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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sore Subject.

When we went down to Alabama for Christmas, it was offered for us to bring our dog down. From the get go we were uneasy about it because our dog hasn't been around a lot of dogs, I mean she is ok with one but the total canine count at Christmas was going to be 3.

We decided to go ahead and take her because in all actuality it would be easier for my mom to not have to commute out of her way 3 times a day.

The first couple of  days were ok, the dogs were getting along, there was some awkwardness as to who the heck these other dogs were. Then it happened. One night my  FIL got a treat out of a box and Dot, use to being the only child, walked right on up to get it.

The sound she made was horrible, I have never heard her cry and yelp like that before. Now I know it was mostly fear and only a little bit of pain, but in that second you would have thought my dog was being ripped to shreds.The attacker Gus, was always the low key dog, but he went after her growling and snarling.

I have never moved so fast in my life, in the blink of an eye I scooped up Dot, ran her to our bedroom so i could see the damage. She had a little nip on her ear, but she wouldn't stop shaking, like I said I think she was more scared. Hubs came in to the room a few moments later to see me in a heaping bawling mess, feeling every inch of her body to make sure nothing was wrong. We called it a night and for the rest of the trip I was on edge. To say the least after 3 days of always being prepared to move quick, when we climbed in to the car the morning we left, I literally felt this weight being lifted.

The night that it happened we talked about how when his parents came up we didn't want them to bring the dogs and that we wouldn't bring Dot back down. It was just to much, to much stress and to much worry to enjoy the trip. And other reasons, like we have a much smaller house than they do, our yard is smaller too.

Fast Forward to Sunday Night.

I walk in the door from taking my mom home and I sit down on the couch getting ready to tune in to Arny Wives when Hubs tells me he talked to his Mom.

I needed him to talk to her about what she can and cannot eat with her hernia. So he talks about what she said and then says
"And there is something else, don't be mad."

I know now, even from the short time I have been married, when he says don't be mad, I am going to be mad.

"Mom and Dad and bringing the dogs."

Yeah I was mad.

He said that it wasn't fair for us to take our dog down there and them not be allowed to bring there dogs here.

I said that was bull crap and he knows it. First of all they offered for us to bring our ONE dog down, and after we did we agreed to never do so again.

I guess he told them that if anything happened like last time they would have to be crated the rest of the time they were here. Thinking that would make it better I guess.

He wanted to know why I was so angry, so I did what I do and made a list:
1. We talked about it and agreed that if they visited we didn't want them to bring their dogs, just like we weren't going to take Dot with us again.
2.He didn't discuss it with me, he spoke for me.
3. Even though he made is parents agree to not bring any treats, bones or toys I am worried that their dogs are going to be on edge because they are in a new place, which will mean possible food aggression.
4. If one of their dogs goes after mine, I am got going to be nice about it. I held my tounge while I was in their home and slapped a smile on my face and acted like it didn't happen. But really I was boiling when they said
"Dogs will be dogs." Nu huh, not it my house, if I have to beat off their dog to defend mine its on. It isn't fair to Dot to get attacked in her own home.
5. I told Husband if one of the dogs, goes after Dot I better not see it the rest of the trip.

is it hasty to say these words. Yes.

I think this anger is coming from the fact that we made a decision as to what was best for us and he didn't stand up for it. I know they didn't declare they were bringing their dogs, they asked and he said yes, which goes to back to he spoke for me not to me about it.

I even told him I was looking forward to non stressful trip with his family, I mean in all actuality I enjoy them. But put pressure on the situation and it gets messy.

Now, I am already looking forward to them leaving and they aren't even here yet.

I hope that I am pleasantly surprised.


Surprised I am!

Husband got a call from MIL and she informed him that they won't be bringing the dogs!!!!!

They found someone to watch them.



  1. I'd be peeved about that too! Good luck!

  2. I'd be mad too especially since you just went through the last situation!