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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

it's ours

5823 Shortbridge lane

The first thing that Matthew and I have gone in to together and it is ours.... we have the keys!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Damn winter weather.

Matthew was supposed to come today, but he moved out of his apartment in Mobile and it took longer than expected so we decided that he should come tomorrow. Well The glorious storm that is extending from Ohio to Kentucky and even to Tennessee is going to rain ice down in every Major city he drives through. So he is going to get up in the morning, like he is coming and then he is going to see how pissed off mother nature was and if he can come up.

In better news, Jennie from Bridgestone Apartments called and said that we are good to go with an apartment. Which is funny because she called a few months ago and said the same thing and I called back and left her a message and said that I wasn't interested anymore. Lucky for Matthew and I she didn't get that message. I called Matthew and told him that they are still holding an apartment for us/him and that I didn't care that it was in my name because I would be moving in anyway..... eventually.

I told him that I think that it would a good idea for him to think about it, because he isn't going in to this totally blind because he has seen the apartments and he knows the rent and such. He still wants to talk to Jennie which is fine but from day one of knowing he was the one making the move I wanted to make this as non stressful as possible and I told him that I think if the apartment is taken care of he can focus on job hunting.... he still wants to look.

I guess I am not in the MAN mind frame. I don't know why it bothers me so much, I guess I should let him find an apartment for him but I have to live there too, so don't I get a say? hmmm... it is a sticky situation. I see it as, it is close to my mom's so when we aren't living together I don't have to travel more than I have too. I didn't think my traveling from work to school to home would drain me but it does. It has a bathroom for each of us, and lets face it, it is really for the best, I am not a morning person in any sense of the term and I would be lying if I said that it wouldn't bother me to have to share a bathroom at 6am with a boy. I think it makes more sense, and his mom agrees that it is for the right price. I guess it is a guy thing, he wanted to find the apartment, and be a mans man. I wish he would just see.

Well with the weather the way it is/going to be, he may just have to take it the apartment because he may not be able to get up here to apartment hunt. We shall see how this unfolds.....

until next time.

love to all,

a future Mrs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


My brother called me yesterday and he said that he and my sister-in-law were coming in to town and wanted to grab lunch.

Mom and I running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get the house ready for Matthew. So I leave for lunch and have a really nice time and Nick says that he wants to just "hang out". This is something my brother and I don't do with out a reason such as a holiday,this is the point of our day that I get suspicious.

So we run around and then on the way home I notice my MOH's car in our drive way, hmmmmmm... interesting. Julie asks me if there are things I want to show her and I say yes. So we go in and MY BRIDESMAIDS ARE ALL WAITING INSIDE!!!!

My mom got me, she surprised me and got all (well all but one, she had car trouble) my bridesmaids together and decorated the house with my colors and, it was just so incredibly cute. All of the bridesmaids like the dress I picked for them, which makes me feel alooooooot better. They loved my dress too, I can't wait until I get skinny enough to order it, I am shooting to be at my (realistic) goal weight by end of March early April. So keep your fingers crossed.

I said that I would post pics so here they are:

there it is!!!! in all its beautiful-ness. Ok well on that note, I will leave you.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


So Crystal started blogging about her new life as a married woman and just about life in general, so I thought it was a great Idea.

I got engaged on December 6,2008 to my boyfriend of 5 years Matthew Gnann. He is a recent graduate of University of South Alabama. He will be moving up to Ohio the second week in January but I am not excited or anything... yeah right!!! A five year long distance relationship is pretty hard.

Wedding plans are in full swing but nothing is set in stone yet, except for the date 9-6-09. A day that I have been looking forward too for a long time. Matthew and I have been through so much, growing up states apart, a messy break up and rebuilding all with cell phones and the internet. So taking this next step means a lot to the both of us, a very new big chapter.

I have a lot of the wedding pictured, where I want it, how I want it, but it is scary. I can say that I am scared for 2 reasons.

Reason number 1: Loosing the us and it becoming more about a single day in the calendar year:

I have had this vision in my head for so long ( yes I am one of those girls that got a Knot account within the first year of dating) I am worried that I am going to be blinded by the crystals, taffeta,centerpieces, bouquets, that I will loose us. I know I want to be with him for the rest of my life I am just worried it will be more about the day then us. It is easy to get lost in everything.

reason number 2 of why I am scared: I hate being the center of attention.

I am absolutely, completely,and utterly petrified to think of all those eyes on me, his eyes on me. I guess I never thought of myself as a princess and I was hoping that maybe I could fall under that mentality when I got engaged, but I haven't yet. I guess I just feel silly, like I am playing dress up or wearing a costume. It isn't me to wear a big poofy dress, all dolled up. I will feel like everyone is laughing at me, I am afraid I will laugh at me. If I could get married in a pair off jeans, a tee shirt and flip flops I would be sooooooo much more comfortable, more Katy, but Matthew (and I know all my bridesmaids would too) vetoed that idea a while ago.

On a brighter note I did go dress shopping today, it started out rough as I knew it would be. I think one of the reasons I feel silly is because the bridal world isn't cut out for bigger girls. You are supposed to feel like a princess but you have to order 2 sizes bigger than what you wear. So there I am standing in a dressing room with a dress that won't go over my size DD chest because the lady has me trying to get in to a size 4. Nothing Against Alan Ray bridal but the lady was clueless, I would say I didn't like chiffon so she would bring me 2 chiffon dresses that was an hour and a half of let down. God love Crystal (MOH) and Jen, They kept me sane.

So I went to Davids bridal and tried on some dresses and I could feel that I was getting closer to "THE" dress.

Crystal says she went to this shop when she was getting married that carried more sizes geared to my size of woman. So we get direction and hit the road.

We pull in and she says "Oh My Goodness, this is totally not the place I came too." so I start to get nervous because The wedding plantation is literally an old house with garage filled with dresses. "lets just go look around" Crystal says, and Mom and Jen agree. So we go in to a illy lit room with pictures of brides from the 1980's, and I am thinking, 'was that the last time a bride bought a gown from here?' Well we walk in to the bridal section and I see this dress, one of the lights shinning right on it. I walk right to it, it is a size 10, "Humpf" and I walk away. We look around and Crystal and Jen start pulling dresses and this dress keeps catching my eye. I go back to it and look at it again, more closely and can't believe it is in this garage. The Girls and mom notice that i am not listing to them and want to see what I have found and they like so I decide, 'ok I have been trying dresses on all day that are too small one more isn't going to hurt'.

Jen and I go in to the dressing room and start the smushing, cramming and sucking in process and I am almost afraid to look. " wow" Jen says, so I bring my attention to the mirror and I see "THE" Dress. Mom and Crystal come in and "wow". It was my dress. I found it by mistake in a garage. So we veiled me up and my mom teared up and I knew that it was right. This was the dress that I will marry Matthew in.

The funny thing, it is a complete princess dress, it is poofy, crystal embellished, a ball gown with buttons and more crystals down the back.

I have pictures, and I will post later.

Love to all.

From a future Mrs.