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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding purging brings back memories

I have been purging my life of everything related to weddings that I had kept during the wedding process. Magazines, inspiration boards, blogs, handouts from bridal shows and even the wedding binder that I kept for years, with just cool ideas of course wedding dresses.

The hardest thing was probably my magazine collection, the oldest magazine I had was from 2005 so you can imagine how many I had. I wasn't crazy I just love weddings. I think it is so cool to see how something that is a ceremony and reception and be turned in such a different experience due to the bride and grooms vision. so I would purchase and just sink in to the the newest issue of the knot, like a good book. I have stopped recordings on my DVR and stopped following many of the wedding blogs that I used to obsess with 10 months ago. It made me start to think about the very beginning of wedding planning, how what you think you want can turn on a dime and how inspiration can come from left field.

I found my wedding binder, the very first thing that I made with my wedding vision. Now, I made this a long time ago and it is so funny to see how things changed. When I made it I wanted a fall wedding, with deep reds, coppers and golds. Huge centerpieces with tree branches and candle light, fall leaves strewn on the tables, dark rich fabrics all tying it together. What a difference a year made. My brother got married the year before me and they had a fall color wedding, I held that book with a death grip because I was so afraid they were going to steal my ideas. Then when everything started to come together I finally let go of my fall wedding, it was hard because I had everything planned, before I even had a ring.

Then I realized I had this huge blank canvas in front of me and I could do anything I wanted. But what did I want to do. I thought about the bride and grooms favorite colors, Blue and orange. NO!!!! Hubs favorite college football team is Auburn and they are blue and orange. I bought magazines, watched wedding shows, scoured the knot for inspiration and nothing. I wasn't sure what I wanted,but nothing was grabbing me. I started to watch movies with amazing costuming like Marie Antoinette, waititng for a spark, then as I was watching her run down a hallway in this amazing dress I thought maybe a really light robins egg blue with a dark scarlet and bright white to accent it. I thought Christmas time and what I could do with it;The girls in scarlet with a robins egg blue sash around their waist, white chairs with blue sashes, frosted glasses, crimson candle holders, white tree branches, blue sheer linens, a faux fur wrap for me and a bright, bold red lip. Even after all of that, I still went "eh" I wasn't convinced. It was also a very popular color combo at the time and I wanted something different, or wasn't in the knot in the last 6 months.
Feeling a little defeated I halted my search and I decided to watch 27 dresses just for fun. I saw the horrendous dresses and laughed, then the end of the movie came and it was Jane's wedding day. I saw her bridesmaid dresses and there it was, a soft yellow with green. The light bulb went off and all of these ideas started to flow through me. I grabbed a pen and paper and started to write down everything that was naturally yellow and/or green... bananas, lemons, tulips, roses, the sun, most veggies, limes, belles of Ireland, then it popped out at me LEMONS AND LIMES!!!!! I started to google and that was it. I decided to use all different shades of yellow and green, lemons and limes centerpieces, accented with white and sliver. It was clean, warm, fun and something that I could only recall seeing maybe once before. It was perfect. I ran it by fiance and he said he liked the idea and from that point on I was hooked. Anything and everything yellow and/or green caught my eye. Friends and family would call and tell me about a cute nick knack they found. It was really amazing.

Because I am getting rid of everything or putting in a box to go in to storage, when this type of memory hits I want to write it down, because I didn't keep a wedding book, I know fail on my part. I hope you guys enjoyed this little walk down memory lane. Have a great Thursday ladies!!!!

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