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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

What does it mean? Part 2

Last night was a bad night on the dream front, it was so real and so terrifying that the feelings have lingered in to today.

Hubs and I were at home, or what my dream called our home. Our room was the same shape as our room now, but everything was wood. The floors, the walls, the doors, the ceiling, our big four poster bed (which we don't have in real life). It was a night where the moon was high and full and the light of it filled our room. The windows were open and they had white sheer curtains on them. I was sleeping and was stirred awake by a noise of some kind. I remember feeling uneasy, like I knew what the sounds of my house were and that wasn't a normal house noise. I stayed in bed with my eyes closed and wait and don't hear it again, so I try to go back to sleep. The wind picks up and the leaves start to really rustle and the noise happens again and this time it is louder. I wake up and make the mistake of opening my eyes this time. I sit and I wait and nothing happens? Was it a dream? Then why did I wake up? I try to fall asleep again and as my eyes close I see the out line of somethings face, it is smiling at me and not in a cheery way. Right as I am dozing I hear what sounds like foot steps, my eyes shoot open and the footsteps are getting closer, I am scared. Then what ever is there starts to growl, and claw at the door. Screaming I wake Hubs up and he is less then enthused at what is happening, I can't get him to get him to wake up completely and I am telling him something is right out side the door, it is trying to get in. He is telling me I am crazy and that I am must have dreamt it. He lays me back down and I try to steady my breathing. I lay there not being able to move afraid if I move it will hear me. The steps start to happen again, they aren't getting farther away but they are right out side the door, what ever is out there is pacing. I hear it breathing and the growl starts, the door starts shaking violently as it is trying to get in, I can hear its nails on the door. I shake Hubs awake, I am hysterical now, and tell him to please go and lock the door. I am paralyzed with my fear, sobbing, begging him to please lock the door. He won't do it, he says I am being silly. I can't stop crying now, I am terrified. I realize that it is lightening outside, and that I am seeing its face all over my walls. Great, I am crazy, my mind is playing tricks on me. I hear a crack of thunder and is sounds like the growl. "great" I say, and try to get comfortable again. I finally am able to fall asleep again and when I wake it is a dark and very dreey morning. I am in bed alone, but hear hubs up and about. I thank God that is was probably all a dream and I walk over to the bathroom door, I am going to apologize to husband for a sleepless night, even though I can't remember if it was real or not. I walk over to the door and it won't open. I push will all my might and it won't budge. I call out to husband and there is no answer. I scream at husband, to open the door and he says "what?" and he is standing in the hallway, ghost white. I ask him what is wrong and he said "I am looking at these claw marks on the door, come here and look at these." As I walk over and I am about to enter the door way the door slams shut. I start screaming, because hello the door the just slammed shut. Hubs starts banging on the door, and trying to get in and when I back away the door opens up. He asks if I am ok and say yes but every time I move toward the door is slams shut.

I woke up so abruptly this morning ( it was before 5) and had a really hard time going back to sleep. This dream scared the crap out of me. Probably because when you are dealing with the unknown it is hard to fight it.

When analyzing this one it was hard to determine what to pin point. I knew I was going to do wood because it was just really weird that everything in that room was wood. But what do I use to call what was happening? A Ghost? A Demon?
Wood: To see wood in your dream indicates that you may be feeling emotionless. You may just be going through the motions of your walking life or acting with out spending time to consider the repercussions of your actions.
Light (this covers lightning and moon light): to see the full moon in your dreams represents the end of a project. To see light in your dreams means clarity of mind. To see lightning in your dream denotes increased awareness, perception and cleansing. Alternatively, lightening may reflect an unexpected turn of events. It reflects the many interacting forces present in your waking life which are beyond your control.
Noise: Strange noises in dreams are representative of the unknown and the unforeseen. You may have uncertainty or fear surrounding a life situation, and the noise is calling you to tend to that situation.
Demon: is a vision of your darker self "shadow self"

Weird huh....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

bouncing some ideas off you

Options that is.

I am horrible at decision making. HORRIBLE!

For example, when Hubs and I are going to go out to eat and he asks me what I want. 11 out of 10 times I say (yes, I realize I said 11 out of 10, I meant to) "oh, I don't know, what do YOU want." I try to play it up as I am being nice but really I can't make up my mind. Husband used to fall for it and think it was awesome that I let him pick the place, but he is on to me now. We actually got in to a tiff (a playful one) about my lack of decision making, in ended with me having cheez-its and sherbet for dinner..... some would say that I lost, I see it as I won.

ok point of the post.

How can I decide on a house?

A HOUSE!!!!!

We have a list of wants, I say wants because I don't need hardwood floors to live so really every thing is negotiable.

Our Want list is as such:

At least 3 bedrooms 2 baths (doesn't have to be 2 full baths can be 1.5)
Fenced in yard
Garage, preferably 2 car
Hardwood (or laminate) floors
Big kitchen (preferably updated)
Dining room or eat in kitchen
in a good school district

That is really it.

I get the sweats thinking about it. Ok, in all honesty it is soooooo much fun, probably to much fun, to look at houses. Now, with our budget, which is very, very limited you get one of these categories:

1. the complete fixer upper: this is the house that was built in 1980 and is stayed in 1980. Complete with wood paneling and mirrored walls. Hubs and I are not ones to shy away from some renovation but when the kitchen has to be gutted to get rid of the all kinds of wrong it was.... we say NEXT!

2. Wow this is really only this much?.... what is wrong with it: this is the house that is amazing on paper but when you see it you think that they took waaaaaaay to much liberty in their descriptions. We saw a house that said it was $49,000 and was right down the street from us. So I delved in more and the description sounded great but it did say that it needed some work.... yeah there are no walls. NO WALLS, PEOPLE!!!!! I am pretty sure that is a need not a want.

3. the pre-fab houses: This is the neighborhood that everything is deja vu. There are the same 3 house designs just in different muted colors lining the streets. Some and I mean a small few are ok, but usually they look and are cheap. Maybe it is just the ones that we have looked at, but our town house now looks more sound then these babies.

4. The Diamonds in the Rough: Ah, the diamonds in the rough, these are the houses is in a neighborhood where it is really hit or miss. On one street you may have 2 or 3 houses that really took pride in ownership and that part of the neighborhood looks awesome, then you round a corner to see a broken down lawn tractor on the front lawn, screen door busted, paint chipping, trash on the front porch (for reals y'all I saw this). This seems to be the case with the 2 houses that are on our list of must sees.

I will post pictures when I get a chance but let me tell you about the 2 houses.

House one: The Yellow Bi-Level
This house has been on the market for almost a year and it seems that they are ready to get rid of it, which means there is probably room to negotiate the price.

It is 3 bedrooms 1.5 bath Bi-Level built in the 1981.
It is in a well established neighborhood which falls under the number 4 category. I wasn't blown away by the neighborhood, but there were kids out riding their bikes, which hubs said he liked.
it has a 2 car garage,large fenced back yard, hot tub (hubs squealed when I told him it stayed), a deck, a completely renovated kitchen with cherry cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances (all of which stay), ceramic tile, the bathrooms have been renovated, a wood burning fireplace in the basement and there is new paint and carpeting . Wow, I sound like one of those Saturday real estate shows.... anyway some of the draw backs are even though it has a fence and a deck they weren't really maintained so they need to be fixed/and or replaced,it is on the small side being 1,200 sqft (not to small), there is no dining room or no real room for a table and chairs anywhere for that matter. We get my Grandma's dining room table and chairs when we get a house and there isn't any room for it at this house. Also, a bi-level, I am not totally against a bi-level but I think I would feel like I am going up and down stairs all the time. Not to mention I am not sure how I feel about walking in my front door and having to decide... up or down? it reminds me of those Goosebumps books where you can pick your ending.

Then there is House two: The Traditional Gem
It has been on the market since July and is ready for immediate possession, it is also priced high for the neighborhood so there is some wiggle room with the price.

I call it a gem because this house is in the neighborhood that I saw the broken down tractor and such. Now, there were like 4 houses including this one that looked amazing so I am still going to keep it on my list and go back this weekend to see if I see kids running, jumping, climbing trees and what not. This house, is more traditional in the lay out, it is a 4 bedroom(3 up and one in the basement), 1.5 bath house built in 1975, it is a one car garage and a one car driveway (which means one of us is always going to have to park in the street), it has a Florida room, huge back yard with privacy fence, a stone paver patio, a dining room, fire place, renovated bathrooms, finished basement, amazing landscaping and in 2-3 weeks is going to get new counter tops, sink, flooring and appliances. Some draw backs are the garage, the fact that until we actually get to walk through it I have no idea what the kitchen looks like or will look like,and the neighborhood.

what do you guys think? I am leaning more towards the traditional one, but who knows until we see it right?

Those are our must sees. I am going to contact a real estate agent today and see if we can get this show on the road!!!

Thanks for being my sounding board ladies!!!!! Have a happy hump day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I am pre-qual wha?????

Remember not to long ago the post about Home sweet rental?

Well Hubs and I started talking seriously about the possibilities of home ownership.

To my surprise husband was open about it and on board with what I had to say. So we decided that we would just "see" if we could get pre-approved for a home loan. We decided to take the out come in stride, meaning if it was YES then we knew we were in pretty good shape, and if it was NO we would then talk to the bank and see how we could better prepare.

I stared the paper work and turned it in....

the verdict....


We are so excited! When I called husband to tell him he couldn't believe it. Not that we didn't think we would get approved, but we didn't want to get our hopes up just in case.

Now the hunt is on for a real eststate agent.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shut up Katy Perry

So for about a week now, the weirdest thing as been happening to me.

Husband will leave for work, and kiss me goodbye (awww), and I wake up to kiss him back so isn't all creepy to be kissing someone unconscience and 2. to remember that he did kiss me good bye. I am not going to say that there may have been one or two instances where I got all mean and short with him because I thought he didn't kiss me and he really did and I had just forgotten about it.... anyway.

This past week when I wake up, smooch and then try to fall back asleep a song will get stuck in my head. For that brief 10 seconds that I am coherent is enough for my brain to shuffle ipod style to the most random song and then I can't make my brain shut the heck up.... it has been very annoying getting "Teenage dream" out of my head at 5:15 am.

This is husbands last weekend off of for awhile and I soooooo sad. I hate that his work schedule is so off the wall, I have been so spoiled this past month always having him home with me. Oh well. Such is life right?

I am have been so boring lately so I feel like I don't have much to talk about. I literally have been getting up, going to work, going home and going to bed. With some tv watching thrown in there of course.

Here's to hoping life gets a little more interesting!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My name is Mrs. G and I am addicted to tv.

I was sitting at home last night with husband and we were riffling through our DVR when I kept saying "Oh that was a new one we have to watch it." Being as husband is physically and mentally exhausted from doing inventory at work this week, he didn't fight me. This charade started at about 5:30pm.

It wasn't until about 8:00 that husband finally, at his wits end, said "I AM NOT WATCHING ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR SHOWS!!!! GIVE ME THE REMOTE!" This outburst started a debate about how much tv we actually watch. Husband claimed that I dominate the remote and DVR. I scoffed at the accusation. Husband made me name off the shows I watch/record on the DVR:
Grey's Anatomy
True Blood
America's next top model
The Rachel Zoe Project
Project Runway
Teen Mom
Khole and Kourtney take Miami
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Big Love
Army Wives
Four Weddings
16 and pregnant
Real House Wives of Atlanta
Real House Wives of New Jersey
The Office
Family Guy

I am ashamed. I didn't believe Husband when he named off his 4 shows, but when I looked at our DVR I was stunned.

He only has 4 shows he watches.

And 2 of those I watch with him, granted he watches some of mine with me. But still.

Hello, My name is Mrs. G and I am addicted to tv.

Maybe I can be on intervention.... ha!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A hot mess

Have you ever been in a state of hot mess-ness and not really give a hoot?

That is where I am right now, and have been for about 4 months... ok I lied... since winter. I just don't care.

I don't care that I wear jeans every day.
I don't care that I wear my hair in a ponytail 10 out of 10 times.
I don't care that I haven't worn make up (not for a special occasion) since.... well since, OMG I can't remember the last time I wore make up, just out of the blue.

I have not cared for so long that on our anniversary when I did do my hair, shaved my legs, wore a dress and put make up on that my husband was almost caught off guard.

I have not cared in so long, that I am actually starting to care again and the state of me today is just sad... I am wearing my crocs (nothing against them), the ones I bought for culinary school and swore I would only wear again when the need for slip resistant footwear is needed.

Does anybody else get this way too?

hmmm I sense the breezes of change....

(how's that for a clif hanger)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

home sweet rental?

We are coming up to the end of our lease.

Which means one of two things might happen:

1. They beg us to stay and they offer up freebies or incentives to stay. Which hubs and I are down for.


2. They raise our rent.

This is leaving hubs and I at a possible cross roads. What happens if they raise our rent? Do we stay or move? Do we really want to move in to another apartment?

Hubs and I have been trying to brace ourselves for both scenarios. Obviously we would like scenario numero uno but lets face it number 2 is probably more likely. We don't want to move again but then again we don't want to be paying over $800.00 for a 2 bedroom town house. Hubs has caught the home owner bug ever since we helped my brother and SIL move in to their first house. So I brought up that possibility, seeing as if we had our way our next move would be to something more permanent. I started looking just to see what was out there and even in this market it isn't much. Ok, let me rephrase that, there is a TON of houses out there but because of where I live you don't get a lot of house for your money. Ideally we would want our house payment to be below or equal to what we are paying now in rent and although it is do able it is just so scary to think about.

We have checked our credit and found out what we would be able to afford and honestly this is with in our spectrum. I mean it could happen. But I think for hubs it is the final nail in the coffin that is staying in the cold and frigid north. He has been itching to get back down south and I don't blame him. He is working at a job he hates, my family is crazy and manipulative of me, and it is cold here more than it is warm. But for some reason it just isn't working out, we both have put ourselves out there and to no avail.

He wants to have hope and that is fine, but I don't want to be moving every time our rent goes up hoping that maybe this month will be the month we get the call to pack our bags. I already did that, that is how I spent the first 7 years of my life, always moving. I want roots, big thick roots that you trip over. If we were to do this we would have to be here for long time, like 10+ years long time.... and I don't know if he is ready for that.

Last night though, just for an adventure we went and looked at a house that I have been eyeing for a while now.

We like the neighborhood seeing as it is only 6 years old. This is one of the first houses to be built and as you can see it has been updated. It is fun to look, to imagine where the Christmas tree would go, your door bell ringing at halloween time and being greeted my ghosts and goblins, the smell of burgers on the grill and the American flag catching a breeze on the 4th of July.
We will see what happens in the next few weeks. I am not saying we are buying a house, but a girl can dream.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what does it mean?


I have been having some really really strange dreams. So strange mind you that I am too afraid to look them up of try to delve in to their meaning.

In the past 2 weeks these are some of the doosies I have had:

1. My company had been sold to doll company and we hadn't been told. We walked in to our office to find that our desks had been taken over by the doll company employees and all of our personal effects were in a box under the desk. So we are all like are we fired? they said no, that our new offices were over by the conference room and y'all they were long tables with 5 or so computers on them we are pissed because we have no personal space. We all sit down and notice a bunch of little girls in the conference room and we are like is this a day care now too? No, these are your supervisors... SAY WHAT!?!?! Of course I get the stuck up one that is covered in glitter and looks like a princess. I call my husband and tell him what has happened and that I have to quit. He tells me to do what is best, so I am about to quite when a tiger striped ferret attacks another animal, as people are gathering around I shove my way up to the front and see a bloodied mess so what do I do? I throw my scarf on top of the fighting creatures and then yell at the fact they are getting it bloody. People just start to walk away and I am screaming YOU ARE GETTING BLOOD ALL OVER MY SCARF!?!??!!? Then they chaos stops and I pick up tiger stripped ferret and I can tell that he isn't mine and that I don't really like him. Well Some how I end up on the beach and it is right as there is a tornado coming and the sirens are going off, everyone is running up the dunes to what looks like houses but in fact are just garages. I start running with my tiger stripped ferret and I feel like I am missing something. My Husband is yelling for me to run faster and I pick up the pace but still feel this pull of sadness. I am about to get in to the garage when I look over my shoulder and see the tornado, and this little gray fur running after me. I don't know why but I feel this incredible sense of joy and turn around and start to run for her. It is like a phantom limb I just know her and need her with me. My husband is yelling after me and I scoop her up and run back. The Tornado is right on top of us and we can't get the door shut so we huddle in the middle of the floor and put the gray ferret in a hold right below me for safe keeping. The storm passes and we are all ok, ferret and all.
According to dream dictionary:
Ferrets: distrust or suspicion or a pun on searching
Blood: Represents life, love and passion.
Scarf: Self- restrictions
Tornado: over whelmed and out of control

2. I was at my grandma's house before work really early in the morning, the kind of early that the day is barely break through the night. I am there and she isn't and I am about to leave and I see a fed ex plane crash. I scream and start running, I know it landed somewhere behind her house and I can see the pillar of smoke. I run to a pond, and there is no smoldering wreckage once I am there, most of the plane hit the pond. I notice there are tons and tons of fed ex boxes every where and people are starting to come out of the wood work to see what the commotion was. We all start scanning the wreckage looking for the pilot but no one can be found. I notice the hand full of people starting to get louder and louder and turn to see them rummaging through the boxes and taking whatever they please. It finally hits me how far I have run and how effing cold it is out. So, I start rummaging as well to see if I can find something to layer. I get tons of jewelery, nothing to flashy, a yellow scarf, winter hat, sweaters, and some promo tee shirts from a earth friendly company. I start on my way back to my gmas and finally hear the sirens for the police and fire crew. Once back at her house I jump in to my red Honda fit ( not my car) and start to head to work (3 hours late) I have to make a stop at my Friend Erin's house to show her my car for some reason. At this point I call my boss frantic and tell him that I am on my way and he is so mad that I am late. I scream at him and say "DID YOU NOT HEAR ABOUT A PLANE CRASH? I WAS TOTALLY THERE SO BACK OFF!" I am traveling and I have to cross this bridge and I there are only 2 small metal rails and if you fall you fall. I am petrified but I have to get to work. I think to myself Oh my car is small enough I can do this, and some how I make it across and get to work. Nervous about all my FedEx loot in the back of my car.
According to Dream Dictionary:
Plane crash: You have set unrealistic goals for yourself
Cold: You are experiencing a breakthrough in some area in your life
Rummage/Search: you are searching for something in your life
Late: your dear of change and your ambivalence about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unworthy or unsupported
Bridge: crossing a bridge signifies an important decision or critical junction in your life. This decision will prove to be positive.
So there is a little break down of my dreams. It is so strange to see how eerily on these have been...

and here is cute picture of a ferret.