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Welcome! My name is Mrs.G and I started this blog so people could share in my mis-adventures in wedding planning. I married my southern gentleman on September 6th, 2009. Throughout our courtship I became enamored with everything southern and desperately want to become a steel magnolia.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

30 Things: most embarrassing

I am going to skip around the ole 30 things list because home girl needs some inspiration on some of these subjects.

So today I bring you...

I have a plethora of embarrassing moments, so choosing one was hard.

This story always sticks out in my mind though, Enjoy!

Ok, bicycles and myself don't get along, I was scarred of them when I was younger and would be ashamed to say that I was a late bloomer when it came to taking off the training wheels but because of how many falls I have had I think maybe it was STILL a little premature.

Anyway, I was a sophomore in high school and my Dad and Step mom were still trying to force family fun on us. It wasn't too fun for me anymore because my older brother didn't come with us and so I always felt like the odd man out on these trips. This year was the year that I they decided, against my protests because of the above stated hatred, to take us to Mackinac island. This is an island in the U.P. in Michigan where no cars have ever gone before, everything is horse drawn or.... bicycle drawn.

We go and honestly it isn't that bad, there is a bunch of history and I enjoy going to the old forts and such then my dad suggests we go on a bike ride around the island. I protest but was shot down and hopped on a bike against my will and started on the trip around which was about 2 miles. The ride around was awesome, so much so that I actually reconsidered my standing war with the bicycle. Then it happened. My Dad wanting to prolong this ride exclaims "Let's bike up the island." He wasn't kidding, he legit wanted to bike up it. No one protested but myself and so here I was biking up a damn island. Anybody that knows anything can imagine that biking up an incline is a hell of a lot harder than around a flat plane. We get to the top after 2 more hours of biking and we stop and a rest stop to pee and get some water. While I am in the restroom, my dad decides he doesn't like his bike anymore and switches with mine. Well the issue with his bike is the seat won't stay latched in the right position, it continually creeps up on me and I am not stopping every 15-20 minutes to shove the bike seat back down so I can reach the pedals. We finally reach the top and I am at my wits end, I take a look around, take in the grandeur and wait by the bikes, this is me telling my family in a non verbal way that I am ready to go.

After about 15 minutes of them oooing and ahhhhing they make their way back to the bikes. I ask my dad to switch me back bikes because the seat was too high for me. My dad said no.... and then preceded to try to "fix" my bike seat. Now, please let me remind you that we are on top of an effing mountain and my dad has no tools on his person, and let me also state my dad is not MacGyver, he can't fix a bike seat with leaves and a stick. We decide to go back to the hotel and honestly the trip down is a cake walk, you barely have to pedal because the incline is so steep. Everyone mounts their noble stead and I notice that my seat, in the 20 minutes of not being on it and then my dad tinkering with it has risen exponentially and I can barely reach the pedals. I can see what is about to happen....

I am trying to find my footing wither it be on a pedal or solid ground but the seat is just too high, no one in my family is their to help me for they have all started down the hill. I swerve off the trail, hit a tree and then just fall over.

This wouldn't have been terribly embarrassing right?

Well remember when I said everything was horse drawn or by bicycle?

What the horse drawn tour actually looks like 
Well they give horse drawn carriage tours, but not your ordinary 2-4 person carriage. No, this thing looks like the effing titanic is being pulled by 12 Budweiser Clydesdales. There is such a tour about 20 feet behind me on the trail, and it wouldn't be a tour with out a tour guide with a microphone and a sound system.

As I lay there amongst what I was hoping wasn't poison ivy, I hear.....

"And you will see to your-

The tour guide yelled so loudly in to the microphone that birds abandoned their nests and took to the skies like in the movies when a gun shot goes off.

I picked myself up gave a little wave, with tears streaming down my face, not because my bleeding and dirt covered knee hurt but because I was DYING of embarrassment.

I got the seat down myself and flew down the hill.

I passed my family in a blur, got back to the hotel, threw my bike to the curb and sat out front of our door waiting for them to catch up.

Over dramatic? Probably, but as I saw it this was a small island and half of the damn population was on that tour and I would be forever the girl that failed at getting on her bike in an extremely epic proportion.

When I look back at it, when my family looks back at it we get a good laugh. It is a joke in my family that my dad doesn't know when to quit when it comes to family fun and always pushes the activity one step to far and this kind of incident happens.

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