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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

3 Month Letter

Hello Junebug,

You rang in your 3 month-iversary below the Mason Dixon line surrounded by friends and family.

First lets start off with the stats, at

 last official weigh in you were 9 lbs 14 oz. A quick trip to the doctor before our trip for a little viral infection 2 weeks later showed you were pushing 10 lbs.

You rolled over once, on a bed, with me on it. Ok so it was like rolling down a hill but you still got yourself on your side so I say it counts.

You have discovered your feet and are so impressed with yourself when you are looking down and you catch them moving.

The best development thus far is the fact that you are actually smiling as a response and not just spontaneously, also you chatter a lot more.

You have started to flirt with sleeping through the night, I think we have had 5 full nights of sleep this month and all the other times it was just one wake up. YAY! For everyone being more rested.

I will say you still hate going to bed and will fight it tooth and nail. Your napping is still horrid and you decide screaming until you turn purple is a better alternative to sleep, this logic baffles me.

We went on a trip to see Oma and Opa in South Carolina and you loved it! You loved to just sit outside in a diaper and take in the breeze off of the marsh. Your first trip to the beach wasn't awesome but in your defense we did wake you up so we aren't going to write it off yet.

You were Baptized and against all odds, slept through the whole thing. It was truly a miracle.

Little girl, I love you more and more everyday and when I get you to smile or coo I melt on the inside. Those big brown eyes have a hold of my heart little one and I can't wait to see how you have changed next month.

Lip Smackers my love.


I blew out my V three months ago

And lived to tell the tale.


 Since I didn't get to finish my belly shots because Sarah had other plans, here is what life and body are like 3 months post partum:

How big was baby at birth? 5 lbs 8 oz was 18.5 inches long

How big is baby now? 9lbs 4 ounces 20.5 inches long 

Total pregnancy weight gain: My final weigh in was at 236 or something. Which was down 11lbs pre-pregnancy. 

Weight Loss Since Delivery: Last weigh in was 215, so 21 lbs down since birth but 32 lbs over all 

Symptoms/How I'm Feeling: better now. For the first 6 weeks after my labor I had back pain from the epi and of course soreness from delivery itself. I was slightly anemic afterwards and would tire easily but the most annoying was the ringing in my ears, that lasted about 4 weeks.  

Stretch Marks Status: I actually made it out unscathed! The stretch marks I thought were forming never really materialized. But LAWWWWWWD are things saggy. I think it is from the combination of loosing so much weight and things being stretched out. The most surprising area, me inner thighs... who knew! 

What I miss about being pregnant: I miss the belly, I loved rubbing it and just feeling big and pregnant. I have a feeling if I were to have been asked this question towards the end of my pregnancy my answer would have been nothing....

Baby's Disposition: She is over dramatic like me, and knows what she wants, when she wants it and it has to be her idea..... like me. Our predictions were correct, she has Husbands looks but my personality... lord help us.

Mama's Sleep: Better, but after she wakes up for her nighttime feeding I have trouble going back to sleep. 

Baby's Sleep: Hard to explain. She doesn't nap, she will take 30 min power naps which will hold her over for a while but when 7:00 hits she is the biggest fussy pants. She is tired but fights sleep tooth and nail, so we start her bedtime routine around 8 and she usually out by 9:30, after a bottle and a 45 min of crying. We will hold her while she gets her bottle and we try to burp her and then she goes in to her bassinet. That's when the crying starts, we check on her and she will eventually wear her self out. Its stressful but the pay off is she sleeping through the night. 

I am loving: being able to eat like a normal person, being thinner than I was pre-baby, and diet coke. 

I am spazzing about: Wondering if her daycare is the right place for her. Some stuff happened the week we left for her baptism that I should have addressed then but didn't. Mom fail. 

I am looking forward to: Family pics next month and starting cereal

Belly Picture: 

Dot woes

We all remember dot right? The adorable, fun loving, sassy basset hound?

Ok, well Dot isn't so adorable and fun loving anymore.

The adorable part... maybe.

Before Sarah came in to the world we tried to prepare the dogs as much as possible. We tried to teach them down and quiet, played crying baby tracks when it was quiet and even carried stuff in our arms so they got used to us not being "theirs" 24/7.

I wasn't worried about the puppies in all honesty, yes the training was difficult and some days you would swear they had amnesia and forgot EVERYTHING, but they are young and I figured they would bounce back from this life changing event mostly unscathed.

Dot on the other hand, I knew her adjustment was going to go one of two ways, she would either not give a hoot or spiral out of control.

Can we guess which happened?

Do you think I would be writing a blog post if she didn't give a hoot?

It started when we came home, when my mom and husband  made their way to and from the hospital I made sure they took the blanket Sarah had been wrapped in and let the dogs smell it. That's what all the books said to do. Check!

Then when we got home we introduced her to the big dogs, one by one. Dot ran up the stairs and came right to me and wanted belly rubs, then she heard it.

a whimper of something new.

She sniffed around and hopped up on the bed and I could tell she was anxious. Not in an aggressive way, just in a "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" way. She sniffed her and when Sarah began to cry Dot hunched away with her tail in between her legs.

We tested sleeping in our room that night, with the baby and the dogs. Cooper was terrified of the new human and the pack and play and was shaking the bed violently with his panting, while Dot could't get comfortable and every time the baby made a noise the dogs where right there to investigate. Looking back we probably shouldn't have discouraged this behavior but ce la vie. It was a hard first night home and at about 2 am I had had enough of the dogs walking all over me and we put them in the living room. Dot barked the whole night, to this day it still breaks my heart thinking about that night.

Her behavior started to decline further, she isn't as affectionate as she was, she doesn't like to sit with me or by me, she hates being upstairs and the biggest aggravation, she has started messing in the house.

We thought it was us, being all consumed with the baby, but when we started to really pay attention we found she will go outside and play and come in and immediately mess in the dining room and then try to go back outside to play.

We are at our wits end.

We have punished bad behavior, rewarded good, tried to single out one on one time with her and nothing is working.

She hasn't had it easy these past few years, what with moving, that addition of  Cooper and then the pups. I just don't think she had another life changing event in her to cope with and she is saying "F&*% YOU MOM AND DAD!"  The worst is that the pups are picking up on this behavior and are starting to join in, they have destroyed our new couch and tore up some of Sarah's clothes.

We are starting to boil over and have even discussed getting rid of all the dogs, but we know we can't do that, we just day dream of being a dog free home.

We aren't sure where to go from here, one more pup is going to their forever home in a couple weeks and then we are down to one. We keep telling ourselves that 4 is easier than 5 just like 5 was easier than 6.

I just feel like I let my first born fur baby down, oh the guilt of being a fur momma and a real momma.