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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best man, I think not

Fiance has 2 best men... that's right 2.

One being his best friend since the age of 5 or something sentimental like that and the other being his father.

*NOTE* He asked BFF first and then being as his family was still dealing with his Grandpa's death (Grandpa was FFIL best man at his wedding) his mom was very sensitive to the fact that his dad wasn't going to be involved. This being said she kind of guilted him in to it.*

When Fiance picked out the tux's he let all of his groomsmen know and I will say kept on them all equally about getting fitted and such. Some of his groomsmen got the point a lot quicker than others but none the less the list started to dwindle down to 2 people. One being my Father and the other being BFF. I took care of my dad with playful threats of him not walking me down the aisle and that got him in to gear. Bff on the other hand wasn't getting Fiance's calls, or returning them for that matter and still hadn't gotten fitted. So the time came to go down to Bham for our cook out and my tea and BFF was there and he and Fiance got some face time, and Fiance reminded him about his tux and then said something to him also about his plane tickets (that was July 17th) and the fact that he needed to start looking and pricing stuff out.

Fiance even did some of the leg work for him and gave him prices that he had found, thinking because BFF hasn't travelled as much as he has may not know how to go about things. Now this whole time I am getting more and more hot under the collar. I will say that I am a worry wart which in turn makes me stress out. So when I found this next part out I about had a conniption.

I don't know a lot about BFF, So I decided for my own piece of mind to ask Fiance about him and see if like me if he is a procrastinator or some explanation why he was slacking in the BFF department. Fiance told me he is all football, if it isn't football he doesn't really care. It was starting to become a little more clear now.

What I found out yesterday set me threw the roof and I really almost lost my cool.

Fiance had been trying to get in touch with BFF because he hadn't RSVPed to the wedding. I mean we knew he was coming so Now we needed to know what he was eating. As Fiance is talking to BFF Men's Warehouse beeps in and says there is only one more person to get fitted and if they don't by August 15th there will be a rush fee. Can we guess who this person is?

Fiance "confronts" (I use the word loosely because he avoids confrontation like the plague) Bff about it. He said it is because there aren't any MW's in his town and he is kind of broke right now too. We come to add a few more feet to the grave he is digging himself and he lets it slip that he bought $500.00 Alabama game tickets and that is why he is so broke. And he still has yet to buy his plane ticket (which is crap because his Dad offered to pay for it).

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!?!?

Fiance is telling me this on the phone and I say the above phrase loud enough that it gets some of the attention from my fellow co-workers.

Fiance tries to calm me down and say that he told BFF that if he didn't do it by Saturday that he couldn't be in the wedding.

I told Fiance he was a better person than I was. I told him that BFF was disrespecting him and that Fiance was letting him do it. I told Fiance that I would be pissed if anyone, ANYONE in my party or family for that matter would have chosen a football game over our wedding. I mean it isn't like you are blowing off prom or something, this is your best friends wedding, a huge step in his life and you are choosing foot ball. Is it because I am a girl that I see it this way? I mean I would hope that by the physical age of 24 (the emotional age of 17) you could tell this is huge for your friend and that it is huge that he wants you there. I mean its not like it is the wedding is interfering with it, It is the rehearsal, that will last about an hour and then we eat. Check the game on your phone all you want for all I care.

Anyway, Fiance tells me this and I let loose. I tell him that Bff is being rude and that I would bet money on the fact 1. he won't get his tux 2. he won't get a plane ticket and 3. he won't come up.

Needless to say Fiance got made at me.

I said because I so badly want him to prove me wrong.

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