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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 4:My favorite book

Hands down it is Wally Lambs She's come undone

If you haven't read it... DO IT!!!! If you aren't sure keep reading...

Here is the Plot summary:
She's Come Undone explores a feisty young woman's journey through her suburban New England existence.
Dolores Price is heartbroken when her handsome, but immature, father leaves their suburban home for another woman. She and her mother move into her uptight grandmother's apartment in Easterly, where she finds herself an outsider in the adolescent social hierarchy and the strict Catholic school she attends. After being raped by a charming neighbor, Jack Speight, she turns to food and television for comfort. By the age of 17 she has eaten her way to clinical obesity.
Following the accidental death of her mother, she decides to attend college in Pennsylvania. There she is ridiculed for her weight, and cultivates a secret obsession with her peppy roommate's long-distance boyfriend, Dante, who sends love-letters and nude photos in the mail. After an ill-conceived one-night stand with her university's lesbian janitor she takes a long cab ride to Cape Cod where she witnesses a beached whale dying. She feels kinship with the animal and wades into the water to drown herself.
After her suicide attempt she is institutionalized for several years, but begins to work through her issues with the help of her therapist. She loses over one-hundred pounds but becomes frustrated with the slow-moving therapy. She decides to move to Vermont, where she has located Dante, the object of her college obsession.
Dolores gets a job at a local grocery store, and moves into an apartment right across the hall from Dante. He is working as a high school English teacher but is frustrated with the stagnation in his life, after having given up his youthful goal to become a priest. They begin a relationship, and even get married. However Dante continues to dominate Dolores. He spends her savings on a new van, and pressures her into getting an abortion. After the loss of her baby she becomes resentful. After her grandmother dies, she eventually admits that she orchestrated their entire relationship, after becoming infatuated with him through his photos. She then leaves and moves into her late grandmother's house, which she inherited.
At her grandmother's funeral, Dolores is able to reconnect with several friends from her past, who form a surrogate family for her in Providence. They encourage her to pursue her dreams, and she enrolls in some college courses. Here she meets Thayer, a single father, who is immediately smitten with her, despite her troubled past. Initially she rebuffs his advances, but they begin a tentative romance, predicated on Dolores's desire to have a child. Thayer even supports her as they receive IVF treatment, but they do not have enough money for a second attempt after the first one fails. Dolores reluctantly resigns herself to the fact that she may never be a mother.
The story ends as Dolores and Thayer are out on a boat whale-watching. She sees a whale in the distance swimming, and seems to be at peace with herself.

This book is a story of self acceptance, and self discovery. While reading this book, albeit the situations were somewhat extreme to relate to, I saw a lot of myself in Delores. Her struggles with her family, her self and her depression.

So there you have it my Favorite book.

Summary provided by Wikipedia

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