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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mrs.G: Chapter one

The first chapter is Birth and Family.

I wasn't sure I was going to write this one because who really wants to know about my birth and my crazy ass family? Then I was like what the heck lets go balls to the wall and start from the very beginning.

What is your full name, do you have any nick names: Kathryn Dawn G@#%^, because my name is Kathryn I have a litany of nick names. My family all calls me Kate, in fact they do so much it weirds me out to hear them call me something else. Everyone else calls me Katy, I am Kathryn when I am in trouble with my dad and Kathryn Dawn when I get in trouble with my mom. Because of this whenever I get called Kathryn I always get that feeling in my stomach like I did something wrong, this causes problems with my old school grandma that refuses to call me anything else.

Because you don't see Kathryn spelled that way a lot and you never see Katy spelled that way, I get called Kathy a lot. I hate it. I am not a middle aged woman with a mullet and glitter kitten applique sweatshirt and turtleneck combo. You would think that the Katy Perry phenomena would have spread awareness to the world that there are other ways to spell Katie.

My Parents are Dennis and Frances. My mom was born in Cincinnati in a small German catholic community called Sedamsville and my dad was born in Bloomfield, Iowa. What you have never heard of Bloomfield? It's a small farm town in the south east tip of Iowa, there were more students in my high school than there are in Bloomfield... and surprisingly it is one of my favorite places.

I was born here in Columbus on a hot summer night. That Wednesday was supposed to be like every other day. My dad was at a softball game and my mom and brother were at my Grandma's house cleaning up for dinner. The week before my mom had been hit with a foul tip, right in the stomach and still had a bruise, my brother thought it was cool because he got to keep the ball. After getting dinner cleaned up my mom went to the bathroom and her water broke. My mom is an ox, she never complains and probably thought her contractions were just irritating and not contractions.

When my mom told my grandma she wanted my brother to shower before they left and my mom said they didn't have time. This was a lie, she just thought it was dumb to keep a woman in labor waiting.

Remember when I said my dad was at a softball game, well while all this was happening he was still at the game. Mom phoned a family friend to drive to the field to get him. My dad got to the hospital, tight softball Jersey, shorts that were way to short and my brothers sweat band around his head. It was the 80's, anyway, my dad ran right past my Grandma and my brother and to this day my brother swears that is the moment he knew he had lost his father.

In the delivery room my dad asked Dr.Kennedy if she was going to give him a girl and she said "you kind of already decided that".

3 hours later WHOOP there I was.

11:21pm 5lbs, 4oz.

I was a month early.

The baseball induced my moms labor.

I joined my brother Nick, my only blood sibling and Cory joined us 5 years later when my dad started dating my Step mom.

I am not really close with either of my siblings, Nick because of the age difference and Cory because I rarely see him and he kind of labeled him self the black sheep of the family and for a few years was determined to ruin any chances he had at a life. He is back on track now though and I pray he keeps it together this time.

When I am around my brothers we are great together, we laugh and joke but when we separate and go on to our respected lives we won't talk for months.

So chapter one is done. Do we like this idea? It is actually asking more questions but I don't want to make this one chapter in to a novel.

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