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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

sleep deprivation

it is currently 2:37 am

this is my life now.

And will be until Dot doesn't lay on the puppies and/or they are big enough to kick her off.

Did you know that basset hounds are prone to smother their puppies?

You didn't? Neither did I until after she was already knocked up.

I am still working on her birth story, there are some high points, a scary situation that ended well and a scary situation that ended with a loss. Speaking of puppies, they are probably the cutest things on the earth, like for reals.

want proof?
This is Amos, he is a total momma's boy and always seems to find his way to back for a snuggle. All the pups are starting to show a little bit of personality, or maybe it is the sleep deprivation. Amos, Cora, Fiona, Emmy, Hattie and Buster like a good snuggle with me. Which melts my heart when they fall asleep in my arms.

Now, Delia and Gertie are another story, you even look at them like you want to pick them up and they FREAK OUT!!! And cry and scream I think it is more traumatic for me than it is for them but still, it sounds like I am killing them.

I stepped on one the other day and I cried because I automatically thought it was going to be lame for the rest of its doggy days. But alas, it bounced back.

I mentioned sleep deprivation, someone has to be up with them all night because if they can be rolled on, fall in to a crevasse, get rolled up in a blanket it is these little guys and gal.

Strange things happen to a person when they are trying to stay awake, I have prowled the internet and have almost completely designed and priced out a whole house reno for the house we plan to buy in Savannah. Oh yeah, we were talked to by husband's grandmother and his Aunt, in to buying his grandmother's house when the time comes. We love the house and would love to keep the house that his grandmother and grandfather built in the family. Please don't think that this house is some epic real estate, it is a 1960's brick ranch in a small development, but it holds a lot of memories. One that I refuse to remove, you see Jack, husband's grandfather, loved to tinker and create. One of the inventions he left was the storage "coffin", the family calls it this because it is a big wooden box. I am not sure what brought on this creation but my guess is they needed more storage space out in the garage, Jack took on the challenge and rigged a wooden foot locker from the ceiling that is hooked to a pulley system that lowers it up and down. I can see whenever Husband lowers it and raises it a kind of smile that only a grandson that greatly misses his grandfather could have.

This is one thing that has to stay and I am more than happy to oblige

I have started prowling websites collecting recipes that I am going to try, pretty excited to get started, I already tried a few and let me tell you they are gooooooood, I mean they have vats upon vats of butter in them so they have to be good right?

Speaking of butter, why does it make everything taste so good? One recipe I tried had me cook the burgers in butter.... uh, made my arteries and waistline die a little on the inside, then I tasted it and didn't give a hoot.

This southern cooking thing has me wanting to dig deeper in freshly planted southern roots. How does a born and bred Yankee, transition in to a southern belle?

There is an aura that Southern women have that makes me want to convert.

Like go full southern.

That sounds like a sexual thing but I assure you I mean it with the biggest compliment.

My goal in life is to be like Leigh Anne Tuohy, with a side of Paula Deen.

For reals.

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