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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

an actual post.

That's right I am actually going to post something. YAY ME!!!!

This week was the start of classes. I haven't been in classes like this since 2006, so I am kinda wiped out.

My essay and research teacher is a totally hippy but in a good way. He likes class discussion and his motto is fun can exist in the class room, so I think I may like this class.

My World Civilization teacher is kind of awesome. He has actually been to most of the places that we are discussing, and has an amazing knowledge of art.

We are learning about art right now and I kind of have a huge crush on it.

Math is my hell, even if the teacher is cool.

So all and all it was a good first week of school.

Remember that HUGE project that I was undertaking. Well it is 95% finished. I have a dresser to go through and then bag everything but one of besties came over last night to help me weed through all the crap. I had pulled out my summer clothes, which were being stored under my bed and I think when she walked in was in shock of the sheer amount of clothing I have. But she saw real quickly that I keep eve.ry.thing. I had clothes from 2006.... my body type was a lot different in 2006. Anywhoozer, we had a lot of fun, she helped me out a lot. And by that I mean, I wanted to keep a shirt, that is waaaaaay too small, and I said "But it is my favorite Oasis album, and it has my favorite song lyric from bye bye Birdie one it....." She wasn't having it, even after I sang the song to her.... Yes J-Bird, that shirt went to the pile.

In one of our many discussions last night I told her about a new mantra/outlook on life I am trying,I saw it on Fat Girl in Wedding dress and it made sense. I put myself down a lot, I say mean things to myself, make fun of my body, it is a pretty bad scene. I know I am not what society sees as beautiful, ok maybe that isn't the right way to say it, but that is how the media can sometimes shove it down our throats. So every day I tell myself something that I love about me, right now. Not when I was a size 10, but the size I am in today, and to tell you the truth, it does give me an extra pep in my step.

Things that I have loved about myself this week:

1. Will always be my Boobs, they are amazing.
2.My legs (from the knee down), you put me in a pencil skirt, and heels and I look KILLER!!!!
3. My hair. For some reason this week it has been working with me and not against me
4. My white spots. Yes they are multiplying and that scares me, but they are apart of what makes me, me.
5. My neck and chest area, no I am not saying my boobs again, it is the area above the ladies. I don't know why but I think it is a sexy area on any woman, myself included.

Some make take my list as conceded but I see it as growth.

Well ladies, have a great Easter weekend!!!


  1. Glad I could help! I honestly don't think you'll miss those clothes and now that you have half a closet left you can A) make space for hubs, B) fill it with new and exciting pieces or C) get a shoe caddy and treat them right. You know which one I vote for.
    I'm also going to tell you that your arms are strong - they once bailed hay. You calves are fabulous in heels. Your smile is radiant. Your lungs are strong enough to belt out "Hello Dolly" (I'm still impressed). And that's that.

  2. I most def. agree with J. those calvs are 3rd world country feed worthy. lol. Plus the whole voice thing. I still bow down to the whitest black girl I