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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in review.

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Hello All!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic time bringing in the new year, I was asleep, so yes I was happy.

I  thought I had decided that this year I wasn't going to make any resolutions or goals seeing as I am just going to try to survive all the changes that are coming my way this year. But then I found myself making a before baby comes to do list and said to myself "isn't this kind of the same thing?"

But before I share with you my 2013 list, here is a quick recap of this years goals:

Goal #1 -is to break the cycle and put a stop to my envious ways!

I think I was actually pretty good about this one, other than the "man I wish I had her shoes" or something along those lines there was no " I wish I had their lives" outta me this year. Goal #1 OWNED!!!

Goal #2 – Find a home church. I want to find one that fits me and what I am searching for, rather than go there because friends do or because the choir is good. Which, don’t get me wrong are both bonuses but I tend to want to be a chatty Kathy and make church a social event and lose focus as to why I am there in the first place. 

Didn't happen, and I can't guarantee you it will this year either. Maybe I will surprise myself. 

Goal #3- find a healthy hobby. wither it be walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, zumba-ing, dancing, yoga, Pilates whatever it will be I need to find something that can relieve stress in a healthy way instead of eating myself in to a coma. 

Nope... sorta, I did go on more walks this year than ever before and I did enjoy it. Husband has vowed as soon as the ground thaws we will be walking fiends. We shall see. 

Goal #4- find healthier substitutions in meals- I have been making a month’s worth of meals and freezing them in advance and it has helped so much with my stress level because now I have more time to relax in the evening. But the issue is these recipes call for a TON of butter, heavy cream, and other not so savory calorie packed items.

 I actually did this! Some were awesome... others not (gravy with turkey sausage, whole wheat flour and fake butter is gross, don't do it!) but I did find myself pulling away from the recipes that called for vats of butter.... I am looking at you Paula.... 

Goal #5- Stop box dying my hair, it is looking weird y’all. I have a reverse hombre going and it is driving me nuts, my hair is so long that I need to get 2 boxes of dye now and I might as well save that money and treat myself to a professional color. 

Money was T I G H T this year, so no pro dye jobs for me. But I will say I only dyed my hair only a hand full of times instead of every 6 weeks AND I didn't use the cheapest dye available. So  could this be a sorta win? 

Goal #6 Drink more water!!! Every time I take a sip from a cold glass of water I wonder why I don’t do it more often. 

Check!!!! Until the baby made me hate water and now it makes me gag.... 

Goal #7 Limit my TV watching during the week. I have a DVR for a reason, I might as well put it to good use. 

This was a hard core win while I was in school, but not now. I hope that I can get back on track with this so I am not shell shocked and going through withdraws when the babes come. 

Goal # 8 refocus my life. This kind of ties in with #7, starting today I am going to be working and going to school, along with still being a wife and homeowner. This is going to take some serious focus on my part, it is so easy to say “Oh I will study tomorrow” and sit down and watch hours of programs that are recording anyway or I have seen before. It’s a waste of my time and schools time if I don’t give it attention every day.

Again was a win while I was in school and I left with the highest GPA of my college career. 

Goal #9 after 8pm disconnect from the world. I am not saying turn my phone off in case someone NEEDS to talk to me but no more reading blogs, twitter, Facebook, aimlessly roaming the web, or watching TV. I need some quiet, reflective time to read, take a bath or just meditate. I think this will help with my insomnia, this will clear my head before bed. I think this is going to be the most challenging because husband HAS to watch TV before bed, honestly it annoys the crap out of me but if he needs it to fall asleep who am I to say no? So this should put a stop to that seeing as I will hopefully be in bed before he is. 

Total fail, but this is a goal for 2013 so maybe second time is a charm. 

Goal # 10 GET MORE SLEEP!!!! - pretty self-explanatory but I beat myself up during the week running on sometimes less than 6 hours a night. I know this is what causes my body to crave crabs and sugars to keep running, which in turn goes to my ass. 

Check! Some nights I was getting 9-10 hours and that was before I was pregnant! Now, its more like 10-11 but... THE BABY NEEDS IT!!!  

Goal # 11 work on my friendships. I feel my friendships suffered last year due to my bad attitude, so hopefully this cycle breaking will help me reconnect with them. I miss you guys! 

Yes and no. I think now it is more because we are in different places, either around the buckeye state or in our lives that is the issue and those are things I don't have control of. 

Goal # 12 plant a garden, this one I think will be challenging for me because I am all about planting a garden but the up keep gets me every time. I think this will also help with my mood, this will be a time for me to clear my head and S L O W D O W N. Also, who doesn’t want to be outside more when its warm. 

Having the pups put a lid on this goal, the destroyed my back yard and I didn't want to put the money in to something that didn't have a chance.

Goal # 13 Can my own food. I want to start off small but would love to delve in to this world of canning! I can’t wait to grow this food and then can it so I can eat it all year long. Talking about reaping the benefits. 

I was wallowing because I didn't get my garden and didn't can on principle... Ok, I got lazy. 

Goal # 14 Start recycling, we toss way so many recyclables, and I am ashamed of that. I think this is an easy first step to having a greener home. 

Check! We do now and as cheesy as it sounds every time a can hits the bin I smile, what can I say? I am a cheap date. 

Goal #15 try my best in school. I really want to earn every grade a get, even if it is a D I want to be proud knowing I gave it my all. 

I did! Can we say I got a B in my math class... never in my life has that happened. 

The last goal I have is probably the hardest to write.

Goal #16 stop trying for a baby for a whole calendar year. No more temping, no more charting, no more peeing on sticks. I am not giving up entirely but I think that is what contributed to my bad mood last year. I had some very rough moments this year with baby making, moments that I want to leave in 2011. Husband and I talked about starting infertility testing and I don’t think I can emotionally take it right now. Baby making is emotionally draining, stressful and heart wrenching at times and I just need a break to regroup and prepare myself for the unknown. Maybe myself or my husband have fertility problems or what if both of us do, all I know that this experience has made us stronger as a couple and cemented in us that we want children and can’t wait for the day that I get a little plus sign. Until then Husband and I want to enjoy each other again, instead of seeing each other as the needed piece to the baby puzzle.

 We all see how this turned out... or will when I shove a baby out of my V in 6 months....

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