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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Its my first link up!!!!

I decided to do a fairly easy recipe that has been pinned on my "Food, Glorious, Food" board for quite some time.

Mini Tacos

Source: via Mrs.G on Pinterest

Problems I had, which there was only one. I COULDN'T FIND WONTON WRAPPERS!!!! I was so mad! I went to two different stores which is a big for me. I hate going to multiple stores...
Anyway I found an alternitive that made these normal sized tacos but still had my Hubs raving.

This is my kitchen PRIOR to cooking dinner, I have been making bread like it is my job (6 loafs total thus far), so dishes took a back seat. Priorites people! After I got this mess cleaned up I started cooking.

The cast of characters, 1 lb ground beef, taco seasoning, your tortilla like item, in this case was a soft tortilla bowls, and shredded cheddar which didn't make the picture. I don't feel too bad about that because Jeremy Irons made it so all is right with the world.

This wasn't on the recipe list but I always have to have a diet coke while I am cooking. It is kind of like when a man grills he drinks a beer only with fewer calories.

I I heated Jeremy Irons to a medium to high heat and put about a table spoon of EVOO in the skillet to brown the meat.

Add the taco seaoning. I alway use the whole packet because we don't use taco seasoning enough to just wrap it up for "next time". Because of this mentality the taco seasoning can be a bit much, after I mix it in to the meat I will add about a 1/4 cup water and stir it some more.

it was about this time that I remembered to pre heat my oven.... Happens everytime.

because I couldn't find wonton wrappers I aimlessly wondered the aisles of walmart, got mistaken for an employee and got more offended than I should have.Not that working at walmart is a bad thing it is just it happens all the time, probably once a year, does this happen to anyone else? They were looking for bar soap in the taco aisle.  In my defence I was wearing a purple top and I was holding my purse and a bag of chips, this does not a walmart employee make. Anyway, I was about to scrap the idea and grab a pizza when I stumbled upon this little gem and thought I would give it a try.

TACOS.... ASSEEEEEEMBLE!!!!! Like Avengars but edible, which some women would say is still true about the Avengers (Hello Chris Hemsworth). I didn't measure out exactly and while filling the bowls I up I realized I should have used more than 1lb.

Action shot! And yes, for all of you wondering... I do have man hands. Same with the cheese I didn't meausre because you don't measure cheese, you just keep adding it because it is that good.

In they go! for about 10 minutes (8 for the wonton wrappers)

DO YOU SEE THE GOLDEN BROWN EDGES!?!?!?! These worked really well, they came out crispy and delisious!

I put two on my circa 1984 Corelle plate and added the toppings, more cheese, corn and black bean salsa, sour cream and onion.

Over all they turned out really well, so well infact my husband asked me to find wonton wrappers and make this for his football party next weekend.