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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Name Game

 I love this show and had to use the clip because of the title. 

You wanna hear some truth?

Naming a kid is really hard.

I wrote this blog post years ago with my top two baby girl and baby boy names, here is what they were in 2010:

Emma Kate - Yes Emma is popular but it is so classic. It is cute when they are babies, but sophisticated when they are older. Kate is an nickname for my first name. Funny thing is my whole family calls me Kate no one ever calls me Katy.
Ok my next one I am soooooooooo torn.
Neva Elizabeth or Harper Elizabeth- Neva is my great grandmothers name, it is so beautiful and unique it means Radiance; brightness. But Harper is also unique and strong. Elizabeth is on both sides of our family.
Honorable mentions: Leah, Sarah, Abigail and Emily
On to the Boys:
I think Boys are a lot harder than Girls for some reason. Anywhoozer.
Wesley Thomas - I am usually opposed to nick names for boys for some reason. But I really like Wes, the Thomas is Hubs' middle name. The First born son, no matter what, will have Thomas as a middle name.
Hunter Wyatt - Hunter is my maiden name and it is one of those names that sounds really cool as a first names too. Not to mention it goes well with my new last name which is hard to do. Wyatt is my FIL middle name.

OK so can we talk about how Emma Kate isn't in the running anymore, Neva was poo pooed, Harper is too popular and boyish sounding (husbands words not mine), Wesley wasn't even part of the discussion and my comment about boys name being harder is a farce. 

We decided, shortly after we found out we were pregnant and at husbands request, that if we have a boy his name will be Hunter Wyatt. 

Done and Done. 

Am I worried that he will pop out and not look like a Hunter? Sometimes but for the most part I can see a little red head, freckled faced boy or a brown curly haired boy with that name. I think it is mostly because we decided so quickly that it makes me wonder, but even looking at other names I always come back to it. 

Because we set the boy name in stone so early and we are no closer to a girls name than we were in 2010. I have come to conclusion that means we are going to have a girl. 

These are the names that have come up: 
Skylar- I couldn't imagine a Dr. Skylar G, I mean if my doctor's name was Skylar I would ask "and what year did you graduate medical school?" I just can't see it growing with her. 
Nora- I still love this name and hope husband will come around. 
Clara- he thinks it is old lady
Ainsley- I love this name, but I don't have the balls or the will to name my child something that will have to be added to the dictoanry in Word. Damn you red squiggly line!
Charlotte- I am not going to lie, I love this name and it is a considerable contender still, even though it is so popular. I had a popular name and it wasn't too bad. At least with this name you have a plethora of nick names to choose from so although you may have 3 Charlottes in your class one could be a Charlie, a Lottie, and if her parents are big SATC fans Char. 
Caroline- Husband loves it, I am luke warm about it. 
Sarah- I love it and so does husband but is it too plain? Some people seem to think so.  I have a whole theory about this, if you get on the pregnancy forums and actually read what people are naming their children ( I have seen for girls, Onyx, Amethyst,  Lotus, Zelda), Sarah will be the odd one out because her name is simple and sweet. 
Harper- I vowed to name my daughter this, husband HATES IT. He doesn't like boyish sounding names. I mean think about it, he has even admitted to the fact that in the south the girls have very feminine first,  sometimes 2 first names. 
Bryce - same problem as Harper... to boyish 
Claudia- He thinks it is an old lady name....

Do you see the problem? 

I have decided that if this is a girl which ever name she kicks to first is what it is....

 not really, because if it is to one of the names I don't like and husband does I will never hear the end of it. 

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