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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

waking up to smoke alarms

On Saturday my Husband rolled over and sweetly started to snuggle me and asked

Hubs " Do you want me to make waffles for breakfast?"

Me "I would love waffles for breakfast"

Hubs "do you want bacon to go with it?"

Me " I would love some bacon."

Husband proceeds to get up

Me " I am going to snooze for a little while longer, I will come down in a few."

Hubs "Ok"

Hubs gives me a peck, morning breath and all.

At this point I was in a euphoric state. I laid in bed thinking how awesome it was to have a hubs that would make me breakfast before he had to go to work. I snuggled back down in to the bed and right as I was drifting off, I was snapped back in to reality by the smoke alarms going off. I say to myself "that it was nice while it lasted" and head down stairs to see what is going on. I yell from the stairs "What did you do?" to which he gives me "Nothing...." I finally hit the bottom of the stairs and it is so smokey in my house that honestly it is kind of hard to see him. As I walk more towards the kitchen and I don't see the culprit. Inquiring minds want to know .

This is how the conversation went

Me:"did you burn the bacon?"


Me:"the waffles then?"


M:"then what set off the alarms?"

H:"The oil"

M:"the oil? What oil?"

H:"The oil for the bacon."

M:"wait, what?" I am utterly confused at this point

H:" I had oil in the skillet for the bacon?"

Hubs had but vegetable oil in the skillet to to fry the bacon in, continuing my inquiry

M: "Did you have it on 8?"

H: "No"

M" What the- you had it on high?!"

My husband starts to giggle and I proceed to smack him on the arm stating that that is how fires start. I clean the skillet, cause homie really wanted bacon at this point and he says he is "learning by watching" me cook the bacon.


the waffles are done! Yay! Sweet, fluffy, crunchy, soon to be smothered in butter and syrupy-goodness in my belly waffles. I should have lost hope when hubs struggled to get the lid up, but me I like to keep faith. When he finally got the lid open this is what I saw....

To say that my soul shattered wouldn't be to much of an exaggeration. I started on a tangent to the tune of Ralphie in a Christmas Story about the turkey. Ladies, this batter was concreted to the waffle maker. He forgot to do one key step in the waffle making process, spay the waffle maker with Pam. He left for the store to get more waffle mix and asked me to start cleaning the waffle maker off. Y'all I couldn't just peel it off that would be too easy, I had to take a metal spatula (I tried a plastic one first but it was couldn't cut through it) and had to scrape it off, like ice in the middle of winter. I finally gave up and let hubs finish the job. After we had the waffle maker cleaned we both looked at each other and decided the bacon was enough. That's right we had bacon for breakfast, well I had bacon and a bomb pop.

The breakfast of champions


  1. Poor guy...atleast he

  2. Ahhhh... nothing like smoke alarms to bring you together in the morning. He did try. And that's what counts... right?