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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Monday, January 3, 2011


Because I took a little blogging break I thought this was better late than never.

We left for B'ham on Wednesday and things didn't start off so well. There was a miscommunication with husband and I on what time we would be leaving so to make a long story short I didn't get to see my mom before we left. This utterly crushed me. I was on the phone with her and she was catching the bus while we were stuck a red light. We actually passed each other and that didn't make the situation any better. We dropped off Hubs truck at my mom's and she had left a magazine for me and while I was holding back tears, trying to keep my mind off of everything, I started mindlessly flipping through the magazine to find she had written little messages for me throughout the pages. I. lost. it. I was a mess the first hour of the trip. To say that I wasn't a little pleased with my self for making husband feel guilty about not getting up at 6 like I wanted to, wouldn't be in the Christmas spirit but I totally was. I did what I do best on road trips.... fall asleep. I slept for most of the trip but luckily for hubs he had some company.

That's right... I was sent to the back seat so the furbaby could be comfortable, and see out the window. It was a long 10 hours.

I will say. My MIL had it right. She said that I would think that they do everything wrong at Christmas and I did.
* funny story* The first time MIL went to Savannah to spend Christmas with her new family, Grandmother had a birthday cake for Jesus and everyone had to sing happy birthday. She said that she understood why, but to this day that is still the strangest thing she has done at Christmas.

 On Christmas eve, we did a little candy making, and watched White Christmas and then got ready for dinner and service. We ate and then worshiped. I was really excited about going to service with his family, and seeing his church again. I think I was so excited, that I was kind of let down by the pastors sermon. I mean it's horrible to say that but he had a point and he got it but I just didn't like the road he took to get there. Make sense?

Anyway, after service we went home and..... everyone went to bed. I was left wanting. There was no game playing, no Christmas movie watching, no nothing. My FIL watched the history channel and everyone else hit the hay. It was at this moment that I really got home sick. So, I retreated to my room and watched a Muppet's Christmas Carol on my lap top. The next morning we woke up to presents under the tree and mimosas bubbling. We waited for FIL to get off work, he had been on call on Christmas day and eased or worries that he wouldn't be long. Well, 11'oclock rolled around and no FIL yet. We ate and then he finally arrived and we started opening our presents. Husband had an Auburn Christmas, he is a huge Auburn fan and because they are going to the National Championship there is memorabilia galore. I think I may be the only person that didn't get him something Auburn this year...

Santa gave me:
An Auburn Hoodie
A Vera Bradley Purse and matching cosmetic case
3 Pandora charms
sock slippers (so warm and comfy)
A door knocker that has our last name engraved on it
a lennox crystal holiday dip dish
and the cherry on top

I am in reading heaven! My wish list is over flowing!!

On Christmas day, Birmingham had the first recorded snow fall in History, we had a white Christmas which was cool for everyone to enjoy. I will say it was funny when the fam was nervous about going out when there was only a dusting of snow.

The rest of the trip was spent lounging, reading, and taking naps for me. All in all my first Alabama Christmas was a good one.

But this picture just goes to show why I love Ohio....

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  1. I'm glad things went ok. I would have given up the front seat too, as long as it meant I could sleep.