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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

A tale of two dresses.... revisited.

When the disaster dress from bridal and formal didn't fit I held my breath about the bridesmaid dresses and the MOB dress. When the dresses came in the weight was slowly lifted as each maids dress zipped up and only needed a hem or a tuck.

My mom since the day my dress crashed and burned had been stressing me out to the max with thoughts and anxieties of her dress not fitting. Her dress came in the weekend after and low and behold her dress did not fit. It was to small, which sent me through the roof! They wanted her to go with the smaller size but my mom wanted it to be roomier and it was so small she couldn't raise her arms!!! I convinced her to please take it to the family seamstress and see if she could salvage her beautiful dress.

Fast forward to Wednesday and we are at Barbra's house and my mom is standing in her dress and Barbra is shaking her head. She breaks the news to us that it can't be fixed, they didn't even leave enough fabric to fix it if it tore. I was upset, my mom was upset, so as she did for me in my dress crisis I did for her. We were no more than 5 minutes away from Davids Bridal and I told my mom with have to find something on sale and off the rack that will work.

We pull up defeated yet still determined. We start pulling dresses and I come across one that she of course poo poo's and I tell her to remember I tried on some dresses for her that were not to my liking.

First dress: she really liked it. only issue was it was yellow and that is the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Also, it was a sleeveless dress and my mom doesn't like to show her arms.

Second dress: was a yellow tea length dress with a matching bolero. She looked cute, I liked the vintage style and it was good because she could get it in green. She didn't like her legs being shown.

Third dress (the one she didn't like): she was underwhelmed... at first. I will say that when I said Champagne for the Mothers I was thinking more of a pink champagne not tan. Well, most are a tan. So she felt like it washed her out, which it kind of does but with no color on her face I said anything would. It was Chiffon with a ruched bodice and very little beading at the top and it had a matching bolero. The cleavage was a bit much But, unlike bridal and formal we got someone from ALTERATIONS ( a word they are very unfamiliar with at bridal and formal) and they said that with the material my mom would have to have cut off at the bottom (gotta love being short) and build up the top so the ladies were covered.

We talked and deliberated and she really wanted the first dress but in green. I told her I would go look to see if they had it in her size. I go the MOB section and see the dress and the green next to it and it hits me. That is totally the dress FMIL was looking at. I had to go back and tell my mom. I felt bad because she was in the yellow dress again and I told her the bad news. She was glad that I remembered it and put dress number 3 back on. Second time around she really liked it and she agreed that it was more elegant than the first dress. The first dress was more cookie cutter mob dress than the third. we picked up some of the chiffon and covered the cleavage and she sighed. She loved it.

It was on sale AND I still got the extra $20.00 off which made it come to with tax $180.00.

So now everyone is outfitted for the day.

Now for alterations and we are done.

To check off of list:
Pay florist remainder
Meet with DJ

Hopefully I can check a bunch off this weekend. Fingers crossed.

P.s. Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and we are having the festivities at my place, which means I get to break out all my new HOSTESS STUFF!!!!!! so excited! Pics to come.

P.s.s. My final make up run is bright and early on Sunday.

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