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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I lied...

Ok, Ok, Ok I know that I said I found "The" dress and I even posted pictures. I looked at those pictures a lot and yes I could not deny that the dress was beautiful but the more and more I looked at it i was thinking I don't think this is me. I was all swept up in the OMG I am getting married, that I saw the most beautiful princess dress and wanted it, the whole princess thing, big dress, tiara, all blinged out.

My wedding is slowly coming together and all this time I was saying " I still don't know about the dress." I was talking to some of my girls about it and I would say " I am having a garden wedding and I wanted it to be more country club casual not black tie." Everyone would say, if the dress is "the dress" it doesn't matter. I was getting frustrated because I didn't fee like people were understanding me. Then I thought about what I was saying and then it clicked. It isn't my wedding I should be worried about, which is what the girls were saying but what I was trying to say is. I am a casual person. I have always said that I didn't want a princess dress, I didn't want big, poofy with bling. So then the hunt began.

I finally decided that it was true, I had gotten caught up in the moment, and there was a dress that I have liked for about 2 years and I knew that if I didn't see this dress I really couldn't call my search for the one complete. So then the came the calling, store after store, between my mom and I think we called 12 stores. Then one store had it, in a size 8, not much I can do with that but at least I can see it. I made the appointment and we were on our way to Cincinnati, Ohio.

So we arrive at Kotsovos and I run through the process of looking through dresses and picking through the racks to find some to try on. They said that they had the dress picked and in the back so I try some on and the last one on the hanger is the dress. I look at it and smile, I get it out of the bag and there it stands, the dress I have been looking at for 2 years. It is gorgeous, even more so than the pic on the internet. I can't get the smile off my face but decided to go to Bridal and Formal and look around, we get there and the only word to describe it is OVERWHELMING!!!! There were so many brides, and the brides posse. It was hard to move in and out of the jam packed aisles but my mom, my girls and I were picking dresses out and what do I find. The same dress, which I had called earlier on and they said they didn't have it.

I grab it immediately and run it to my designated number and wait until I am called. After walking around for awhile they call me and we go back. It was the last dress I tried on, I was kind of avoiding it, afraid I wouldn't like it because it was a size 14 and I am not. So the time comes. Crystal and Julie go and get the dress and bing it in, they slip it on me and it actually fits. I mean not fits, fits but I can still get an idea of what it will look like and I just smile. I have the biggest smile on my face and I am happy. I can see this dress hanging on the hanger on my wedding day, I can see me walking down the aisle and looking good and just plain being happy.

So I put the down payment on it and it should be here earliest May Latest July.

Here it is!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

check it out

Met with the photographer today

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a week later....

Last Friday the love of my life made the 9 1/2 hour drive to become an Ohioan and boy did Ohio give him a welcome. I will say that I never recommend moving in freezing rain, really don't try it.
We got everything in and we started nesting, got everything put away in its place.

It is hard to leave him during the day because I am in the mind set that our time is limited, that I am going to regret every moment that I am not with him (I know it sounds stalker-ish). It is a hard routine to break, when you have been doing it for 5 years.

I think that it is getting easier for Matt to be here. His dad was not taking this move well and instead of being upset but understanding, he was just plain rude and mean to him. Leaving on that note and with his Grandma being in the hospital I think he felt guilty for wanting to leave and for the actual act of leaving. He said that it is weird to think that I am a 5 min drive away, and I agree. It is hard to wrap your head around it when you have been wanting it for so long. It is one of those feelings of, "Ok, now what do I do?"

We are very much settling in to an everyday, I am not saying that everyday spent with your love shouldn't be special. But when you only get a few days here and there you tend to always make it romantic, special whatever you want to call it. I like the everyday, that will just make the special more special and the romantic more romantic.

I have pictures of Matt playing with Dot out in the snow, I will post later.

Wedding update.

Picked a florist
Have the name of a Pastor
Have consult with Photographer next week
Scheduled a consult with Make up artist
Signed with the ceremony and reception venue

still to do this month:
Engagement pics
Save the dates
Look for a DJ

All and all I will have to say that I feel like I am getting married in 9 months.

it is late and I am sleepy so pics soon and hopefully more good news.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So here we go, 2009 is here and I am ready for it....

The first day of a new year always brings excitement, resolutions and a sense of starting fresh.

This will be a big year for me and it will really kick off next weekend, with the moving up here of Matthew, it is weird to think we have an apartment sitting over there and soon he will reside there. It as been a long (but good) 5 years but being apart the whole time does bring some worry to the table. As I explain it to every one that asks the question " are you nervous"?, the answer is yes but it is an excited nervous...

I am excited because of the obvious, we are finally going to be together in a normal relationship. I get to wake up next to him every morning, and kiss him goodbye before I leave for work, and fall asleep in his arms every night. We get to fall in to a routine, have date nights, hang out with friends.

The nervousness, I explain it as, in the movie "Elizabethtown" when they meet up again after talking on the phone for that long time and they look at each other and say " We peaked on the phone", what if this only works they way we have been doing things for 5 years. In the way the phone is easier because you can just hang up. Matthew and I do fight, but it is easier for me on the phone because one, he isn't here so I don't actually have him here staring me in the face, I am not good with confrontation so him not being here makes so I don't get overwhelmed and I can get my point across. I have gotten a lot better, a thicker skin but we have never fought face to face before.

The level of excitement when he is here, when we see one another for the first time in months that there isn't time to fight, I feel like we just got together and that new love smell is still all over us ( this is meant to be like a new car smell, not dirty). I know when he moves here the shinny-ness of him living here is going to be huge and take awhile to dull but what happens when it does? When it is an everyday thing, when we are always together, in each others space? That is what I am worried about.

So we shall see what this new chapter has in store..

Love to all.

A soon to be Mrs.