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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

right now.

I feel as if I am in a rut.

I want to talk about progression with the surgery but I don't want to blabber on and on in case something falls through. Then I will feel like a dumbass for talking about it for so long, I guess little updates won't hurt.

I got the green light from my insurance company and I have my medical evaluation next week. This is where they basically see if I am fit for surgery and discuss which surgery is right for me. I know I want this surgery but what type is the question. Before, the thought of anything other than lapband scared the bejezzes out of me. Now that I have talked to someone that has had the procedure and is unhappy, and led me to webforum for pre and post lapband patients whom most feel the same way, I am having second thoughts. Most of the people that got the surgery less than 2 years after wanted to go back under the knife and get bypass or the sleeve done. When I talk to the surgeon the main thing that will help me choose is the baby factor, which surgery will put less strain on me and a baby in the future.

in other news...

My crafty side is EXPLODING!!!! Last night I couldn't fall to sleep because I couldn't turn my brain off thinking about what all I want to craft.

This new found creativity is a direct result from husband finally giving me the green light to turn the spare room in to a craft room. I can't go balls to the wall and do it up all girly (cause, there was talk of orange walls, with pink and white accents people) because husband doesn't want to store all his Auburn memorabilia which is fine with me as long as I can have my sewing matching set up 24/7.

Also, I need a hobby other than eating, watching tv while eating, and sleeping (while possibly eating as well, sleep eating is a thing right?). I was looking for something that could keep me busy and has an end result. I have a little list started as to what I want to try, most of it being seasonal decor and if you have been reading for any length of time you know that season is Christmas. What?!? Yes, I have been scouring pinterest for decoration ideas and pinning the crap out of them. I have jewelery on the list too, so cut me some slack. And quilt, I have never quilted a day in my life, but now I am all like " I wanna make the most ambitious quilt EVER?!?!?!"

Anyways, my mom said that if my makings are good enough maybe next year I could start a booth in my hometowns big holiday festival aka HOLLYFEST!!!!

and finally.

My in laws came up this weekend to go to the Irish fest (lots of fests in this post) and we had a great time. Even the big ass zit currently residing on my left cheek shimmied to the sound of bagpipes.  I always try to be put together when they come because my mother in law, like all southern women, is so effing put together it makes me sick (in a loving way), even with a sprained ankle and knee she could out accessorize me. This trip was a fail for me, not only was there chipped nail polish, unshaven legs, and the huge zit but she saw my messy room. We all have that room in our house that is always messy, no matter how much  you put in to it you can never stay on top of it. This room is my closet. No matter how much I try to organize it or keep it clean, the darn thing always looks like a disaster area.  OF COURSE I didn't shut the door and she went in the guest room to take a nap. At least I got my uni brow taken care of right and the rest of the house clean right?

That's about it right now blog peeps.

Have a great day!

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