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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 weeks 6 days

Written 10/26/2012

I sat at lunch, talking with Erin and Crystal and then it hit me. I was eating a baked potato, and it was delicious, when all of a sudden the bite I had just taken almost came back up. My stomach turned over on its self and the thought of putting another fork full in my mouth made me gag. Something was up.

I knew I could be pregnant and was dead set on waiting until the 27th, my projected start date, to test. I didn't want to test and deal with the let down. But something was nagging me (other than Crystal, who wanted to stop at Walgreen's on the way back to work...). 

My mind waged a war of am I or aren't I?
I was bloated beyond belief, this isn't common for me...
I didn't have tender breasts..... isn't that the big flashing light sign everyone talks about? 
I had cramping but it wasn't from one side and it wasn't like a real cramp, it was almost like a pulsing sensation in my lower abdomen that led to general discomfort.

So after almost yacking up my baked potato at lunch I thought "what the hell" and took a pregnancy test around 5:30 pm on 10/25/2012.

Husband and I had been trying for over 2 years and I knew that this month, with the stress of our financial situation and trying to bring our marriage back from the brink of collapse, that it had to have been too much for my body to handle.

We didn't worry about preventing, I mean 2 years of one lines and tears and we could honestly say that we thought we were never going to get pregnant without some form of medical intervention. So we just had fun.

I pee in the cup, at this point I would like to admit to you that I was peeing by way of night light. I like to do my business in mood lighting what can I say? Anyway,I decide to use one of the those cheapie tests that come with the OPK that you get on amazon because I don't think I am pregnant and I didn't want to wast one of my First Response tests.  I dip it in and see the one line, great. I knew it. I then started an internal scolding " You knew you were only 11 DPO and even if you were it isn't first morning urine", and "You should have waited until Saturday like originally planned".  So I finish up, flip the light on, wash the cup out and look down again before tossing the test in the trash and do a double take...there was something there.

a little faint something.

I hold it up to the light to see, and think there is no way there are two lines.

It was literally like the time stood still, this was literally the effing Da Vinci code, is there a second line or not? Once I got my wits about me I thought the only logical thing to do was compare it with an unused test. 

I tore open my last cheapie and set it down beside it for comparison.


There is definitively something there.

I had told my mom about Crystal's suspicions but didn't tell her I was taking a test, I screamed for her because I needed a second opinion, which with her eyesight probably wasn't the best choice, but she was the only other human home.

In the moments before she got to the bathroom door I felt like a cliche, all those times I would hear about women not knowing or seeing a second line. I would scoff and say two lines is two lines!!!

She looked at it and didn't really understand what she was supposed to be seeing and kept turning it the wrong way. But after I got her straightend out by pulling the wrapper with the instructions out of the trash for reference, and telling her no more than three times that I had followed the instructions to the T, she finally said "I think I see a line."

See for your self, what would you think?

sorry for the blurriness, my hands were shaking and sorry that it is upside down lol.

Because my mom wasn't as a reliable source as I had hoped I grabbed my laptop, pee stick in hand and I referenced and and both said a line is a line.

Still in disbelief, I text the pic to Crystal.

She said she was 98% sure I was.

I wished the line would have been darker to be sure, then my mom in her excitement said  "take one using the first response."

By this time it was 6:00. My mom tried to be reassuring and said to not be upset if it wasn't positive seeing as I had only tested 30 min before.

My mom was able to quell her excitement long enough to not be in the bathroom with me while I tested, although she did walk around with my first pee sick to different colored surfaces and light exposures to see if she could see it more clearly. 

I went in peeled the foil back and tested again.

I remembered Crystal saying that the package says  it could take 5 minutes, but really the second line shows up in a matter of seconds.

I counted to 20, placed the cap back on and held my breath.

As the test window began to register my results I clearly saw two lines.

I am officially a member of the 2 line club!

I got on the baby websites to determine my due date which is early July. 

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