Eggs (big carton)
Potatoes (large bag)
Green beans
Rolls (x2)
Honey Baked Ham
Asparagus (x2)
Light cream
2 Loafs of bread
Cream Cheese
Flavored cream cheese
Strawberry preserves
Peanut butter
Conf. Sugar
Chocolate chips
Brownie mix
Cinnamon rolls
Cheez its
Pop corn
Beef tips
Canned mushrooms (x2)
Onion soup mix
Cream of Celery soup
Cream of Mushroom soup (x2)
Frozen egg noodles
Dish washing detergent
Febreeze (x2)
Gift boxes

To do:
Go to Eddie Bauer for Mom’s coat
Go to Wal-Mart for Nick’s gift
Clean and organize all closets
Put all linens away
Get all box contents put away and boxes out to trash
Take all trash out
Wash and dry guest room bedding

Finish Christmas Shopping
-Hubs –Target, Game stop
- Dad – Kroger
- Grandma –Kroger
-Vicky and Jay- Kroger
Go grocery shopping
Kroger, Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle
Go to blockbuster and rent wii games
At home:
Do all dishes
Vacuum all carpeted areas
Make our beds
Sweep kitchen floor
Wipe down kitchen floor
Clean mirror in upstairs bathroom
Move extra coats to upstairs closet
Put all shoes away
Wrap Christmas gifts

Fingers crossed I can get everything done!

looooooong weekend

This weekend was a long weekend, and I am still recovering.

Hubs and I helped my bestest and her hubs move on Saturday. It was the perfect day to move... cold and snowing! I hurt my back.... of course, and was out of commission for the last 2 hours of moving. So I had to separate heavy boxes and light boxes. Then we had to leave for my mom's surprise.

Needless to say everyone in central Ohio had the same idea... Lets go to the Zoo lights! There was a lot of traffic and we were about an hour late... my brother and SIL weren't to happy but in my defense I did tell them we were going to be late, and kept them updated on our progress.

My mom was so surprised! We walked in to the zoo and I had already texed Bro and told him we were walking in. Hubs, mom and I started walking very slowly towards the light show and I see my mom's mouth drop and her eyes get really big. They wanted to sneak up behind us but she turned around. She cried and I only got 2 pictures... bad pictures, but I will post them when I get a chance.

Sunday it was Hubs and I's turn to move. That's right we still weren't out of our old place yet. Remember my post about having a little of the bahumbugs? Well this weekend cured it. We donated so much stuff to the Salvation Army, 2 truck loads worth. It wasn't the same as buying a new toy but we donated clothes, furniture, toys, even a Christmas tree. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Anywhoozer, we finally got the last load of stuff from the apartment and we are finally done with them. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

So now my house is in Shambles with everything that was left at the old place and the garage now in my living room. I only mention this because we have Christmas with my mom tomorrow in to Christmas eve. My to do list is about a page long and I still have some shopping to do, my mom is such a trooper though, she is helping us get everything put back together because I got sick from being out in the cold for so long.

I will leave you now to enjoy your Tuesday. Hope you all have a good one!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am theif!

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. all of my Family Christmas'
2. My brother coming home
3. Making cookied and candies with Grandma next weekend.
4. Christmas dinenr prep, cooking and yummy-ness
5. Day after Christmas shopping! I am actually going to participate this year
6. Finally being down with my old apartment
7. Trip to Bham in a couple weeks
8. My voice lessons picking up after the first of the year.

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Had a muffin for breakfast
2. watched SYTYCD
3. Made dinner
4. Watched and made fun of music videos with my bff Jen
5. Talked and talked and talked with hubs
6. took a nice long hot shower
7. Had a jam session with my ipod
8. stayed up way to late

8 things I wish I could do:
1. say no to holiday goodies
2. fit in to a size 10 again
3. go to Iowa and see my family
4. Shop, shop, shop, shop... on someone elses bill.
5. hang out with my friends more.
6. stop biting my nails.
7. find out what my SIL is growning in her belly... boy or girl?
8. Get out of Debt

8 shows I watch on tv:
1. Glee
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. True blood
5. The big bang theory
6. Family guy
7. The United States of Tara
8. Project Runway

and the people I tag....

The story of us

A little of what you Fancy does you good

Dishes and Wishes (when she gets back from her honeymoon of course)

Have a great day Ladies!!!!

2 more days!!!

I think I know what was causing my bahumbuggery....

Missing my Brother. But the anticipation and brought a Christmas filled breath of fresh air in to my lungs. 2 more days and he will be home for the holidays! I am not going to lie, when I heard Michael Buble's I'll be home for Christmas I teared up a little bit.

My SIL and I have a plan a foot:

My mom has never been to see the wild lights here at the Zoo. So I decided as part of her Christmas gift I am going to take her and surprise her with my brother.

Now, I have planted the seed with, "don't make any plans for Saturday night, we are going somewhere." She has no idea where, and I am actually going to blind fold her and take her to the zoo lights. Second part of the plan, she knows my brother is coming home,obviously, but she doesn't think she is going to see him until Christmas. So SIL and I are planning arrival time, where to meet and then where to eat after wards.

I can't wait to see the look on my mom's face when she sees my brother!!!!

In other news, tomorrow is my company Christmas party. They are getting a box at the hockey game. I am really excited because I have never been or seen a hockey game before... I will say though it is a dressy occasion so now what to wear????

Monday, December 14, 2009


"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved."
-George MacDonald , in The Marquis of Lossie (1877)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blown way out of proportion

Ok so on my face book yesterday my status was " Can't believe hoe tired I am." to which these comments followed...

Ross: You need Iron
Dawn: Are you Pregnant?!??.... I'm just sayin
Tracy: Well??????????????
Net: more cousins would be so much fun

wow, just because I am tired because I didn't go to bed until 1am must mean I am pregnant.... right.

To rectify this I changed my status to " Just to clarify I am not pregnant, just tired."

to which theses comments waited for me this morning...

Angela: awww that's to bad more cousins would be fun
Eric: Your mom would be over the moon with another one on the way. Good Luck.

I have been married for 4 months! 4 MONTHS and already the pressure is on to have babies? Where's the fire people? I would like to enjoy married life thank you very much...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little bit of the ba hum bugs

I didn't think it was possible for me to get them but I did. I still love Christmas but the Christmas spirit, the spirit of giving is what is getting me. I am broke... a special kind of broke and really can't afford Christmas gifts. I know that isn't what this holiday is about but I am so filled with a giving spirit during this time. I try to donate toys, canned food and change every chance I get but this year I can't. I feel selfish for not giving more and silly because I didn't save more. This time every year I am usually finished with my Christmas shopping, and they are beautifully wrapped waiting under my Christmas tree anticipating Christmas morning. This year I a few things purchased already but more is still needed. I have decided to part with a few things (aka selling my guitar and bike) for some extra gift money. I know that soon I will be filled with warm Christmas cheer again but for now feel as glum as Scrooge himself.

On a much happier note, the Celebration concert was amazing! It was so nice to be apart of it again. At my Alma mater it is one, if not the biggest concert of the season. All of the music department comes together for non stop show, that is just amazing. I will say it is strange being back at your high school. It is familiar, but then again foreign, you hear them talking and watch them (not in a creeper way) and think "did I really act like this in High school?" Sadly yes, yes we did. I know I have only been out of school 5 years now but I have grown up so much since leaving that I felt like a bitter old woman all night. They, being the high schoolers, wouldn't listen, thought they ran the place and at times were disrespectful. All I could think about was how care free I was then. I over heard some of them talking about a test for Music Theory and how they were "wiggin" out over it... I chuckled because I am wondering how I am going to pay all my bills and still have some money left over to contribute to our house fund. Ahhhh the joys of adulthood.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sorry Hubs, you've been replaced....

This is what I woke up to on Sunday morning....

My dog on my Husband's side of the bed with her head on his pillow. This happens a lot in our house hold and I couldn't resist this picture. So after I rolled over to a cold nose in my face that jolted me a wake I snapped this picture.

Happy Hump day everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is anyone out there?

It was brought to my attention by my bestest that I hadn't blogged in a month....

Which I knew wasn't correct because I do try to blog everyday. I went to her site and sure enough it said my name and that it had been a month... I click to investigate and it says that my blog cannot be found. Well, booger. I say that because last week or so my blogger completely messed up. I mean it said I wasn't following anyone and no one was following me... I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I only wonder because I changed my URL a few weeks after my wedding and people have been following since then. I am not going to rack my brain about it anymore because the important thing is. I am here. Blogging away....

Insert the theme song from Welcome back, Kotter... because that is the song that was playing in my head this entire post.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The halls are decked!

My house is Christmasfied!

On Friday, Hubs and I went out in search of our first Christmas tree together. My mom and I are all about the Christmas tree and we say it has to speak to us... cheesy I know but that is what we always say. A few years back we discovered a Concolor Fir and fell in love with its greenish blue needles and citrus scent. Hubs had never had one before so we decided on that tree for our first tree.
We get to the garden center and I see the sign for Concolor Firs so I start walking back towards it and notice that there is no fine line between the concolor firs and the big 10 foot trees for office buildings and such. That is because the concolors must of had a great year because they are monsters this year. None were under 10 feet and $300.00.... so we move on.

This year I had to go against all that I believe in when it come to a tree. I like em big and fat, where this year we needed a tall skinny one to fit in our slightly cramped living room. So we are walking in the Frasier fir aisle and he just points at one and says "what about this one?" I don't want to say I rolled my eyes but like I said I am waiting for one to speak to me....

After wondering around for about 30 min I kept coming back to the one Hubs pointed out and I said that it was the one. He poked a little fun at me saying he was now the tree whisperer...
Anyway, after we got it home the festivities of decorating started. I got the lights on, the decorations out, made a wreath and then we both decorated the tree. Here is the finished Product (sorry for the poor pic quality, I had to use my cell phone.):

Hubs trying to find a perfect spot for his ornaments
Seriously, he had to find the perfect place for everything... :)

Some of the Decorations around the house.

My table top The ornament Wreath I made. Here it is in the daylight.
So that is the place all decked out for the holidays... what does your house look like during the holidays?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

wedding pictures

Here is the link to our wedding pictures. Let me know which ones you like, I have lots of frames to fill....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the season

Good Morning readers!!!!

If you have been keeping up with my blog you will know that I am kind of in love with Christmas, ok obsessed with it is probably a better description. This year is the first year that I have my own place to decorate for the holidays and I am so excited!!!!! I am going to try to be a good newlywed and Document it, so we can look back at our first holiday season.
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us... which by the way I agree was totally jipped this year. I mean I loooooove Christmas but some of the music stations started playing Christmas music 24/7 beginning of November.... Overkill radio stations, overkill. Anywhoozer, The Decorating will commence this Friday with the purchase of our Christmas tree! I always go to this Lawn and garden place here in Columbus and they have hundreds of tress that you can choose from, not to mention hot popcorn for you to warm up with while making your selection.

I can't wait to make my wreaths this year, growing up my mom would always let me make the wreath for the front door. This year I am making an evergreen wreath for the front door and an ornament wreath for the dining room area, not to mention a centerpiece for our dining room table. I am branching out this year. I always use the same color palette at Christmas time which is gold, green and red. I don't know what it is about that color scheme but if done right can be rich, warm and so welcoming. Well this year, while deciding what kind of wreath to make for the dining room I saw this and fell in love:

I love this color combination. I know it isn't stretching to much because it is still the red and green but this I think, has a more modern feel to it.
The only issue with being out on my own(with hubs of course) is that I only have a few decorations donated by my mom. I don't want to say that I need a lot to make it Christmas just a few things like stockings and stocking hangers, a few decorative towels for the kitchen, festive place mats and who can for get a poinsettia, needless to say I am going to bargin shop my heart out on Friday for some holiday cheer.
Watch out Biglots, Dollar store, and Walmart. I am going to be ransacking your Christmas aisles!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Devil Spawn thy name is Toby

My brother as you know left for the military in November he didn't just leave behind a wife, he left a very pissed off cat as well. Now my SIL is a cat lover through and through but Toby HATES HER!!! He only likes Nick, no one else. With Nick being gone and Spawn being left with someone he hates makes a recipe for disaster. SIL in pregnant and can't touch the cat box without a bio hazard suit on so what does Toby do when he is mad? He pees everywhere... all the time. SIL unable to clean it up was at the mercy of her parents to come over everyday and clean up the mess he had made. She can't just get rid of this cat because it is my brothers, but no will take this devil cat because of the obvious reasons. So, what do I do? I volunteer to take him, consulting with Hubs before hand because he is terrified of cats. I told him it would be just until Bro gets here for Christmas leave but I am not sure he will make it that long.

Here is why:
1. This devil cat has a twisted sense of humor. I will go and sit on the floor of the office and he will come out and rub on every thing and come over to you like "Oh I have missed you and need love." but that is where he gets you. When you actually start to pet him he will growls and hiss at you. It's like wait devil cat... you came over to me... I hissed back at him the other day and freaked him out... he won't come near me now.
2. He hissed at hubs. Which lead to hubs almost pissing his pants. Hubs said that "he has really sharp teeth that can go right threw you." to which I said " He isn't a lion, I mean he doesn't even have his front claws, so if he does swat at you it is like kitten mittens." His response is they are from the same family and all have killer instincts.
3. He has peed somewhere other than his box and I can't find it. I knew this was a possibility but I mean it is day 2 and he is already pulling this stuff. If we still lived at our old place with the crappy carpet it would be totally different but I mean we just moved here and they did give us brand spanking new carpet. I can't have him ruin the carpet the first week we live there and Cat pee lingers.

I told my Brother that I would keep him until he got here and he decided what to do with him. Hubs and I can't afford to have another pet rent fee and deposit. Nor do I want t cat that needs a priest to preform and exorcism on it so we can all live in piece. But, Bro wants him gone before he gets here because he can't say goodbye. I mean I can understand that but this isn't my cat, I mean don't get me wrong I am a lover of most animals but Dogs over cats any day of the week and this behavior just concretes my favor for the tail wagging, barking variety.

SIL and I are researching no kill shelters in the area... but hopefully Toby will get his act together or demon spirits will leave his poor cat soul.

Has anyone dealt with an animal with this severe case of separation anxiety?