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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to school

Husband is sort of a lost soul, and what I am about to say makes me sound like a bitch but it is the truth and we have talked about it and he agrees, he isn't really good at anything.

Meaning nothing really stood out for him to do, like his dad knew he wanted to be a doctor and his mother a teacher. How his brother is a freak of nature and by husband's age had already made a name for himself in his career field with the pay check to prove it. He didn't fall in to anything and nothing grabbed his attention while studying.

When he first entered college he wanted to be a marine biologist which was fine but he had this idea in his head that he would be in a boat somewhere in the Caribbean scuba diving for samples, which could of happened but the reality of it was he probably going to be stuck in the bowels of a boat in the middle of the arctic looking at specimens or worst case not even on a boat at all (husband loves boats).

He does have on passion, scuba diving, but seeing as we are not near an ocean and he was advised from a shop owner who's business went over to not do it he was left at square one.

We are kindered spirits in this way, we both love something that can't grant us the life style we want, not that it is exuberant in any way shape or form, we want a house, some kids and the option to vacation once a year (reasonable vacations, trip to the mountain house, to Savannah, a cruise, camping). 

Not knowing what to do, he got his degree in business and thought that once he got out in to the "real" world he could find a niche and get his masters.

Well, he found out real quick that the "real" world sucks ass. He did become gainfully employed but to say his degree was under utilized is again an understatement. So here he is three years later, still no direction and a building animosity towards his job and the many he has applied for and been passed over for.

When he found out he didn't get the job at Enterprise my heart broke for him. It was the most excited I had seen him in years and the salary they were offering would have granted us some comfort.

I decided to bring up the school idea again, but this time with a new angle.

I could never see husband in a office behind a desk. He likes being hands on way to much, he likes change of scenery, again we are kindred spirits in this sense.

I asked if he would consider a medical tech job like rad tech, digital sonography, respiratory therapy, you know tech jobs. I told him that they are in demand and the pay is decent. He looked in to it and he did find a few that would be interesting and if I get this job at OSU we will seriously look in to it further.

I know he feels like he isn't providing for me like he should, but in all honesty I am just happy to have someone behind me, to talk to about dumb stuff, to see scary movies with and to grow with. I don't need fancy schmancy, just everyday love that has a dash of spice here and there, am I right ladies?

Hopefully when I find out about the job we can make a final decision about school.

Hopefully this will be a compass for his lost soul.

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  1. Me and the hubs are in this same boat sorta, though we don't even have's the one thing we regret.