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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

I am on a BOAT!

Matt and I have been pondering for a while what, if anything, we were going to do for our honeymoon. We knew we really wanted to try for some place warm, and to make up a word "beachy". With Matt's love of Scuba diving and mine of laying out sipping some fruity concoction with a over sized umbrella, we thought it was the best fit.

We first looked in to the "dream", you know Fiji, Tahiti and well lets face it out of our price range. So we scaled it down to maybe Key West, FL. To our dismay still very, very expensive. We began to see our tropical oasis fade in to the sunset. We racked our brains and decided to save some green we would go to the Biltmore hotel in NC for 3 days and then go to MaMa's Lake house for the remainder of the week. Thinking we were geniuses we priced everything out and still were a little bummed with how much a 3 days of pampering and luxury would cost us.

After we had come to grips with no isle in the sun getaway, we started to tell people our plans to a lot of "No scuba diving?" On a raining Saturday morning, me being a lazy and it being so gloomy outside, was still in bed and planned on staying there most of the morning. Until that is Matt and his sidekick Dot come busting through the door and I am awoken by an eager basset hound standing on my head. I notice Matt is just as excited to wake me up. Groggy and a little irritated, my eyes finally focus on Matt's face and know something is up. He tells me "we have to talk." Whoa! you don't wake someone up with that kind of statement. Now very awake and aware I say " what about?" He tells me that he has got an email from Carnival Cruises listing some specials they have coming up.

A cruise, who would have thought? I mean we didn't. This is something we both have never done before which is something that really appealed to us. So we started tinkering a bit looking at dates and itineraries. We really liked the West Caribbean option, it goes to one place Matt has been an knows he can dive at and some places he has always wanted to go. Give me sun and sand, I am not that picky. We thought this could actually work, so we started to yet again crunch numbers and come to find that a 7 day cruise is cheaper than 3 nights at the Biltmore. Needless to say we did a happy dance which is now labeled as "Katy's Cruise Dance" or if you want to be cool "KCD". As I was in the middle of my cruise dance Matt stops celebrating with me and a look of worry comes across his face. Now to get to the hard part, Talk to his parents about it. They said they would give us money towards the honey moon the question that was the elephant in the room was how much.

Trying to find the right time to ask for money for your honey moon is a skill, and Matt has it. When he made the pitch to his Dad, His dad was on board 100%, which took Matt and myself for a surprise. After we finally got all the quotes, compared lines and destinations, got the OK from Mom and Dad, He booked our Honey moon today. We will Leave October 4th and sail away in to the sunset on carnival cruise ship. The bummer part is that he had to book me as Katy Hunter because that is what is on my Passport. I am going to try to remedy that situation and see how long it would take to change my name on my passport. I gotta get used to the weird last name sometime, why not on my honeymoon?

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  1. thats totally what jake and i are looking into! he's al about it and told me that its worth it (evidently shaina's graduation present/their family trip was to go on a cab. cruise) i'm so excited for you!